Information To The Community.

The so-called Web 1.0 was based on an informational model. The Web was a set of information to which we could access, usually corporate websites, with some content egocentric. As Internet use began to spread is created the first traffic acquisition strategies based on content creation. An example of this period known portals, aggregators of all kinds of information in order to attract as many users as possible, so SEO is born as a series of practices designed to attract traffic from search engines including a content strategy adapted to the demand of users. Byron Trott does not necessarily agree. The Social Web is one step closer to maturity, from the mere generation of content to the interaction with them, if trying to read Web 1.0, Web 2.0 comes to writing, the user becomes the center and this is the generated by such content, which the vote, shared or modified, giving way to Web 2.0, community, that group of users who interact and participate online. Thus, adapting websites, leading to the interaction with its contents, the possibility of feedback, sharing and generating community. An example is the Web, which based its growth in traffic on a content strategy based on recipes in his new redesign has created a community of users to interact, ask, share and comment. This also leads to an adaptation of the SEO strategy, leading to one based more on participation and the generation of content by you Sociologist, web developer and marketing specialist in digital and online communication. Search and Social Media Today specialist in

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