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It can be as proper installation and restoration of health systems in which the failure occurred. Because now we are interested in the first option, then click Install. On the next page opens License agreement. To accept and continue the installation process, select I accept the license terms and click Next. Then asked to select the type of installation: upgrade from a previous version of Windows 7, or perform complete installation. In our case it is necessary to choose a full install. The next phase will open to select the partition on the hard disk that will install Windows 7, with information on the full and free space partition the hard drive.

Scroll mouse-click the appropriate volume. If the disk is partitioned, the list will contain only one item. If the installer detects the selected section of the previous version of Windows, you receive a notification. Confirming their intention to install a new version of Windows, will automatically give consent for the installation files so that after the old operating system was stored in a folder Windows.old. You can open them, but run the previous operating system will not succeed. Next, begin immediately to install Windows 7.

It runs automatically and does not require your participation. During installation, the computer will restart several times. Because the BIOS is still booting from a specified CD-ROM, do not press any key after the message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD (Click any klavishudlya boot from a CD or DVD), started to boot from the hard drive. When installing Windows 7 would be successfully completed, the system will start, but before you get to the desktop, you have to create an account, set the date, time and time zone, and select the computer name and desktop background. In the first dialog boxes will need to enter name and, if there is a need to protect your computer from unauthorized access, the password for your account. Detail about what constitutes an account later. The next window displayed enter the product key for activation, since each edition of Windows 7 has its own activation key. However, you can install without a serial number, clearing the Automatically activate Windows when connect to the Internet. Then you can select special settings to download updates, time zone and time, as well as the current location of the computer: set the network settings on the basis of what type of network will be connected to your PC. After all this we can say that Windows 7 installed. However, I advise you to complete the installation of a new operating system, checking drivers. So, at best, all the "iron" should be defined, and all drivers are installed. How to do it later Raber. Source:

Download The Program Imgburn For Writing Disk

ImgBurn – a program to burn disc images. This little program has all the necessary functions for burning images of virtually any CD / DVD drives. In ImgBurn has a number of other functions that allow you to open / close drive tray, to search the Internet for new versions of the firmware of the recorder, change the label ISO-image, lock / unlock drive tray opening. In addition, the program can clean the disks with two methods – rapid and complete. Its main feature is the support of a large number of drives from different manufacturers. The program has a number of settings where you can set an association with supported extensions image files (BIN, GCM, LST, UDI, CDI, FI, MDS, CDR, IMG, NRG, DVD, ISO, PDI), choose the recording interface (ASPI, ASAPI, SPTI) and sound schemes.

Lightning UK!, Author of ImgBurn, it began to develop after stopping the development of the previous draft, DVD Decrypter, in respect of a claim by Macrovision. Supported Format: BIN, CUE, DI, DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG, PDI, and others. Full support for the names of folders / files in Unicode. Works with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 (including all 64-bit version) officially supports the Wine. ImgBurn is a relatively a small program (in comparison with similar programs, and less than 2.8 MB with all the possibilities. ImgBurn supports over 30 languages (Translation only applies to the program; errors, warnings, tips, logs are not translated) including Russian (translated by Dmitri and Alexei Erokhina Nama) and Ukrainian (translation Vlad Lozinski). . Lng file transfer should be placed in the folder Languages in the main folder of the program, the language used is switched manually (Tools, Settings, tab General, Languages / Service Options, General tab, language). The program is very simple and reliable to use, you will not be difficult to use it!

Group Policy Management

Installing and upgrading MyChat the corporate network running Active Directory with group policies. In describing the setup script, which is used in this guide as an example of using a server running operating system Windows Server 2003, a user workstation – Windows XP. Use this guide to your choice. If you do not have MSI package MyChat – you can download it here. Note. If you install the client for MyChat user terminal sessions, read this article, the installation is significantly different from the one described here. The first thing to do – on the server or on any other computer on the network to create a public folder.

In this folder overwrite the software package. Configuring Group Policy. Using Group Policy to configure the necessary configuration of user groups that will be installed or upgraded MyChat client. To do this, open the Group Policy Management and go into the properties of the group with which we work: In the properties go to group policy> and create a new GPO and click Edit>: eper go in the installation Programs> User Configuration branch> and add the MSI package here, located on a shared network resource. Note.

This GPO can be deployed in two ways: first – to – this method provides for installation on each workstation once, twice – to – use this method to the individual client installation for each user in a chat group selected domain.

