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Scolari, the tutorial with personal care Christmas campaign for the launch of the new Learning Center Gutersloh, 03.12.2010 – Brockhaus always further expands its range of educational software for children: on 17 January 2011, the online learning center launches Scolari for the seventh to ninth grade in all types of school. In early October the successful tutorial for children was been extended already 5 and 6 on the grades. With Scolari parents and relatives to ensure that their children receive from the first class to promote optimal: the Internet-based learning portal gives students in a playful way and in the individual form the content of all core subjects. Standing out characteristics of the tutorial is the personal homework support for children: fourteen educators are every day by phone or via the to reach Scolari Forum girl helping boys with homework and to give tips for helpful exercises. Scolari which always depends on the respective capabilities Kids out. The Learning Center from the first to the sixth grade are tailored to the needs of the corresponding grades in the core subjects German, mathematics and English.

The young visitors learn more about their current state of knowledge in individual classification tests. All lessons, tests, and exercises are matched with the curricula of all school types and grades. The experience in the Learning Center also invites the children to broaden their knowledge in addition to the actual school support in a playful way. Personal support via telephone hotline outstanding feature for Scolari is the personal care of children and parents. Girls and boys can ask their questions in a student Forum moderated by experts on school tests and homework, the answers are then visible to all visitors. The teachers hotline afternoon many educators to reach by phone that are individually guide the children, so that they themselves can solutions be. In addition, the experts give the Children about homework, tips to avoid errors in the future.

Parents are actively working with the learning portal is characterised by that the parents are actively involved in the transfer of knowledge and their child so targeted throughout the phases of life. In the world of parents’, adults Compact have the possibility to look up knowledge quickly and individually”and new to learn. Also also moms and dads can share experiences in the parent Forum, or individually to discuss important issues in a telephone conversation with experienced educators. Knowledge and education the best gifts for Christmas Scolari is the ideal gift for parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts who want something under the Christmas tree children for Christmas, they benefit from the decades: knowledge and education. Scolari is 9.90 euros a month for a child. Book equal to two licenses, pays monthly only 14.90 euro. All interested parties can test the online learning center before four weeks free. There is more information under landing/lernspass_schenken.html about Scolari / Prescolaris in Scolari and Prescolaris children go with the Hedgehog Eddie the mascot of the products on a journey of discovery. In the Scolari Learning Center practice and play school up to the sixth grade. At Prescolaris the little ones are prepare for the school. The individual abilities of the child are taken into account and promoted. Matched to the class relevant school material carries the child in core subjects German, mathematics and English. In mini test or the final exam conveys the necessary exercises, analyzed strengths and any weaknesses in the port supported by targeted tasks.

Ambulatory Care Services

convenient billing offers cheap online factoring especially for business start-ups for nursing services CareSocial through cooperation with the Bank for social economy or financial reserves are small nursing services usually only in construction so that the monthly fixed costs for salaries, rent and car insurance from equity can be presented. If now a performer waiting for the payment, then it is financially very tight – for the care service despite reliable performance up to the bankruptcy. This is especially annoying because the nursing accidentally enters such a case in this mess. The appearance of the services rendered to a re is indispensable in such cases; “However, it is important that the care service with the online Factorer not in addition to a block on the leg” binds. To do this, Lutz Hoffmann / CareSocial: Caution: here there is bait advertising on the market – so some one with free software touts who then finally as a percentage of the nursing turnover, participates. “To require percentage holdings of their revenues for a cleaning service software is simply frivolous it can not be that, for example, a customer for the same software product pays 500 euros and the other 5000 Euro, just because he has a higher sales – because your turnover is still not your profit long.” CareSocial has decided for a cooperation with the Bank for social economy, which negotiates a pre-financing contract independently with the care services; CareSocial itself offers the software internal factoring module free of charge. Continue to learn more with: Mashable.

