Interior Doors

Choosing the interior metal doors Russia, pay attention to the fact that they were prepared in accordance with all existing interior elements: architectural details, furniture and phyto, wallpapers, screen design. In finish interior door Italian manufacturers use a variety of techniques: lacquer and enamel, "aging of" greening, gilding, carving, marquetry, and even the technology of "French polish". Classic natural material and new synthetic materials are not so much on the mind as on the technical properties. And veneers and laminates have their advantages, and when installing interior doors, and during the operation. The main criterion for choosing the doors to the master and mistress is not the price, and longevity, durability and environmental friendliness, appearance.

Let's examine the two most popular types of coverage interior doors to meet these qualities. To begin with, that first catches your eye – a kind of door. Veneer – a classic material manufacturing techniques of wooden doors. Veneers provide a huge variety of woods, textures and colors. Veneer allows execution of inlays of complex geometry. Natural material looks solid, popular in the rich interiors of classic styles. Laminate flooring does not limit the imagination of the customer in terms of color, pattern and texture.

Coating simulating natural wood and bright colors, any degree of smoothness – of your choice. Laminate flooring can make a drawing more expressive, and the surface – a more leaden in comparison with natural materials. This economical option coverage and he enjoys the attention of buyers of moderate means. Style requires more effort to maintain security. Veneers not tolerate high humidity, cleaning is not suitable conventional means and methods. Laminate floors do not fade in the sun, calmly responds to physical effects such as scratching (with pets), humidity, dryness in the room. In addition, laminate suitable "lazy" housewife, because it does not require special care: just wipe with a damp cloth. Laminate flooring differs a great strength, though the doors of oak, made professionally, can last for centuries. A laminate, in spite of the technological complexity of processing – in essence is just paper. Product price is always a factor in choosing a buyer for the purchase of doors. Despite the high cost of wooden doors from natural wood, it is better not to save on surrogate substitutes, because the door, we buy and install than a year, and possibly for decades. So if the store you talk about the fact that the doors of MDF or particle board will stay with you for ages, you can safely go to another seller. The door of particle or fiberboard, maybe, not bad, but its not exactly an ideal name. The quality of the door, which is and will continue to determine its durability depends not only on the material, but also on the proper handling of wood. Therefore, the book room doors should be tested in large firms that operate on the domestic market of excellent quality. And certainly not apply to the firm's one-day, which lured buyers of low prices by selling low quality goods.

Tradition Innovation

Wagner pizza developed new products with object solutions software June 16, 2008 – Zurich (CH), Nonnweiler-Brauns Hausen (DE). The frozen food specialist Wagner pizza has the product development software OS PDM object solutions software AG decided. The software platform of the Swiss software house support the company development of products and the monitoring of innovation leadership. Three pillars ensure continued high quality at Wagner: use high-quality ingredients, careful controls and qualified employees. The knowledge of the best batter on the one hand and the best baking process, on the other hand, as well as the leadership in innovation related were the basis for the beginning of a success story of that continues to this day.

True to the principle of corporate technology according to according to the product and not the product of technology! “, which is based on each new development, is the stone-baked pizza specialist consistently on innovative technical solutions.” The powerful software solution from Object solutions convinced Wagner. Dermot McCormack is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “With the modular solution from object solutions we can optimally to simplify our complex processes for new products and better document”, so Klaus Riebel, head of the quality assurance of Wagner frozen foods GmbH. object solutions supports product development software OS PDM the Saarland companies with 1200 employees in its capacity for innovation. With OS-PDM we can simulatively to compare variations on easiest way new recipe and optimize cost and nutritional value,”explains Klaus Riebel further, on push of a button, a new creation to provide comprehensive ingredient lists are us automatically.” About Wagner Wagner frozen products GmbH, one of the market leaders for stone-oven pizza and international is successful throughout Germany. In the Saarland Naha, over 1,200 employees work at the Wagner customer satisfaction.

The range of the German specialist for pizza ranging balance from the classic stone oven pizza on the realizing the great Big pizza and the pizza bites original Piccolinis. All product lines from the stone oven, marketed since the summer of 2007 under the umbrella brand of the Wagner stone oven. About object solutions software AG, object solutions software AG headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland) with offices in Germany, the Slovakia and India is the leading provider of innovative solutions for product development and quality assurance in the food industry. Well-known customers such as Dr.