Art Nouveau

Wall Sconce ARTIC 2 PARETE combines brilliant steel frame and transparent satin glass ceiling. The combination of direct and rounded shapes, excellent performance and lack of superfluous detail makes this bra a harmonious element in the strict interior. Table Lamp ATLANTIC TAVOLO – an oasis of light in your workplace. There is no field: all the lines are soft, rounded rim color – white lacquered metal, and even the muted light with frosted glass. Strong surface ceiling "revive" the built-in dichroic lamp BAIA INCASSO GZ10 INCOLORE LUCIDO. The frame in the shape of a flower made of fancy galvanized metal, and the ceiling can be made of transparent, opaque or polished glass.

The two surfaces of the sheet frosted glass, brushed steel frame – this is a "portrait" wall lamp BIPLANA PARETE 60. Nothing too much, just clean lines and soft flowing light. Pendant CLASS 60 SOSPENSION E ROSSO – these are two fine elongated canopy of blown glass and light-gray metal frame. Hand painted ceilings are available in seven versions: black, white, red and burgundy, dark brown, black with a matte surface, transparent or translucent with a mirror finish. Art Nouveau style and high-tech blends an original pendant CROSS OVER SOSPENSIONE. Plafond Y-shaped tube made of ceramic and coated with a milky-white enamel, rests on thin steel wire ropes and seemed to hover in the air. Regular cube of white frosted glass with the rim of gray lacquered metal – concept chandeliers CUBI 11 SOSPENSION E and CUBI 16 SOSPENSION E. The two models differ only in size: the first side of the cube is 11 cm in the second – 16 cm interior, lit by a chandelier, a cube, will complement the wall of the same shape. Shelves made of ebony or chromed metal, not only decorative but also functional element: they are easy to place small objects – clocks, vases, figurines.


The microclimate of the building depends on many factors. Of great importance is the material of which the walls are built. A wall of concrete blocks AEROC – the most comfortable of the existing ones. To create a truly comfortable microclimate in the building walls should have the following characteristics – to be "warm" to touch (this is achieved by a low thermal conductivity and high resistance to heat transfer), have low air permeability (Windproof walls ensured integrity and constancy of its shape), have sufficient water vapor permeability (ie, the wall must 'breathe'), have teploinertsionnostyu – the space must not 'become hot' in the sun time and do not cool down after sunset. AEROC – it's 100% mineral material that has a fire retardant. AEROC – it is stone, he biostoek (not affected by fungi, insects and other ogranizmami) are not destroyed by the UV radiation and other atmospheric factors. In the production of works of great importance ease of processing and the ability to wall material in the choice of architectural solutions are not tied to the size of modular products. Blocks AEROC processed by simple hand tools.

Special shapes and sizes are obtained by a simple manual hacksaw. Construction is moving fast enough – 1 square meter wall is being built by one person for 15 – 20 min. Aerated concrete AEROC-clean and safe building material. Building a house out of blocks AEROC inflicts minimal damage to the environment. Much less than building a wooden, brick or frame. For example, to build a log house of 100 sq ft to cut 0.1 hectares of pine forest. To build a house out of bricks, you need to dig up more than 100 tons of clay and spend tens of megawatts of power for firing raw materials.

In production of a frame house occupied by a large proportion of synthetic polymers. To build a house out of blocks of 100 sq ft AEROC enough 15 tons of minerals and a few megawatts to handle it. Gazobloki AEROC – optimum material for private construction. Bearing capacity of the wall depends on the strength of its constituent materials and the method of its loading. Masonry load-bearing capacity of the blocks is sufficient for the erection of AEROC buildings with 3 – 5 floors (to be verified by calculation). Bearing capacity of masonry blocks AEROC allows you to build the finest single-layer walls with dostochnymi heat-shielding properties.

Construction Machinery

Nowadays in Russia, despite a substantial recovery and development of a large number of industries, production of construction equipment leaves much to be desired. In Russia, now the demand for such technology is growing steadily, and Many producers can not provide the necessary quantity of equipment, which is why many organizations have to order machines abroad. Construction equipment company Komatsu, Samsung, including excavators and bulldozers, are more popular in comparison with the special equipment of domestic producers. Today in Russia has gained enormous popularity building special machinery from China. The prc operates a large number of companies production of such equipment, so customers need to carefully analyze the market in order not to accidentally buy a fake. Indeed, high-quality Chinese technique is performed only on plants State-owned, where it passes quality control. All Chinese production technology as trucks shaanxi, bulldozers, cranes, excavators and wheel loaders xcmg characterized by excellent quality, operational simplicity and reliability, which is why it is so popular. Improve long-invented – that's the main principle of which is selected hardworking Chinese.