“A software developer we are an economically healthy care operating of our customers interested in so we offer factoring module for free”, so Hoffmann. For interested parties who decide until 31.12.2010 for moving to CareSocial there setting up your CareSocial care Server given. Heard about CareSocial CareSocial with more than 190 installations throughout the country one of the leading software solutions for nursing services. AOL has plenty of information regarding this issue. CareSocial maintained in micro – care services as well as larger institutions with over 200 employees. For more information on the Internet at. Press contact: ITC DRESDEN Mr. Lutz Hoffmann Gostritzer Street 61-63 D-01217 Dresden Tel. 0351 / 26443 100 fax 0351 / 26443 109

Shipping Software Logistics

One of the most important tasks a software is to automate continually repetitive operations and therefore shorter and cheaper to settle. With minimal time to payment transactions and to obtain optimum transparency payments in the freight forwarding software is now allows by the introduction of the module logistics 3000. One of the most important tasks a software is to automate continually repetitive operations and therefore shorter and cheaper to settle. The required overview of all important business key figures such as E.g. the maturity dates of the accounts receivable / accounts payable basis data a working payment system. Order related data once entered be automated through extensive programming so prepared and shown she can handle effectively the user with minimal effort.

The achieved time savings is as essential as the immediate extensive information gain. The current version 10.40 of the shipping software logistics 3000 the Shipping program has the manufacturers – DatLogistik software – now with the expanded payment – extremely powerful module. This version will be delivered in January 2011 and is then an integral part of the shipping software in the professional version. Existing data by the order entry already used in the database at the time of booking of payments or payment outputs in an optimal manner. A data interface option on any accounting programs or also to Excel data can be exported. (E.g.

Lexware, DATEV, KHK, etc.) With only 3 clicks, the incoming or outgoing payments are recorded. Faster and easier it is hardly. By specially programmed extensive data filters and search functions, each to booking record can immediately find and book out in a few seconds. In addition is determined via an automated test function in transfers if the total sum of the corresponding lease is correct. A posting of payments is also very comfortable. With only one Click the user has an immediate overview of all calculated and unpaid receivables and liabilities for any arbitrary period of time. Of course all data and evaluations are also custom display, export, and print. Extensive lists and evaluations for the accounts receivable and / or vendors that are components in the module according to many criteria (E.g. dates), payment of freight forwarding software logistics 3000 forwarding program. The data of all evaluations are prepared so that they are suitable also for exchanging data with external services of Dunning or collection agency. The selectable data for each any time show not only the sum of the individual records and a comparison of the accounts receivable and accounts payable, but also the amounts of payable before tax registration. The operation of the software is very simple and clearly designed. The user is hardly must use the built-in manual. The module is protected by a password and only authorized employees to the editing. Exceeded a specific credit amount set earlier in the freight forwarding software, the users on the new system of an order receives a corresponding warning message. From version 10.41, approx. as of Jan. / Feb. 2011 is delivered, is the shipping software in the module payment system – provided also with a 3-stage reminders with freely definable text blocks. If the forwarding program or module logistics 3000 – online payments – want to test logistics 3000 to send an E-Mail to: or contact phone number 02151-3610-667 from a date. More information, also see Wolfgang Hegebarth

Savings Banks Software

Noxum editorial system in use at the financial informatics the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, has implemented the Noxum publishing Studio at the financial informatics. Thus the IT service provider is the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppedie online-help for banking applications in the OSPlus portal, which serve the overall work processes in the German savings bank branches, build and maintain. The online help is regarded as important part of the user documentation which quickly and without much effort to answer questions dealing with the application users in the savings banks. In the framework of this project, the technical basis was created for a structured acquisition and quality assurance, as well as a centralized management of the user documentation at the financial informatics. Noxum has implemented the requirements on the content management system: the user experience is sponsored by uniform layout in the online help. The authors are intimately linked to the editorial guidelines and the workflow, thereby complying with a uniform structure is achieved.

The The possibility of versioning ensures traceability of changes to the text. Also, the new online help is designed that individual help texts can be stored for the individual savings banks Institute. With the Noxum publishing Studio capture and manage the content of the help pages computer science writers and editors of the financial. In the Noxum publishing Studio that clients access several hundred user – data and texts are planned. The forms-based editor of Noxum is used, which represents the structure of the documents as a form and conceals the complexity of the XML tree from the users to the editing of the XML content. The publication of the HTML online help carried out time-controlled and automated. Noxum system when the financial informatics improved the technical and editorial quality of the online help, and made the management of the help pages on a modern and future-oriented basis.

