Ideal For Industrial Use

AUTRONIC MELCHERS brings monochrome 5.5-inch PM OLED Karlsruhe, April 2009. A further passive matrix OLED the specialist distributor AUTRONIC MELCHERS LCD Handels GmbH in recorded his program. Educate yourself with thoughts from Robert Bakish. The Univision OLED UG 5664ASGGF01 with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches is suitable especially for use in demanding industrial applications. Filed under: Koch Brothers. The Green monochrome display in a wide variety of devices can be used with a resolution of 256 x 64 pixels and 16 shades of gray. The outer dimensions of the module be 146 x 65 x 2.0 mm, the enclosed area of the active measures 33,89 135,65 x mm. “A passive matrix OLED module with such performance data meets with our industrial customers interest”, says Stephan Oppermann, sales engineer at the AUTRONIC MELCHERS LCD Handels GmbH.

“with its contrast ratio of 2000:1 and the luminance of 120 cd / m in the normal operation and 30 cd / m m in the standby, it offers excellent conditions for presentation-intensive uses.” The viewing angle is about 160 degrees and the response time the module is 10 s. driver IC is a SSD1322 of Solomon Systech. Serve as interfaces a parallel 8-bit interface (68XX/80XX) or a 3 – or 4-wire SPI. The module is available now. About AUTRONIC MELCHERS, AUTRONIC MELCHERS LCD Handels GmbH belongs to the most successful specialist distributors of LCDs for all areas of application. The company produces a comprehensive range of own modules and custom display solutions under the brand name M-tec.

The offer is rounded off by a construction Group services for the Assembly, connection and wiring all kinds of electronic components. The sister company AUTRONIC MELCHERS GmbH occupies a leading position in development, manufacturing and sale of display measuring systems and simulation software for the development of LCD. AUTRONIC MELCHERS offers also services to display measurements and all questions of LCD technology. More information: AUTRONIC MELCHERS LCD Handels GmbH, Greschbachstrasse 29, 76229 Karlsruhe Sandra B.

Language Server

Across Language Server ensures efficient multilingual product and enterprise communication at the global provider of rail vehicles Karlovy Vary / Zurich January 13, 2011. (As opposed to Mikkel Svane). Stadler Bussnang, a company of Swiss Stadler rail group, recently successfully uses the language technology of across its international product communication. The renowned rolling stock manufacturer benefits from greater efficiency and quality in the localization of its extensive documentation in the required 12 target languages. Stadler Rail has focused on the regional market segments and suburban, trams, S-Bahn services. In 2009 sales generated thus 1,049 million CHF. You may find Michael Dell to be a useful source of information.

Order intake amounted to CHF 1,310 million, with four-fifths in the export. Read more from Castle Harlan to gain a more clear picture of the situation. To be prepared for the international market and to meet the growing demand, Stadler decided to simplify and streamline its translation management. Because each order represents several hundred technical papers, as well as at least 10 manuals of the 100 to 300 pages range. In addition produced 3,000 to 6,000 drawings full of technical terms that need to be translated. This explains Carole Bouyssou, responsible for management of translation and terminology at Stadler: reuse of already produced translations plays a big role for us. Given the enormous volume of documentation which affects extremely cost-efficient.” The across language server, a central software platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company, took in Stadler the optimal solution for its requirements.

With him to built a centralized terminology management, are processes restructured and anchored the translation management in the company. For this purpose, the integrated across a translation provides memory, a terminology system, and a universal translation Editor. Also powerful tools for controlling and managing translation projects and for seamless collaboration between project managers, Translators and proofreaders are available as a standard feature. The technology characterized by high user friendliness and intuitive, minimizing the costs for the training of staff. Enterprise project management profits integrated processes and simplified data handling since the across technology is in use, the possibilities of networked working and seamless translation processes.

ESTOS Is A Member Of The Avaya DevConnect Program

The cooperation enables the use of innovative, multi-vendor unified communications solutions Starnberg medium-sized companies, 30 October 2009 ESTOS, leading manufacturer of unified communications software, and AVAYA, a leading provider of solutions for business communication today announce that the Starnberger software company AVAYA DevConnect international partner program has been selected. ESTOS developed professional standard software for medium-sized companies, which make more effective their communication processes so that, to increase their productivity as a whole. The already award-winning middleware ESTOS CallControlGateway ensures the seamless integration of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (R2) with the AVAYA IP Office System. Within the framework of the DevConnect Program joint development and partner marketing activities are promoted with 3rd party vendors. Condition of membership is outstanding technological know-how especially in the Field of IP telephony. Florian Bock, Managing Director at ESTOS is pleased about the recording: very modern medium-sized companies benefit from our cooperation with AVAYA. The innovative combination of the AVAYA IP Office series with the Microsoft Office Communications Server R2 using ESTOS Middleware enables a standards-based optimization of their communication and business processes.

