Apple Mail

Dates and registration on Daylite for resellers: Chance of obtaining business customers Apple systems integrators and system consultant can contact directly OSXpert limited, to acquire Daylite products for resale, and more business customers for the Apple platform to win – now substantially facilitated by the German localization. For Windows Switcher, especially the many data import options are interesting and there is even a possibility of data including contact history of the popular Windows CRM system ACT,! to take over Daylite. Goal for OSXpert limited as exclusive regional master partner for the manufacturer of Marketcircle in German-speaking countries a Daylite reseller network and the establishment of Daylite as the default program for professional contact management for Mac and iPhone. Official site: Ali Partovi. Daylite Productivity Suite an efficient CRM, contact management & Groupwaresystem today is the heart of any business – regardless of whether for professionals with high communication payloads, or companies with many employees and many projects. Daylite offers here a perfect email integration via a plugin for Apple Mail, so that e-mail messages to business contacts for all involved in the project are visible. More core functions are including unlimited contact management, separation of people and companies, mapping of relationships between people and companies, activity history of contacts, appointment management and calendar for teams, project control with own project course levels (pipelines), sales opportunities and offers for the sales process and the acquisition of new customers, team control functions such as task management, delegation and – tracking as well as team-internal notifications, extensive import and export options, synchronization with Apple address book and iCal.

Optionally there is the app Daylite touch as a mobile CRM and groupware tool for the iPhone, connect to FileMaker, as well as a comprehensive telephony integration. Daylite can be used as a standalone version or as a multi user version in the network and over the Internet. Daylite 3 is EUR 239,-once per license, Daylite touch EUR 49,-per unit per year, the Daylite server for multi-user environments is free (prices NET Excl. charges VAT). All Daylite products and extensions can be purchased in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland through the German Daylite online shop: shop / press contact Ilias Vassiliou marketing, project management E-Mail: FON: + 49 2622-978 000 0 fax: + 49 2622-978 000 9 OSXpert limited Weiser Street 32, 56170 Bendorf, Germany managing directors / Directors: Alf Ruppert, Ilias Vassiliou HRB 21789, register Court: Koblenz VAT-ID: DE266289236 (tax office Koblenz) registered office: 69 great Hampton St, Birmingham, B18 6Ew, United Kingdom

Paint and Enamel

The terms "paint" and "enamel" although quite close, but not identical. (A valuable related resource: Ali Partovi). Sometimes the difference between paints and enamels mistakenly reduced to gloss: shiny enamel, paint the same – dull. In fact, the main difference lies in the characteristics of surface films (hardness, elasticity) and their protective properties. In films, enamels, they are significantly higher than that of oil-and water-dispersion paints. At the same enamel, containing, as a rule, a large number of synthetic varnish and a small amount of filler, more decorative than paint. Enamel after drying form an opaque solid film with a different texture: shiny, matte, moire, etc. ALKYD AND Melamine-alkyd enamels Alkyd enamel – it's a suspension of pigments in alkyd varnish with the addition of driers and solvents. Films them dry at 20 C for 24 h.

The films of alkyd enamel (enamel ML-1100, ML-165 enamel) have high resistance to moisture and rapid changes in temperature, but at the same time they are not hard and not very resistant to the action of petroleum products. Alkyd enamels, light-colored, usually white, often used for paint binders windows, window sills and doors. On sale are also available, and special coatings for windows. They come in white, cream, blue and green color, and differ in that they do not drain from vertical surfaces. Paint brush, an enamel layer of 1-2. Its consumption in a single layer – 130-150 g / sq. m, length coats up to 24 hours. When repairing the car is often used melamine-alkyd enamel that form a durable, weather and benzinostoykuyu glossy film such as ML-12 enamel.

At a temperature of 100-130 C depending on the type of enamel surface dries in 20-30 minutes. Grinding the dried enamel typically reduces its luster. Therefore, the repair may only be used compositions containing wax. ORGANOSILICON ENAMEL more universal properties are enamel based on silicone compounds.

