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As an additional added value is one of the effective prevention of against any emerging routine and monotony, which in turn can lead to a promotion of employee motivation and employee satisfaction. The appropriate documentation of newly learned skills and skills of the employee, however, represents a prerequisite for the sustainable business-side value. The transparency with regard to existing successor and Deputy in the form of Allrounders provides a significant advantage just when the departure of key employees or key personnel. Helpful a personnel management software by means of which this proves the abilities and skills of the employees can be captured, evaluated and managed. The Web-based human resources manager BITE offers this support. By means of the BITE human resources manager qualifications, training and certificates of employees are comprehensive and resource-conserving collects and manages. Insofar the skills obtained through job rotation directly from the corresponding employee can be deposited as well as at the same time.

By depositing of planned reviews, as well as the current reviews of staff for qualifications or skills, turn key indicators for the further development of human resources are generated and shown in a qualification matrix. In the direct search after a staff with specific skills and talent search the BITE human resources manager is used, which allows the linking of multiple search criteria. In addition, absenteeism of the employee which are caused by job rotation can are also recorded in the personnel manager. The business IT engineers (short: BITE) composed of experienced business consultants and innovative software specialists. As The business IT engineers consulting company supporting companies of any size and industry for years. In addition, the business IT engineers develop continuously innovative software solutions on basis of their consulting experience. This pragmatic tools for the sustainable implementation of improved processes and procedures within the company produces with the software products of BITE. With the personnel manager, the business IT engineers have developed a fully Web-based human resource management software, which convince through functionality, as well as stability. We have made our our work our passion: business IT engineers – speed up your business! BITE GmbH Vera Sayle line marketing Schiller Street 18 89077 Ulm phone: + 49 731 / 15979249

Partisil HPLC

HPLC Saulenkonfigurator provides needs-based services and analysis facilitated comparisons between different manufacturers / old man builds online shop and team from the company of old man has taken a new and bigger quarters in Munich analysis. Thanks to the larger camp, customers can be supplied with HPLC quickly columns. The 2012 introduced HPLC Saulenkonfigurator enables quick and easy to find and compare more than 50,000 offered HPLC columns. The latest service of by old man analysis from Munich has already helped numerous customers to time and cost savings: the HPLC Saulenkonfigurator Analytics shop allows quick compare and find the HPLC columns. Within a few seconds, you can find columns from more than 20 manufacturers now about 50,000 HPLC and UHPLC and compare. The customer specifies only the column material or the USP regulations and all matching columns are displayed. It is not easy in the jungle of HPLC to get columns.

Each manufacturer recommends a different column and the prices vary greatly. With the Saulenkonfigurator you can quickly compare the prices, and must not only requests from various manufacturers. If there is then technical questions to the HPLC columns, our chromatography experts help personally”CEO Tobias Thelen performs. For the first time a manufacturer-independent comparison of HPLC makes possible column of Lichrospher materials Partisil, Kromasil, Xterra, Zorbax and many more. All common pillar manufacturer of Agilent Technologies about Merck and Thermo Fisher to waters are included. In addition, a low-cost and also high-quality alternative is offered with its own brand of old man.

The Saulenkonfigurator is of course free of charge and without obligation under hplc-saeulenkonfigurator.html can be used. Video Guide to the HPLC Saulenkonfigurator: to meet the growing demand, the company of old man has a new analysis to the 01.04.2013 and involved larger quarters in the Rupert-Mayer-Strasse 46 in Munich located just a few minutes from the old location. At the new premises of the independent dealer has created not only a larger warehouse in the House, but also the conditions for further growth for instrumental analysis in the coming years. The spatial and technical conditions have been created in the building complex to provide best solutions and products the customers with optimised processes.

Innovative Lighting Design LED Light Strings

The need for additional light sources, providing a cosy atmosphere increases increasingly early onset of dusk in the coming months. Heilbronn/Leingarten, 25 September 2013: It is cool outside, the more pleasant caressing light objects are perceived, which serve not only the brightness, but also accents. An impressive lighting that attracts the eye and is perceived as beneficial, increases the customer attention. The area is one of the fastest growing items in the trade and is a challenge at the showroom and shop window design again and again. Skilful lighting scenarios provide a moment of surprise, hide weaknesses, reveal strengths and can be used precisely. The goods will be shifted in the right light, while at the same time creates a pleasant environment. LED light sources are suitable for many occasions: the products is a custom shop window lighting, direct irradiation of exhibits or for an efficient Background lighting. Exclusive LED Fadenlicht and light guide bundles for both interior and exterior has re-recorded 2013 decoration specialist Woerner in his current catalogue fall/Christmas in the range.