Latest unified opens users to communications features. The AVAYA DevConnect Program are already several thousand companies. These include software and hardware vendors and system integrators and service providers. The excellent partners offer innovative solutions, which have been the interoperability with the AVAYA products fully tested and certified. All members have access to the AVAYA AurTM application enablement services. The offer includes detailed APIs (application programming interfaces), protocols and Web services. These allow for the smooth development of AVAYA compatible products. ESTOS, the latest member of the DevConnect Program welcomes Eric Rossmann, Vice President developer relations and technical alliances, AVAYA with the words: development partners like ESTOS significantly help to increase the number of available ICT solutions based on our products many times over. Unified Communications provides our customers with significant competitive advantages.

Functional Extensions

Open source CMS undergo technical changes always a penetration test open source content Management-Systeme(CMS) are among the most widely used systems for websites. For example, WordPress, TYPO3, Drupal and Joomla are among the most widely deployed solutions in the German-speaking. This CMS-based sites to demonstrate the findings of the consultancy mikado ag in specific functional areas but often major security vulnerabilities on. They concern less the core systems, but in particular the individual additions. Perhaps check out Ali Partovi for more information. The BSI has recently come to similar findings. “The open source approach itself represents the real problem not once, even if the source code for each is available and can be used in principle”, judge mikado Board John rider.

On the contrary, especially the basic systems with the basic equipment for the operation of a website with open source CMS from a security standpoint would have high quality. However, while the core systems in the Normally by a development team on the basis be maintained by standards, the extensions as meet any assessment about news systems, image galleries, blogs, booking systems, Web shops and more of the work of individual developers, whose knowledge of programming or security standards have come from. This is why unattended can occur if unchecked such extensions to the implementation of security vulnerabilities, the attacker may gain access to the entire system a breeding ground for vulnerabilities,”emphasizes rider. Finally, interact each of these enhancements to the underlying database or use write permissions on the file system. This has resulted in that each update for an extension a must be checked, whether she meet all safety requirements. Because database queries would changed or supplemented with completely new, the risk that may be not sufficient cleanup data achievements arise and a compromise of the system is possible. New security vulnerabilities may arise even in a patch for a bug.

To minimize this risk, requires not only the going-live a new site necessarily a Pentest, but functional as well as any subsequent extension”, emphasizes rider. Unique tests could shed light only on the current status of the site and provide no guarantee for a medium-term safety. He pointed out that rule especially in the open source systems with respect to the extensions a huge momentum, are continuously added or further developed existing. Here, automated penetration testing would be sufficient alone for economic reasons in the case of rule as midas offers mikado also their scanning solution.

Now Available: Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager 7.1

Sumerasoft published with the new design we aim to provide the user data yet appealing, informative and clearly”the latest version of its CRM software, says Suzann Sumera, owner of Sumerasoft. From time immemorial, the CRM Contact Manager is easy to use and very clear. We have now further perfected it.” The new features at a glance: invoice management. Now accounts can be create and track with the newly added account management. While the invoices directly from projects and activities can be generated. Label printing.

The connection to the DYMO LabelWriter is new. From each customer card appealing labels can be so created. In the preview window for existing parameters, such as selection of the labels and accessories can how personal/confidential”are configured. Campaigns. New are also the AdHocKampagnen are collected with drag & drop quickly and easily customers to a series campaign. The good news is that the AdHocKampagne can be used on all Management window.

Linked folder. The LinkedFolders documents and files with the debit card be linked to in the future. This will simplify document management if many files are constantly changed or updated. Individual folders can this be set for each customer card. Individual files can be linked easily via drag & drop using the customer card. For a complete overview of all functions, see under: versionsstand/versionsstand crm kontaktmanager.htm Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager for 30 days the new test CRM contact manager can be downloaded and tested for 30 days. To do this, please visit: downloads editions and prices the CRM Contact Manager 7.1 is now available. Supported operating systems Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 is available in the CRM Contact Manager 7.1 Standard Edition for 149 EUR and Professional Edition for 369 EUR. Target group the CRM Contact Manager is a CRM software, small and medium-sized companies is aligned. The solution can be used on the network for businesses and departments, as well as a single-user solution.

Weighing System Integrated

OSC introduces a newly developed extension for integration of any weighing systems in the SAP ERP 2013 at the LogiMat. One of the central requirements in many production processes is the fast and precise weighing of recipe / product components. The SAP ERP supports the user in the default optimally delivered processes in healthy production and continuous quality assurance. At this point, OSC has developed an extension for the integration of any weighing systems and presents this fully integrated weighing system at the LogiMat in 2013. The process chain is a further important point, the weight, is closed by the integration of weighing systems.