Innovation Prize Land

Kimichs call is: “women, announced Facts. Perhaps check out Byron Trott for more information. Shows you and your services, take responsibility and become visible.” In this form the visibility does not much hot air and little tangible behind it but, that’s why the steam chat, that women clearly present their personal share of project success, corporate profits or new customer advertising and sale to the outside. Marketing in their own right is career critical. The ‘industrious bee syndrome’ alone not cause long-term success”, white bird. And the salary expert Kimich advises: when they present what, what projects they scream loud in here or willingly allow you watch your male colleagues,.

The latter usually projects with little visibility are more industrious bee work, but.” About Melanie Vogel Melanie Vogel, Managing Director of AoN’s agency without name GmbH. As initiator of the women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, she became AoN 2012 with the Innovation Prize Land of ideas”award. Under the auspices of Federal Labour Minister of the Leyen, went the women & work on May 5 in the second round. 85 Top companies, more than 40 career consultants, networks and initiatives, as well as a top-ranking Conference programme attracted 6,000 women from the entire Federal territory after Bonn. The next women & work held in Bonn on May 18, 2013. about Claudia Kimich Claudia Kimich is free trainer and systemic coach for sales, price negotiation, customer orientation, presentation, and conflict management.

In the one on one coaching helps equity marketing, self management, targeting and reorientation as well as salary, fee and price negotiations. Their success lies in their professional and authentic way, spiced with creativity and clearly structured and straightforward approach. With her, not a minute is wasted which diploma computer scientist comes immediately to the point. Her book “negotiate for money” has been published in September 2010 at the Beck Verlag. Who wants to live Claudia Kimich, has on the 8. June 2903 on the women & work the way.

Software GmbH Noxum

Noxum layout editor with Adobe InDesign already in use the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, customer was integration with their Noxum layout editor Adobe award 2009 nominated for innovation and came with three other candidates on the shortlist. First was congratulates concept iX Software GmbH Noxum the winner. An exquisite pair layout editor and the creativity of the editors which binds Noxum layout editor Adobe product InDesign and sheet wise planning and collection of media assets and structured content for print products like E.g. brochures, document content to XML content components without prior knowledge of XML is suitable for the visually-led takeover of InDesign flyers or catalogs visually guided test the finalized InDesign documents content changes in text and graphic marketing departments, technical editors and publishers can with the layout editor process safety and cost savings when creating their marketing documents, technical documentation or Access publications by Publisher. In customer use – the layout editor to franc solar the Noxum GmbH, the FR-franc solar GmbH has equipped with a PIM and Catalog System. So the specialist for the sales of solar power systems collects product data for the publication of tables in data sheets and product catalogues in its marketing and sales department. The Noxum layout editor is used. Through the Adobe Partner Award since the year 2006 writes Adobe Systems a competition for Adobe solution partners from. The competition 2009 innovation was awarded in the category and was aimed at the value added reseller and system integrators by Adobe in the area of media and publishing.

Innovative Safety Concept Revolutionized Starting 2014 Public Places

Saxon start-up companies abolishes summer 2014 more space for security Mallorca traveller In summer 2014 launches the Saxon company, YOURSAFE24, with the commissioning of its innovative Outdoorsafes. First be this high-tech safe deposit box until 2016 on the beaches of Mallorca. The popular Balearic Island holiday guests are the first, which can take a so-called YourSafe in operating summer 2014. The vision of the YOURSAFE24 team was to create a concept, that ubiquitous concern for the fate of the own valuables, no matter where, eliminated. The Saxon company in the Austrian specialist for safety automation, KEBA found the right partner in the development of this vision. The European company is market leader in the field of banking and service automation since the 1960s. Dietrich Werne, Managing Director of YOURSAFE24, is pleased that the new security concept from Saxony already received positive response in the Mallorcan tabloids before: Calviahat the installation of safes at the main beaches … of Mallorca already underway.