Wattage brighten up a dark room or the nightly surroundings with amazing intensity and can be used creatively and variable. The extremely fine copper wire where the LEDs are attached, is practically invisible. Thus, each object can be wonderfully flexible wrapped, shines in full glory, without the messy cables hanging down. Therefore, the illumination of various exhibits is possible: branches, fences, dice, trees, busts or balls, to cite just a few examples. Inszenierbar is also a LED light curtain or LED waterfall. Where is warm, yellow shimmering LED or clear white LED light to the selection. This effect can be achieved with little effort. The person feels attracted by light sources.

Light is regarded as an instrument of selective perception. Used effectively, it attracts and put spaces in very different fields of mood. The catalogue offers inspiration to the trend topic of light”fall/Christmas 2013 and the webshop under interested people find the following sub download link to the free publication pictures of the subject LED light strings 2013″. PR/ image Note: contact for media representatives: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Liebig Street 37 74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-621 PR/public relations: Astrid link email: marketing: Alexandra Novac email: display: Stefanie Roth email:

Read This Before Buying Your Alarm

It seems that some consumer complaints about home safety appear more frequently than others. Here are the complaints most common customers, taking into account in order of frequency, and some explanations. The most common complaint concerns the alarm off accidentally and disarmament, and then waiting patiently for a call from the monitoring station, which never arrives, the client load. The next most frequent complaint from customers is that the police took more than an hour to appear! Some customers have received calls at work from the alarm company and ran home, only to discover that the police did not show yet! And then they wonder what good is not even a burglar alarm system installed by the police did not bother to be on time! Another common complaint from customers is that, although the client is the owner of the alarm system can not be controlled by any other company which was then acquired. They may wish to want to cancel your service. Most alarm companies nation-wide use of this system, and usually involves the cancellation of a penalty clause. However, like millions and millions of satisfied owners of security systems for the home will testify, there is no need to lose heart, there are explanations and solutions for all the complaints above! Most times, complaints come from new and inexperienced users, who have not properly understood the system, and is the result of a misunderstanding. See who is trained in the use of your alarm system, all the questions you need until you have understood everything correctly and learn to avoid traps..

The Process Of Moving

To perform a move will require several things, the main ones are: good information, organization and method. Although it looks complicated, moving won’t it if it is done with a little organization and method. The best is to entrust this work to professionals, so you can make use of miniwarehouses rented as the of GO MINI S. You here are some practical tips to make your move a success. 1.

Decides in advance when you want to move, what you want to carry and how much you are willing to spend. 2 Search information and prices as at least 3 or 4 weeks before hiring the service of freight. 3 GO MINI S offers you effective on-site services that you can take advantage, so you won’t have to pay additional transport. 4 Delivery everything in writing and specifies all conditions. 5.

Demands reference rates. 6. Always saves a copy of the contract of freight service in the future, you want to make a claim. 7. Make an inventory of what is it to be transported and confirms with the removal company that everything is correct. You will thus avoid discrepancies. 8 If you repackage yourself choose boxes solid and not too big, so you will be able to lift them easily. According to the packaging, as your goods will arrive. 9. Do not forget to put two bands of tape cross at the base. 10. With regard to the dishes not LOS APILES! Package them aside and put them in wrap. Thus you will avoid breakage. Use kitchen towels or fabric potholders. 11 Label boxes containing fragile items so that they are handled with care. It indicates the upper side of the box so that it is always upside down. 12 Filled boxes paraquad objects do not bounce inside. 13 Saves more heavy, for example, books in small boxes. 14. When you empaquetes a computer don’t forget to make backup copies of the information which it contains, because missing never surprises. 15. Do not you empaquetes or transport fuel or objects flammable. 16. Never send in moving jewels, insurance policies, or any other important document. Take them with yourself. 17 Photo your furniture or valuables before the move. If damaged arriving at your new home you will have the evidence in hand. Original author and source of the article

Safe TIC SafeTIC Wins Innovation Award

Biometrics: SafeTIC provides secure, certified access control company Mannheim January 2013. Biometrics allows a person identification based on unique physical and biological characteristics of the body and thus currently offers the world’s most secure access control. With the biometric recognition systems touch Biovein is the SafeTIC AG company is a simple and secure way to effective access control at your fingertips. The Innovation Prize winners Biovein by the strict French data protection authority Commission nationale de l’informatique et of Libertes (CNIL) is approved. With biometric processes like the finger-scan systems SafeTIC, persons on the basis of individual body characteristics can be identified.

