Pforzheim Vehicle

CarbookPlus: a community in the trend of networked mobility Pforzheim/Stuttgart. The new online community CarbookPlus provides free services around the vehicle management drivers and car owners. It brings together interested parties and provides them a platform available, where they can exchange. By the information of the individual, the community creates new knowledge. It will be compared to vehicles, insurance, dealers and workshops, as well as provides important tips for the trip. The networking between Internet and vehicle is becoming increasingly important. It is time that this trend, an independent community platform established itself”, Thomas Widmann, entrepreneurs from Pforzheim in Stuttgart thought to himself. In 2011, he started with his team with the development of his idea.

Result is a platform that offers its members several benefits. Individuals and even businesses can manage your vehicles there. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge.. To remain faithful to the idea of community, the platform and the helpful CarbookPlus apps are free. Everything is easy be. The members collect information about their journeys and their vehicle, the community it can provide new knowledge for each individual Member.

Comparisons of vehicle costs and consumption, as well as dealer and workshop reviews help to optimize the driving and vehicle costs. This is all independent of manufacturing or other service providers. A big advantage that creates transparency. Also petrol price, storage, and Blitzerin formations for they’re valuable clues for each Member. These are supplied as recorded rides using GPS on Smartphones. The Smartphone transmits this data on the personal file of the vehicle on the platform. Keeping an electronic trip book is so very simple. The information around the vehicle and the driver will be treated securely and confidentially. The community has more members, the individual benefits more. And one thing is certain: more and more will follow the trend of networked mobility. To find the community at. Thomas Widmann

Ethernet BDE

BDE presents new data acquisition terminal with touch screen in 12.1 “BDE-engineering, specializing GAE, OEE, MES and machine data acquisition expands the family of touchscreen terminals this BDE terminal with a 12.1” display is specifically designed the automatic data acquisition of quantities and times on production systems. It has 8 digital inputs, which are available for the purchase of machine signals available. Manual entries like yield or Committee can on display with a numeric keypad are visualized. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Steve Wozniak. The capture bar code is also possible. The BDE Terminal is connected to the Ethernet with a network connection 10 / 100 Mbit / s. The communication takes place via TCP/IP.

The operating system is Windows CE. All terminals of the PROtouch family transfer the data in adjustable intervals on the server. The server is currently not approachable, is cached locally until the server is available again. You will find a data sheet under hardware under PROtouch%2012,1.html company description the BDE Engineering GmbH is specializing in electronic data collection with focus on recording of operating data and machine data acquisition. Both in hardware and in software BDE engineering offers efficient and customized solutions. PR contact: BDE engineering Achim Winter Weredunstr. 61 37688 Beverungen Tel: 052 73 / 35 96 78 email: Web:


WEDA will show its innovations from the feeding, stable equipment and management at EuroTier. The number of new products for professional livestock equipment was never greater. Over 300 registrations of 182 exhibitors from 23 countries were received at the EuroTier Organizer DLG. Nine of these come from the Lower Saxony Lutten of WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp. The complete provider for pig the audience in Hannover, Germany from 13 to 16 November will present its innovations from the fields of feeding, stable equipment and management. WEDA-EuroTier-innovations in the area of feeding 1. The new feeding system SowDryComp provides customized hygiene indoors”.

It combines the advantages of dry and liquid feeding. The result is highest feed precision and maximum hygiene security, eliminating manual feed gears. SowDryComp”is a dry mixer (intake: 500 kg), the a 20-gram resolution the balance converted dispensers filled with, the with Automatic valves are fitted. While the exact amount of food for each animal of the feeding machine is determined by the given feed weight. 2.