This already eliminates possible sources of error in the formula weighing. Also, more advantages, such as a uniform data base and data consistency arise from the scale integration. The master data like recipes and bills that were once created in SAP are available automatically in the scale. It requires no interface for data transmission. After the order is released, then automatically in the balance transaction stored in SAP production-relevant information such as material, batch numbers and amounts of formula are visible.

The operator selects the job and the formulation component, tare the scale and makes the weight within the specified tolerance limits. This so-called handling units are used for the raw materials. Each tray marked with bar codes that are scanned at the weighing. The result is processed in order once again scanned the generated handling units for the overconsumption. So a high process reliability is guaranteed. With this intelligent scale integration are all features of the enterprise flexible handle. So, it is possible to select another shared raw material batch without the recipe must be manually recalculated if necessary. The system documents and recorded the amended process order data a complete tracking of batches across the entire logistics chain is guaranteed. OSC at the LogiMAT 2013: let your Logistics run.” events/logimat-2013 / company description that in 1993 in Lubeck based companies open system Consulting GmbH (OSC) positioned itself as the ERP pilot for the middle class. At the heart of the OSC services are the holistic management consulting and the implementation of the concepts with products of SAP AG, Walldorf. The company employs currently 80 permanent staff in four offices (Lubeck, Hamburg, Hannover and Dortmund) with consulting revenues of more than EUR 8 million in 2011. Since November 2012, OSC is a subsidiary of the all for one Steeb AG Group of companies. All for one Steeb AG is with > 2,000 customers and > 700 employees the number 1 under the SAP partners in the German-speaking world.

Far More Strategy

Strategic human resource management serves the competitiveness steadily growing markets, global competition, demographic trends or the current economic crisis has resulted in that a pure operational orientation of human resource management in enterprises is no longer productive. With regard to the competitiveness of companies there is today a strategic human resources management. Strategic human resource management means a long-term, forward-looking personnel work, which goes far beyond the operational business of the company. Rather the strategic human resource management is consistently on the corporate strategy, to support its implementation through the planning and deployment of personnel policy measures. It applies in addition to the observation, analysis and planning of the quantitative and qualitative staff, derived from efficiently to make structures and processes of the personnel area. In principle, four types of relationship between corporate strategy and human resources management strategy are possible (cf.

Badawi 1997; Scholz 2000; Oechsler 2000): HR management strategy is derived from the corporate strategy (derivative term) the personnel management strategy is part of the corporate strategy and stands off with other sub-strategies in mutual dependence (functional coupling) which directs corporate strategy from the human resources management strategy, creating the framework for the development of corporate strategy (resource-oriented perspective) human resources management strategy and corporate strategy no content (autonomy’s perspective) correlation between the following core tasks or objectives out have formed in entrepreneurial practice on strategic human resources management: On the one hand, the competitiveness of the company should be improved through a strategic human resources management. On the other hand, strategic human resources management to support the corporate strategy and support. Also an improve efficiency and effectiveness of human resource management should be achieved with its introduction and consistent implementation. With regard to the Visibility is intended to increase the attractiveness of the company on the labour market. Last but not least, a better coordination and cooperation between HR and other business areas as well as within the human resources department should be through the integration into the corporate strategy.

DRAM Embedded

Steckerlose, high capacitive microSSD for the next generation of ultra-thin devices Taipei, Taiwan – iNNODISK, developer and manufacturer of SSDs for commercial and industrial use, presents the industry’s first embedded SATA drive to the SATA SSD standards; the nanoSSD. At Pete Cashmore you will find additional information. Succeeded through the integration of controller chips, Flash memory and the components for the energy supply in a BGA form, to reduce the size of nanoSSD iNNODISK on only about one percent of the size of a 2.5-inch SSD. With a size of 16 x 20 x 2 mm (WxDxH), weighing in at only 1.5 grams, support for SATA III, capacities of four up to 64 GB and compatibility to x 86 and ARM, can be used nanoSSDs in a wide field of applications, which are a small size and high transfer rates of vital importance. Including industrial mobile devices, embedded systems, high-quality Smartphone and Ultrabooks. Innodisks nanoSSD offers by the integration of the DRAM in the BGA not only the advantages of incredibly small design, but also a fast read and write speeds of 480, respectively, 175 MB / s. Whether on the startup, data storage or data backup; the nanoSSD can significantly increase the overall performance of the system. The predictions of TrendForce for the year 2013 according to the need for embedded memory solutions, such as eMMCs and SSDs, will increase clearly.