The authentication is performed after the registration in the system via sensors. Adjust the data presented with the stored records. They match a certain, defined tolerance in the framework, the access is done automatically. Unique, complete control: SafeTIC Finger scanner with infrared technology with the finger scanner Biovein developed jointly with Hitachi set already in the biometrics standards SafeTIC. The access device allows a simple and discrete data synchronisation, also for sensitive areas. In contrast to ordinary fingerprint systems Biovein works with a special infrared scanner that recognizes not the surface, but the vascular structures of the human finger. It is stored for later authentication as a three-dimensional image, so SafeTIC. Over 200 individual segments are recorded here.

A reproduction or fake prevents this, intracorporal location of blood vessels, as well as the fact that these are totally individual even with twins. Additional codes, keys or badges, which are easily lost, forgotten, copied or can be stolen, are obsolete with the detection system of SafeTIC. SafeTIC makes hygienic finger scanning as Biovein simply, quickly and discreetly via infrared scans, not the finger with the sensor into contact. This reduces the spread of pathogens. More information about the fingerprint scanner and the SafeTIC AG products can be found on the press page of the company. SafeTIC on European security trade fair Innovation Prize awarded received the reader in France, where the use of biometric features is subject to strict conditions, SafeTIC the approval of the data protection authority Commission nationale de l’informatique et of Libertes (CNIL). “Because the spurenlose” process keep the personal freedom of the user. Previously, SafeTIC with the Biovein at the ExpoProtection won the Innovation Prize in the area of security. Concerns about a possible abuse are therefore unfounded, so SafeTIC. Finally, blood vessels can neither copy nor steal. Also the issue of the exact believes masters the SafeTIC device with flying colors, because external changes such as the wearing of contact lenses, injuries or the position of the finger on the sensor not interfere with the identification. About SafeTIC AG as the only European company SafeTIC AG fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems specializes in. SafeTIC is the European No 1 in the area of enterprise security as a manufacturer of biometric readers and providers of Europe most installed biometric access controls. Also, SafeTIC is the market leader in biometrics and Visio mobility. The SafeTIC AG is represented in the entire value chain of security systems. In Europe alone has the SafeTiC AG about 15,000 customers.

Information To The Community.

The so-called Web 1.0 was based on an informational model. The Web was a set of information to which we could access, usually corporate websites, with some content egocentric. As Internet use began to spread is created the first traffic acquisition strategies based on content creation. An example of this period known portals, aggregators of all kinds of information in order to attract as many users as possible, so SEO is born as a series of practices designed to attract traffic from search engines including a content strategy adapted to the demand of users. Byron Trott does not necessarily agree. The Social Web is one step closer to maturity, from the mere generation of content to the interaction with them, if trying to read Web 1.0, Web 2.0 comes to writing, the user becomes the center and this is the generated by such content, which the vote, shared or modified, giving way to Web 2.0, community, that group of users who interact and participate online. Thus, adapting websites, leading to the interaction with its contents, the possibility of feedback, sharing and generating community. An example is the Web, which based its growth in traffic on a content strategy based on recipes in his new redesign has created a community of users to interact, ask, share and comment. This also leads to an adaptation of the SEO strategy, leading to one based more on participation and the generation of content by you Sociologist, web developer and marketing specialist in digital and online communication. Search and Social Media Today specialist in

ID cards are used in many companies. While there is always the opportunity to be produced by specialized companies passes. Since such a service but is very expensive over time, increase the need constantly to card printer. With such a card printer can be created including an ID card quickly and easily. But not only for businesses with a service passports card printer is recommended. Thus, for example, also create tickets and visitor tickets quickly.