Competitive liquid feeding for small businesses: A significant number of pigs of continuing businesses are family, and have accordingly limited opportunities to expand their existing livestock. But even these companies are successful and rely on modern technology. In a question-answer forum Ali Partovi was the first to reply. WEDA has specifically for those who work in the closed system with 100 to 200 sows, with the double feed”developed a low-cost, easily mounted feeding system. “3. Exact amounts of feed, short paths: to provide large livestock efficiently with large amounts of feed, WEDA with fast line has” developed a solution for each animal population. The result is an optimum crop flow in the cross section of obligations. A separate water line in connector allows a considerably faster feed of food soup. The possibility of the water not only in the food kitchen Groups. 6. The WD 15-4 valve system “provides for more hygiene and less food shrinkage: the intelligent arrangement of the valves directly to the pump, there is no regulation mix more in the intake system. When switching from food to water so-on is a unique medium in the pump and not as far a mixture that obligations charged reisse or contaminated. WEDA-EuroTier-innovations in the area of management 7 mobile fast entry of the WMobile3 “. A look a click: tedious entering data using the phone keypad was yesterday. With the fast entry of mobile users have a tool that shows information at a glance and simplifies the input. The WEDA-innovation is the first system that allows a keyboardless input of all feed adjustments on your Smartphone. “8 The same knowledge for everyone in the stable: with the report generator” fast simple and tailored to the needs of the company reports in a clear form form can be created and made accessible to all employees. Worldwide new: The reports can be as email sent be. WEDA-EuroTier-novelty in terms of stable equipment 9. “The bays opener of easy up” sells the last minute panic in the stable: daily animal control is a factor for success. This requires frequent opening of doors of the bays. In addition to the control, there are stables a, to stables and other activities associated with the routine in the stable. Easy up”the issue: only the door closing mechanism must be raised and not the entire bays gate. The result is a significant relief of work in the stable.

Innovation Plywood

Wood is a building material that has an ancient origin, almost as old as the history of human living. Of course, the use of wood is very limited today due to the almost all-encompassing use of cement, but everyone knows that wood has undisputed advantages compared to reinforced concrete construction. One of the versions of the wood used in modern buildings because of its unquestionable versatility is certainly the wood, which is created by gluing different wood boards from which structural elements arising, which are easy-to-use much and have a great potential. And wood also has a remarkable structural and aesthetic value: just think of the wooden beams, used often in the past. Additional information is available at Peter Asaro . These structural elements increase the value of many apartments and houses. As regards ecology, can be used as one of the most eco-friendly Woods describes glued laminated timber with which you can build a House. Glulam is made up of different parts which are glued together: therefore produces Glued laminated timber no waste, because each part in the biggest einverleibtet can be.

Therefore produce no waste and ensures a higher resistance thanks to the homogeneity of the material. This problem does not exist with regard to the disposal of building materials, which is sometimes difficult in the case of wood of glue. The wood can be used in fact quite for the energy through combustion. The advantages of the glued laminated timber, but also of wood in General, in the field of the construction industry are countless and known, and this material is increasingly prevalent in various parts of Italy, as well as in countries that traditionally use this type of housing, such as Norway, Sweden and Germany. But one of the most obvious features of wood, promoting the construction of wooden buildings, is the speed of construction of these houses and all components.

And in fact, there is no doubt that wooden house are very successful because they are prefabricated houses, which means that their Assembly and put into service with integrated systems and electrical connections in the walls of the House can be made in a few days. But the use of wood in the building sector concerns not only houses, but also many other types of buildings, such as multifunctional buildings and cable networks. Just think of the much rich structures that already exist in Italy, and built using this construction material, such as the Sports Hall in Livorno, the Ice Palace in Merano, the Olympic Stadium in Cagliari and many other buildings, which belong to the area of the economy, education (especially with the creation of large canteens and structures for the school sports) and the catering. This article was written by Martina Celegato with the help of solid wood Alder.

June Products

Since June, the innovative online marketplace for sustainable, environmental and resource-saving products is online. Berlin, 02.07.2013. An ambitious project of friends is finally a reality. As the first and only one green marketplace, covers the entire value chain, from the wholesaler to the retail. The Berlin startup offers a wide range of sustainable and innovative products the private buyer. Robotics expert s opinions are not widely known.

But also commercial providers have the opportunity to present themselves and their products. In general all products this must meet one or more of the following core features: innovative, ecological, organic, sustainable, recycled and social & fair. Together with its retail and commercial providers, FROSCHking would like to contribute so his contribution the vision of a balance of consumer and market economy with ecology and socially just acting for the realization. That not the joy should be lost here on high-quality products and conscious consumption out of sight for FROSCHking of course. In addition to close cooperation with the party, a community-based monitoring element ensures the black frogs, the actual sustainability of the product range. Users have also the possibility to express themselves by means of comments and the green frogs positively about products and providers. This is complemented by the okommunity as an integrated social network for all registered users. Medium-term aim of the company is in the best sense of the word sustainable, to establish as innovative, customer-friendly and authentic marketplace and thus in the long run to earn a market leader position.