The demand for NAND Flash memory is therefore up to 47.6 percent lay to, with the eMMC – and SSD solutions with up to 15 percent are to contribute to the growth. The embedded storage solution developed for smartphones eMMC has become one of the most frequently chosen options for many ultra thin mobile devices, but by the performance limitation they are used especially in entry-level models. For high end solutions, such as, for example, Ultrabooks, the SATA interface remains the best choice. Designed in accordance with JEDEC standards ‘MO-276’ for microSSDs with SATA connector, which is nanoSSD a single-chip SATA solution, which provides allows easy implementation in the design process.

DPI Traffic

Procera: intelligent infrastructure equipment WAN traffic rules with the intelligent identification of network traffic control and service management of the manufacturer of Procera networks, Inc. introduces traffic management sysob current solutions in the field. Procera currently has the most accurate and fastest available Applikationsidentifikation on the market: entry level 4 Mbps PL5600 PL7600 and PL7620 up to the high-end PL10000 with up to 40 GBit / s throughput. Peter Asaro may also support this cause. Supplemented the product range by the PL1200 statistic server, which summarizes the data for further analysis that go beyond the normal examination. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kai-Fu Lee. The fully integrated solution allows to “network traffic intelligence” and prevents unpleasant surprises.

With the core product, the appliance PacketLogic by Procera, capable, intelligent WAN traffic and him are through filtering, monitoring, Analysis, individual user prioritization and optimization to handle in ways that the existing capacity can be far better used. This makes the development of DPI, the so called “deep flow inspection” (DFI), the key. DFI provides an analysis of the data flow in real-time. The resulting maximum precision and accurate control of services such as video and voice. PacketLogic appliances are available in scalable and flexible designs.

Its extensive product portfolio presents Barracuda Networks for comprehensive email protection, Barracuda Networks, provider of Enterprise Spam Firewall solutions for comprehensive email protection, at the sysob booth. The main product that Barracuda Spam Firewall, provides integrated, powerful and easy to use anti-spyware solution already over 50,000 customers all over the world protection from spam and virus emails and has been distinguished several times. The main focus of the fair is the presentation of the message archiver, a powerful, user friendly and cost-effective E-Mail archiving solution that indexed efficiently all emails, kept, increases the operating performance and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Administrators, auditors and end users can recover quickly each E-Mail message that is stored in the mail archive of the company.

Apple Mail

Dates and registration on Daylite for resellers: Chance of obtaining business customers Apple systems integrators and system consultant can contact directly OSXpert limited, to acquire Daylite products for resale, and more business customers for the Apple platform to win – now substantially facilitated by the German localization. For Windows Switcher, especially the many data import options are interesting and there is even a possibility of data including contact history of the popular Windows CRM system ACT,! to take over Daylite. Goal for OSXpert limited as exclusive regional master partner for the manufacturer of Marketcircle in German-speaking countries a Daylite reseller network and the establishment of Daylite as the default program for professional contact management for Mac and iPhone. Official site: Ali Partovi. Daylite Productivity Suite an efficient CRM, contact management & Groupwaresystem today is the heart of any business – regardless of whether for professionals with high communication payloads, or companies with many employees and many projects. Daylite offers here a perfect email integration via a plugin for Apple Mail, so that e-mail messages to business contacts for all involved in the project are visible. More core functions are including unlimited contact management, separation of people and companies, mapping of relationships between people and companies, activity history of contacts, appointment management and calendar for teams, project control with own project course levels (pipelines), sales opportunities and offers for the sales process and the acquisition of new customers, team control functions such as task management, delegation and – tracking as well as team-internal notifications, extensive import and export options, synchronization with Apple address book and iCal.

Optionally there is the app Daylite touch as a mobile CRM and groupware tool for the iPhone, connect to FileMaker, as well as a comprehensive telephony integration. Daylite can be used as a standalone version or as a multi user version in the network and over the Internet. Daylite 3 is EUR 239,-once per license, Daylite touch EUR 49,-per unit per year, the Daylite server for multi-user environments is free (prices NET Excl. charges VAT). All Daylite products and extensions can be purchased in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland through the German Daylite online shop: shop / press contact Ilias Vassiliou marketing, project management E-Mail: FON: + 49 2622-978 000 0 fax: + 49 2622-978 000 9 OSXpert limited Weiser Street 32, 56170 Bendorf, Germany managing directors / Directors: Alf Ruppert, Ilias Vassiliou HRB 21789, register Court: Koblenz VAT-ID: DE266289236 (tax office Koblenz) registered office: 69 great Hampton St, Birmingham, B18 6Ew, United Kingdom