Swiss Trade Fair Information

SINDEX app – interactive features bring fun the SINDEX app contains all information relevant to the visitor: so informed the app among others through guided tours, opening times, rates and restaurants. A comprehensive exhibitor and product directory provides an overview of the exhibiting companies and their products. Furthermore, relevant data and information about the four shows are, darwin21, and as well as to the completion of the program of the opening symposium in the app. Latest news keep informed the visitors of the fair. Interactive features bring the SINDEX fun fair app contains special communication features with links to Facebook and Twitter. With an account, the user directly from the app can share his experiences on Facebook or Twitter, to show friends what they’re doing.

Also each exhibitor from the app tweeted “. So the exhibition achieved a higher range, they talk about it”makes it as easy as possible. The bookmark Function allows you to store interesting exhibitors in the mySINDEX provided’ Favorites section. In the native iPhone and Android app here selected favorites can be added as many files such as photos, videos, audio, or text messages. So you can hold all impressions in the app. Contacts of those exhibitors who were particularly interesting, can be exported by clicking in the address book of your Smartphone. Features – general information (hours, prices, restaurants, guided tours, etc.

Properly Choose Quality Steel Doors

Have you recently renovated your apartment, cottage or office and now want to choose a door? The Russian market is full of different models of steel doors. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. How to understand this diversity? Which manufacturer is best? What are the nuances of the selection? What is the cost of quality door? The first thing to determine whether there is enough secure a door. Do you need a rugged steel door or you will manage a simple wooden? Metal doors from the manufacturer is much better: they are hard to break in, they better withstand external shocks. For a front door needs heat and sound insulation, so the first thing important to pay attention to this very characteristics of the steel door. The construction of locks installed on doors also performs an important role. Many knowledgeable masters believe are best to have your input metal doors have at least two castle. It is desirable that the locks were of different designs, one of which – the most reliable type of spacing or "crab". Even if you think you can do a simple lock – it is still worth to be safe.

For example, situation can occur when there will be a matter of replacing locks, and then for sure you will not be able to do a lock. Need to choose the manufacturer of metal doors. In today's market there are products with the best companies offering well-known name not only the doors but garage doors. Many customers have long been convinced that domestic companies can not produce quality products, but their model does not inferior to the West. But no matter what the country was not the door manufacturer that you choose – you need to manufacture it had a good reputation and well known.

Large companies and the quality of performance and quality of the material at altitude. They have a high-tech manufacturing base and the ability to perfectly comply with all the technological details of the above products. Reputation of the firm, which is engaged in installation of doors, is also extremely significant. It is no exaggeration to say that it is on the correct execution of the installation depends on the efficient operation of any half of the front door! So good you buy! Reliable door, bought all the above characteristics will serve you well for many years, and will perfectly protect your apartment or office from any surprises.

Secret Promotions

Since then, ad agencies agreed to share the concept of ATL (from the English. Above the line – above the line") – advertising on traditional media advertising and BTL (from the English. Below the line – below the line") – the original advertising solution, embodied in the form of promotions, PR-events. The idea of BTL-actions – a set of actions that bring together the product or service with the target audience to gain consumer confidence and increase sales of products advertised. During the BTL-actions important direct individual contact with the client, because the desire to make a purchase increases in personal acquaintance with the virtues and qualities of goods. The success of an advertising agency depends on proper planning promotions, to clearly define the target audience, great-looking promotional campaigns and training for the action. BTL-activities of the purpose of promotion includes mandatory steps: Analysis market, the definition of the target audience, the most successful venues for events and the development of specific promotional offers; selection of technology bringing a promotional offer to a targeted audience; training props, conducive to easy memorization of the image of the advertised object; Formation and training of a promotional team.

95% success BTL-actions depends on the human factor. Read more from Steve Wozniak to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The main events are the showmen promoters. For successful results apply regular training and ongoing supervision of staff. Using a whole arsenal of tools for organizing, conducting, monitoring and promotion: officials Promoters and supervisors instructions, forms, reports, photo reports, schedules. During the formation of a promotional team focuses on the qualities necessary for the promoter: young, active, orderly, courtesy, resourcefulness, sense of humor and artistry. Each successful promotion is organized by a complex. Promoters work lies not only in pronunciation of the promotional text. Promotions are accompanied by thematic trade shows, billboards, bright costumes, flyers, gifts and tastings. To support the promotion are often involved animators used outdoor advertising in nontraditional media, woven in environment (ambient advertising).