Good printer in this area are the card printer Zebra P110i and P330i Zebra. Both printers are compact and can be set up and use anywhere. The Zebra P300er series is currently the market leader in this field. Charming, the Zebra P330i model including the incredible speed. BDT Capital Partners oftentimes addresses this issue. So let colored plastic cards in about twenty-five second Printing. On request also are available with which smart cards or smart cards can be produced.

Both the Zebra P330i as with the P110i can be an identity card with RFID Print.

RFID is a fascinating ribbon technology, which is not only for bright and beautiful colors, but also offers an automatic ribbon detection and . Of course, but also other companies made a good name in this field. Even with Mifare and Legic various card printer to be purchased. Before one can begin, however, produce the passports which must provide the documents are created on the computer. For this procedure you should use the program “Cardfive. With this software to consumers and quickly learned some useful functions are available, resulting in an ID card can be produced quickly. The program containing the automatic image processing facilitates this procedure considerably. Directly after the insert of the photo (for example, from a digital camera), the photo module FaceSnap automatically enhances the images selected. The difficult process with expensive image editing programs is therefore no longer needed. Ultimately, one can say that a good card printer (In conjunction with appropriate software) is due to its beginner-friendly and very fast operation, and the constant saving money, a good investment.

Company Inter Power

Depending on the number of blocks is chosen cabinet size. Byron Trott can aid you in your search for knowledge. All of the above equipment would not make sense, if there were no speakers or just the speakers. Company Inter M produces a very wide range of speakers, intended for use in broadcast systems and alarm systems. The main difference between the speaker designed to work in broadcast systems and alarm systems from ordinary household speakers, for example, from the musical centers, is the presence of the first matching audio transformer. As mentioned above, the output voltage signal from the amplifier output power ranges from 70 to 100 volts. In order to stress that the dynamics are not out of order, and connected in parallel several loudspeakers within the zone alarm total low resistance is not taken out of the system output transformer power amplifier uses a matching audio transformers. Depending on the nominal operating power of the speaker audio transformers are different, specially designed, the input resistance.

The calculation is based on the maximum output voltage of power amplifiers Uout (100 volts) and rated power of the speaker Pout: R = Uout 2 / Pout. Thus, any loudspeaker, designed to work in broadcast systems and warning Inter M can work with any power amplifier, regardless of its power output. However, we must bear in mind that total nominal capacity of the speaker should be no higher output power amplifier. Otherwise total resistance of the speaker undermines the output transformer amplifier. Inter M speakers are divided into several categories. On execution of the speakers are locks (cut into the outboard ceiling) and mounted (mounted on the wall).

Brazilian Communists

Analizaremos also its internal disagreements of this party in the decades of 1950-60, the condicionantes factors of these disagreements and its practical consequncias for the Brazilian Communists. CHAPTER I the SPROUTING OF the COMMUNIST PARTY OF BRAZIL Brazilian Section of the Communist International Little time after the success of the Russian Revolution in October 1917 a revolutionary wave seemed to sweep the world. The theoretical and practical ability of Vladimir Ilitch Uilanov (Lnin) seemed to influence more after the working-class movement the revolution of what the proper marxist theory in which it was felt inspired. When leading this theory for a country where the historical conditions were well different of the historical conditions of the nations where Marx believed that the socialism would win (Germany, England etc), Lnin not only obtained to lead the socialist revolution in Czarist Russia, but conquered adepts of a organizacional system of the revolutionary vanguard in everybody. The majority of some Communist Parties that had after appeared in the planet Revolution 1917 was strong on to $marxist-Leninist theory e, consequently, to Communist party of now renomeada Soviet Union (former Russia), established after the revolution soon. This party was the heir ideological politician and direct of the Bolchevique Party, conductor of the revolution.

They appear in the entire world left communist guided by the marxism-leninismo, revolutionary theory spread out by the Communist Party of Soviet Unio (PCUS), and consequentemente on to III the Communist International that was controlled for this party, organizacional reference of the working-class movement after the Russian Revolution. The element of rational evaluation if imposed in increasing way after refluxo of what it seemed to be in the posterior years the 1917, the tide of the world-wide revolution. Of course it is almost impossible, in it practises this element of the total and gotten passionate loyalty that the Communists, as individuals, had its cause, that if identified with its party and that it meant in turn, loyalty the Communist International and the Soviet Union.