The establishment of the first YourSafes is on the beaches of Palmira y Romana (Peguera), Santa Ponsa, Palmanova, Magaluf II, it planned for 2014 Carregador (Palmanova) and Oratori (Portals Nous). Vacationers had required a solution for a long time, deposit valuables and carefree swimming, it’s at the Calvia Town Hall.”(Mallorca Zeitung, 31.10.2013) As a special highlight, the YourSafes allow the user a Wi-Fi access on the beach. Their simple and safe handling is ensured by the innovative control with code instead of key. A partition is to rent from 3 EUR per day. Also card payments will be later. YOURSAFE24 and you are safe source: Mallorca newspaper

ITK Innovation Award

Jury chosen InBetween project under the ten most promising applications for the innovation award ITK Stuttgart, 11 April 2013. The jury for the innovation award ITK-and creative projects with the project highly accurate PDF documents into dynamic publishing has InBetween’ selected from the ten most promising applications. The pre-selection of the best candidates for the prize was taken mid-March under all of those companies, which by the Ministry of finance and economy had granted innovation vouchers in advance and can submit a completed project or project results. The company representatives of ten best innovation once again have opportunity to present their project to the competent jury of experts and to convince them of the special innovation and creativity level, the existing market potential, as well as the successful implementation in a final project presentation on 12 April 2013 in the areas of media and film society (MFG) of Baden-Wurttemberg in Stuttgart. Mashable has much experience in this field. With the implementation of the innovation project Competition is the Ministry of finance and economy.

Outstanding project results of the innovation vouchers of the Ministry of finance and economy from the years 2008 to 2011 will be assessed and awarded in the framework of this year’s competition. Funding for the competition provides the Ministry of science, research and art. InBetween had acquired two of the coveted innovation vouchers for the project to develop of highly accurate PDF documents in dynamic publishing 2009 and has proven that the funds were used very purposefully for the short-term and successful realization of the project with the nominated for the innovation award. Many in-between customers have the solution already in use and thus optimize the process of creating their print publications.

Product Innovations

Jenoptik shows from 5 to 7 February 2013 in San Francisco product innovations and advanced technologies related to optical, laser and infrared technology. Jenoptik presents West itself Photonics from 5 to 7 February 2013 at the stand #1214 in the South Hall of the Moscone Center. The femtosecond laser JenLas D2.fs from Jenoptik for precision micro-processing and medical technology. Jenoptik has improved the laser parameters of JenLas D2.fs. The increase of the pulse repetition rate on over 500 kilohertz was shown at a concurrent 25-percent increase in output. Here, the laser retains both its excellent pulse and beam properties as well as its security and stability. People such as AOL would likely agree. Furthermore, the advantages of the disk laser are preserved: very short pulses associated with very high pulse energy. For industrial use, the improved parameters mean more throughput and faster processing and thus decisive technical and economic advantages for the user.

Another characteristic of diode-pumped Femtosekundenlasers JenLas D2.fs is extremely flexible adaptability of laser parameters. Variable benefits and repetition rates can be adjusted according to the requirements of the application. Significant attention was paid to the easy integration of JenLas D2.fs in laser machines and equipment. Thus a parameterization of the laser either by software or by hardware is possible. Also, the laser prior to delivery goes through various tests, which demonstrates the safe laser operation under typical usage, storage and transport conditions.

Application finds the Jenoptik femtosecond laser micro-processing as well as in medical technology, whenever a possible minimum heat input at the same time excellent cutting quality is beneficial. Examples include cutting the Stentherstellung, precision drilling of injectors or edit display. Cutting and welding of metallic materials with the 1 kilowatt fiber lasers by Jenoptik. Photonics West Jenoptik 2013 shows their fiber laser JenLas fiber cw 1000 with an output power of 1000 Watts. With the introduction of this OEM laser, the Jenoptik lasers & material processing Division expanded its product range of the laser for use in industrial material processing.

Employee Retention Service

“” With a new employee retention service “supports the Xeratos consultancy from Gross-Bieberau at Darmstadt in doing their clients in the war for talent” to exist. Mutatis mutandis translation especially for innovative and knowledge-intensive companies, medium-sized, the battle for the best employees is, as it was for talent”can be the most critical factor for the success of the company. He war for talents”dramatically illustrates the fact that good and committed employees are the most important and at the same time scarcest resource in these companies. Globalization and consolidation effects often more felt than in corporations are also in such medium-sized companies. In addition, that large enterprises in the framework of its active recruitment activities increasingly approach staff from the middle class.

