Bluetooth Navigator

In our time, not easy to impress someone the presence of car navigator in the vehicle. Is not complexity, and its acquisition, however choose car navigator becomes a task more difficult. A difficult it is just because the market is now saturated with navigation products endowed with different characteristics very different companies. The idea is that getting gps navigator, in the first place you should consider – What exactly do you want from him, what options you need. For all models will be a classic geolocation feature, which makes it possible not only to understand where you are now, but even further establish an itinerary based on your needs, for example, the movement of a particular neighborhood or street. You will be able to calculate the current speed of movement of its own, average speed, and has already traveled distance.

Advanced Navigator will provide you with information on the state highway – there is congestion, the conduct of road works. And sometimes – will show you where to turn or slow down. In other words, by setting his car navigator, you avoid the possibility to get lost. The main thing – to have a map. And the route that you are going to be the most optimized and, most importantly, safe. But this miracle of technology, as car navigator, and was created as time for this task. Actually, quite easy to buy a car navigator, guided only by the presence of all options geolocation.

The situation is different if you are interested in connection in one subject a variety of options due to lack of desire to additionally carry a couple of some other devices. So, at this moment there was a trend to integrate in the navigator gps such features such as playing music in MP3, saving and viewing photos, as well as all sorts of virtual dictionaries, reference books and tutorials. Of special note is the option of scaling, allowing you to not just see the smallest details in the photo, but also explore the area in which you currently are, both in general and certain street corners, and roads. Many models have Bluetooth, due to which the memory device can be download useful information you need. Moreover, the latest generation of automotive navigator can have currency converters, unit converters, display the time. In the event that is so out, and you can not throw look at the display, voice announcement of street names, settlements, at any time will help you navigate. The apparent advantage of a provision of car navigation strong dynamics that would enable you to hear all the details, even with very loud music. The expanded list of options – this is undoubtedly an important advantage that the power to influence the acquisition of Navigator. But we should not blindly rely on an impressive list of features on a model. It is worth remembering that an important role in selecting the device to play the reliability and quality. Do not forget that the market offered navigators made various firms. For example, Garmin – one of the recognized leaders in the market sales of car navigation. Currently available navigators concern for water, air, motor and motor vehicles, as well as for sportsmen and tourists. And, surprisingly, Garmin models often differ from their rival firms is enhanced functionality (especially the last line of the model – Nuvi), which undoubtedly will play a key role in choosing and buying a navigator gps.

Night Vision Sights

It is absolutely clear that any hunter always wanted to see the purpose in a variety of conditions, regardless of the light, natural, weather conditions and other atmospheric factors. Modern technologies allow to do it. So, here is some general information about night vision devices (NVD). Night vision device can be divided according to their actions: – Passive night vision devices. Converts the reflected light from objects outside sources. Operate in the visible and near infrared (IR) range. – Active night vision equipment. Use a special illumination of objects using infrared diodes or lasers.

Operate in the near infrared range. – Thermal. Work in the far infrared spectrum and use the principle of converting the image of heat radiation target and surrounding objects. Practical interest for the consumer-hunters are primarily all IR devices, since the cost of thermal imagers still quite high. As for the infrared device, the best results show, of course, active night vision equipment. Only that: the active radiation can be detected by instruments and hand position unmask. This prevents their use in the military, but hunters this fact does not interfere.

Night vision device consists of the following elements: optics, electron-optical converter (EOC), power supply, as well as housing and eyepiece. Light reflected from an object passing through the lens, is projected onto the image intensifier entrance, where an electronically magnified and transmitted to the eyepiece. It is clear that the quality of consumer night vision device is directly dependent on the quality of the above elements of the device. What helps to make an accurate shot? The shot, which is the logical conclusion of any hunting. Of course, training, experience, and keen eyesight … But the possibilities of the human eye has its limits, and the arrow came to the aid of technology – there scopes. The sight is to clearly and accurately distinguish target determine the distance to it (if there is distance-scale) and put weapons in the right spot. Were created by the compact size and weight, night-vision sights for firearms. But they have long remained inaccessible hunters because of legal constraints and high costs. In 1993 he published a Federal Law "On Weapons ', in article 6 which states that the Russian Federation is prohibited' set for civilian and service weapons sights (sighting complexes), night vision scopes except for hunting, the use of which is established by the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as selling them. " In fact, it was allowed to use the sights at night vision for hunting purposes. But, to follow the law, you need to know what kind of sight is an eye for hunting. Structural differences of hunting rifle scopes from the military that they are often equipped with infrared illuminator, which is not permissible for military scopes. It is worth noting that almost every night-sight can be used as a simple observation night vision device, as well as for photography and video. In Either way the decision to purchase and / or using night vision sights for hunting, each hunter takes for himself, and most importantly – do not use it in places where hunting is prohibited night-sight. In prohibited areas should be used night-vision observation devices, and hit the target, for example, using fluorescent aperture optical sight.