For example, the famous truck man was an example of which was made universal dumper shaanxi. The undeniable advantage of these trucks is their cost-effective. Low price of trucks is due not bad build quality, and cheap labor force, which in China very much. It is essential that this technique is extremely environmentally friendly, since it corresponds to global standards Euro-3. Such a construction equipment highlights the fact that it conforms to all for customer characteristics – has high maneuverability, mobility and exceptional build quality.

Worth Studying, Or Just Buy A Diploma ?

Under the current capitalist education was the purchase of goods, while both shows. Simply because to go out and buy a ready diploma, and can even "red", even "blue" and the choice of anyone, even the most prestigious academic institution. Why then study and wait for the acquisition of a diploma and an official way to spend 5 or more years, and in addition to more diligently to master the subjects? It's just a waste of time and fate of the poorest. When the Statistics every year bought about six thousand degrees, albeit fake, but the diplomas of higher education. Education so devalued in our times, and even abroad are now ignoring the graduates that have the "Education". Commercial or public use (free) education as equally devalued. Now graduates, even prestigious universities are reluctant to accept the office.

It turns out that this educational institution, without appropriate rights and is not licensed to conduct training activities. So that we can be in such a ridiculous situation where the institution that takes the applicant himself. There are nested and decent money, wasted time. and often consider such a degree purchased, although he received an honest way. Diplomas issued by educational institution upon completion of training, recognized fake! There is a perfectly legitimate question, and there are great differ diplomas acquired by illegal means, from those diplomas that were issued officially? If a graduate, honestly I studied for five or six years, and as a result of receiving a diploma of education and have the same problem, and then more, so why such a diploma? It turns out that someone who bought a diploma, was in an advantageous position. And there was such a dork, a graduate of the University, in vain without wasting time and save money. Is there a sense of wonder spend money and time? When the horrific scale of manufacture and sale of fake diplomas, education has ceased to be prestigious.

Engineering profession is comparable to low-skilled workers. All but the meaning is down the drain, from education and formal graduation is not no good! Teachers now have the knowledge, so that they can not even teach in vocational schools Soviet model. Candidate's identity and diplomas of doctors are bought and sold. Manufacturing and both the technology a little different. The current labor researcher and educator, is not appreciated, judging by their salaries, so the level of their partly explain such a terribly low. The prestige of the educated man has fallen at all. Who has the money, he also can not be called ignorant mind is replaced with cash signs. Educated intellectuals, is now "loser" (not held). Graduates must be prepared to go to school, and it does not guarantee admission, and cost is not small money. Award fee is now below the cost of training in the commercial department during the month. Even successful enrolling, a student may be expelled for academic failure, perhaps due to illness, not tupizny or conscription. Purchase a diploma this situation generally closes completely as possible. And the student should study other than textbooks, there is in something to get dressed. Sometimes have to earn money to offset the costs. That, and judge how much risk is justified, get an education official. A prudent member of the Society and purchased a diploma can navigate and well-attached, and a fool and an official diploma will pursue the issue all the working career.

Modern Washing Machines

Currently, experts and users of washing machines on the right to present a data structure of the set requirements. Indeed, regardless of manufacturer, and any modern washing machine should be precision, technical and versatile unit, characterized by a mass of advantages. First, the modern washing machine should ideally perform the washing process. By purchasing such a machine, the user receives the ability to easily combine the duration of the washing process with the desired temperature conditions, the level of mechanical action and a suitable detergent. In this wash can be as intense and sparing – depending on the quality of linen.

In addition, in the modern washing machine should be provided for a variety of programs designed for effective washing and as thoroughly rinse (which is special importance for people with allergies reacting to chemicals, including laundry detergent). Secondly, the modern washing machine should be easy to use. Such a machine will never create a user inconvenience or when washing large items, rugs, for example, or blankets, or in the wash 'stuff', say, handkerchiefs. In this case, things are placed and removed from the machine with equal ease, and self-laundry unit programmed and run without any difficulties. Third, the ideal modern machine must necessarily be equipped with safety features that protect children and adults. Such a machine, for example, can lock button and containers for detergents, not allowing children to penetrate. Fourth, perfect in every sense of the washing machine should be of high environmental performance. It is especially important have a level of energy consumption and spin class (eg, less power consumption, the less burden on the environment). role and sensor technology that promotes optimal water and energy costs. Fifthly, reliable modern washing machine should be made of durable materials and proven capable of providing the device durability, and user cost savings on repairs. It is known that lead from reputable manufacturers use in the production of washing machines only high quality raw materials.