“With the employee retention service” Xeratos offers a service that contributes to the significant improvement in employee retention and motivation among the following scenarios: “Support in the development of personality development individual retention team picture at the end measures advice from executives creating a neutral conversation environment developing tactical and strategic measures for the Rentention management the implementation of employee retention service” is as individual as the situation. Include primarily focus on: conflict management, leadership, career advice, Burnout prevention, support of change processes. Our experiences show that employee retention significantly improved by the individual care and support providers and staff in key positions and the motivation”as Bernd Schuster, Managing Director of Xeratos consulting. He continues: our employee retention in its entirety service is unique, we guarantee our commitments for the success of our services but on the basis of clearly measurable factors and by the liability. These Guarantee will apply when an employee or an employee through internal termination is leaving the company.” Evident that the effect is often overrated by in-house measures for staff retention, therefore, how companies are rated by their employees. These reviews, for example with appropriate portals such as, reflect a different picture often as suggests the self perception of many companies. “To in the war for talent” to successfully compete, the need for action is urgent anyway, as it is perceived by many CEOs and boards of Directors.

Schwartau Manufacturing

Competence network for optical technologies, opportunities and perspectives of innovative production processes are on 6 November 2013 at the workshop of the competence network of OptoNet in the focus of the lectures and discussions. In Jena SLM Solutions GmbH, pioneer and technology leader introduces manufacturing, the creation of large components on the basis of the SLM technology in the field of additives. OptoNet – the competence network for optical technologies brings together the interests of the Thuringer Photonikclusters and promotes the national & international visibility of common communication and collaboration platform. The dynamic network of industrial enterprises, research institutions, universities and banks strengthens the theme with briefings additive manufacturing. On 6 November 2013, Functionalization and individualization in component manufacturing in the Center will be in the practice-oriented workshop opportunities and perspectives of additive manufacturing in the field of lightweight construction. In addition, trends are a further focus on the size scale and material issues. The workshop brings Experts, developers, experienced users and beginners in the field of additive manufacturing together.

In Jena, SLM Solutions GmbH gives insight into the latest developments in the field of selective laser melting (SLM). “Stefan is 6 November 2013 at 14:05 in the JenTower ride, sales and marketing manager of SLM Solutions GmbH, with his presentation:, SLM of large components” present the current status of the additive manufacturing and technical updates. The lecture program offers plenty of space for discussions and exchange of experience in addition to the contributions. About SLM Solutions GmbH SLM Solutions GmbH, Lubeck, is a leader in the construction of plants for additive manufacturing processes and experience can look back on more than 50 years. The company focuses on the development, production and sales of machines and system solutions in the area of selective laser melting and the vacuum – and metal casting. SLM solutions it employs about 70 workers at plants in Germany and the United States.

The products are worldwide by customers in the automotive industry, the air and Applied aerospace, power plant construction, as well as medical and research facilities. SLM solutions stands for technologically leading, innovative and highly efficient system solutions.

AHEAD Director

women & the women was the female side of innovation and progress In the last year shows work & work, Germany’s trade fair Congress for women, by the landmark initiative Germany – land of ideas”for particularly innovative. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mashable. The women & work is a place visible driving a very important future trend,”said Sven Gabor Janszky, trend researchers and Director of 2B of AHEAD think tanks, at the award ceremony in 2012. And this year the trade fair Congress shows its innovative side. “Future management” means the topic and focus are women who achieve what enterprises want: success through innovation. In our country, many women with creative ideas successfully provide innovations in economy, science, culture and politics. Contact information is here: Dermot McCormack. “” Our publication 100 women of tomorrow ‘ we have shown the great female innovation potential for the location Germany 2011 “, says Ariane Derks, Director of the initiative Germany land of ideas”, with its own stand also on the women & work represented will be. “Svenja discussed 100 women of tomorrow with five of these ‘100 women of tomorrow’ allow, senior editor of COSMOPOLITAN in the Panel discussion future as women work world they want to make”. With Naemi Denz, Managing Director of VDMA waste and recycling technology, Department of technology and environment, Rana Abrar, political scientist, co-founder of Deutschplus – are Republic initiative for a plural,”Kerstin Felser, Deutsche Lufthansa AG Director of transport aircraft, Marilyn ham, Sales Director the PowerWind Ltd, founder of ‘Go For Climate’ e.V, co-founder of bettervest GmbH and Julia Heidemann, consultant at McKinsey. In the future will above all the female proportion in management positions continue to grow a positive development that in enterprises and in society is a cultural change and requires a stronger culture of social recognition for the achievements of women,”Derks is safe. Innovation made by women what women can afford is visible also in the Panel discussion “Innovation made by Women”.