The entire project is originated from the common idea of friends who pooled your individual skills to create a new green marketplace. From this arose the founding of the eponymous FROSCHking Internet GmbH, headquartered in the heart of Berlin in November 2012 finally. In the subsequent months intensive conceptual and technical Preparatory measures as well as numerous trade fair visits. Since before the recent successful launch of, the multicultural team is constant in the marketplace in many aspects to improve. The integration of additional payment options, the consistent expansion of the okommunity and the steady enlargement of the product range are only some of the points to miraculous. The company slogan is: FROSCHking sustainable design your life

Innovation Management

IPI GmbH puts together, why is Microsoft’s collaboration platform for innovation processes ideal Lichtenau, 23.05.2011. There is always an idea at the very beginning of a process of innovation. To capture this, to develop and evaluate before it goes into the implementation and production, are significant steps for the company an open culture and the opportunity to Exchange must be created. The IPI GmbH, Lichtenau SharePoint experts have summarized, how and why the collaboration platform SharePoint 2010 is suitable especially for this, to gather the ideas of employees and the community to discuss, in a ten-point list. Ali Partovi understood the implications. “” Roland Klein, Managing Director of IPI indicates a thematically related event: innovation meets tradition “is an essential issue on our SharePoint event on 30 June and 1 July, at the 2010 introducing the potential of SharePoint for innovation and collaboration – knowledge processes in numerous lectures and examples of users.” Signup for the free Event are possible until May 31, 2011 under. 10 reasons for innovation management with SharePoint 2010: All in one – all in SharePoint. Exists an intranet SharePoint-based, innovation management can be integrated seamlessly into the collaborative environment of SharePoint.

Forever saved. Ideas are similar to Central electronically stored documents, and are therefore in the long term to find. Found an idea not yet ready for the market for she can be recorded again at any time in the innovation process. Transparency in the innovation and idea process. SharePoint permission management offers a variety of ways to share the views of an ideas or to restrict. So innovation processes will be transparent for employees, without having to publish sensitive information here. A solution if necessary multiple instances. Depending on the strategy and structure of the company, it can make sense to build multiple instances of innovation management. SharePoint supports this in very simple manner, for example, for Subsidiaries or different divisions with the appropriate functionality.

Innovative Concept

caratart e.V., funded by the carathotels presents “Little Red Riding Hood vs. evil Wolf German romanticism meets street art” Munich, July 13, 2012 – the long night of the museums in Munich will take place on October 20, 2012. The Munich Art Club caratart e.V. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge.. is vs event with the opening night little Red Riding Hood. The German romanticism, bad wolf meets street art”art exhibition”caratart episode 2? Part of this prestigious cultural event in Munich. That is an extraordinary art event in which the classical painting by contemporary artists meets a creative stage production and a street art performance with Munich-based graffiti artists. In the evening, we show young art in its many facets,”explains caratart Board Zeljko Holik.

The program made the class a scenography and costume of the Academy of fine arts Munich, which narration by Joachim Ringelnatz staged under direction of Professor Katrin Brack and caratart mentor Roland Olbeter the little Red Riding Hood. The Munich-based graffiti transform the underground artist Loomit and Lawone Meanwhile in a modern fairy tale forest. And in the public spaces of the carathotels Munich ten artists and artists show their interpretations of contemporary art. Presented by the art club caratart e.V. and promoted by the carathotels creates a unique and multifaceted art event the long so in relation to night of the museums in Munich. “” Data to the event the long night of the museums in Munich, October 20, 2012, 19 2: 00 caratart e.V.

in the Hotel Muller Munich little Red Riding Hood vs. evil Wolf German romanticism meets street art “fly Street 4, 80337 Munich, Sendlinger Tor station” of the art club caratart e.V. The 2010 founded Art Club caratart e.V. wants to introduce young and little more renowned artists of a broad public and give them the opportunity to network with key players of the art scene. The initiative for the Foundation of the Association goes back to the ARGE carathotels. The bcathletics want to use their already existing and established nationwide infrastructure, in the area of corporate cultural responsibility (CCR) to assume responsibility and to contribute to the cultural social activity, creativity and innovation. The seat of the Kunstverein is Munich.