About the financial computer science the financial informatics (FI) with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main is the IT service provider of the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe and one of the largest banks IT service providers in Europe. Its customers include 423 savings banks, 8 regional banks and the DekBank, 10 Landesbausparkassen and other companies of the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe and the financial industry. The offer of financial informatics includes the entire IT spectrum from development and deployment of IT applications, networks and technical infrastructure across the data center operations to consulting, training and support. With the powerful banking solution of OSPlus, the company is today the leading IT system for the German banking market. Subsidiaries and affiliates as the financial informatics technology services, financial informatics solutions plus, the star financial and the inasys complete the IT portfolio. The financial acquires informatics service to 126.1 million accounts; on the systems over 90 billion technical transactions are carried out. The company has 4,932 employees, revenues amounted to some 1.5 billion Euro.

Group Employees

Medium-sized businesses on speed: with 5.25 emails per hour through the day Munich, November 30, 2010 with approximately 42 emails per day the mail flood meets employees in medium-sized companies the hardest. These are at least 5.25 mails per hour on an average working day of eight hours. So they get one-fifth more emails than employees at large companies with more than a thousand employees. Altogether one fifth of respondents feel overburdened by the increasing flood of information in the workplace. The hardest it meets the middle class again: almost 30 percent of the employees of medium-sized companies suffering from the burden of daily information. with OnePoll in a study among a thousand workers in Germany has identified these results. is likely to agree. We were asked study participants to their preferred communication channels, the nuisances of daily communication and its openness to social networks. Instead of direct, oral exchange more and more information via E-Mail requested are workers so often an obligation. Just when the internal company communication the number of answers on a group mail rocks high often according to the snowball principle, precisely because a reaction feel obliged”, commented Joachim Schreiner, area Vice President Central Europe at, the study results. Irrelevant emails annoy German employees of companies of all sizes across the annoyances of the workers at the mass of emails appear to be same: more than a third of all respondents annoyed about the direct sending of messages that are not relevant for them. Second delayed responses followed by E-Mails sent out. Otherwise, than maybe expected, respondents the least about it, worry that important information could perish in the flood of daily incoming message. Social Media belongs already to the routine in German companies, workers are increasingly networked. About 30 percent of the study participants gave Twitter on Facebook, or other social networks to use daily. The analysis by age group shows but the significant generational differences: while 60 percent of 18 to 24 year-olds daily social networks use, are there no 15 per cent in the Group of over-55s.

The Daisho Software

Beta version is interested users, who already want to try out the new features and improvements of the future releases of sync. Munich, December 10, 2010. Now the public beta version of the new sync releases is the personal information management (PIM) software DAISHO available. After a series of internal tests have been completed successfully, has Daisho blacksmith enabled the beta now. This pre-release is interested users, who already want to try out the new features and improvements of the future releases of sync.

The final release of the new version of the self management tools DAISHO takes place later in the year. To know more about this subject visit Dermot McCormack. DAISHO blacksmith provides an easy and comfortable way, contact and customer data, appointments, tasks, and quick notes via mouse click with your Smartphone to synchronize PDA or Palm in the new release of sync. Who actively participates in the beta test and returns its results, will receive a 30% discount on the full version. The beta version can be in the download section is available for download on the website. Customer community has established a support community ideas and support platform Daisho blacksmith for his customers, where they can share with their requirements for a powerful productivity software.

The proposals and suggestions of the users and beta testers be discussed openly in the customer Forum. Of course answered the team of Daisho blacksmith also quickly and comprehensively all questions about the tool. We owe a large part of the improvements and new features that we have implemented our customers. Just freelancers need to be mobile and flexible and require therefore an efficient self management tool that helps them”, says Klaus Wiedemann, managing partner of Daisho blacksmith. To meet this demand, we have made our task and we can do this best through an intensive cooperation with our customers.” About Daisho blacksmith: The Daisho blacksmith GmbH, Munich, has with DAISHO one mobile and cross-platform software developed for personal information management (PIM) with project management capabilities. The software is aimed at all those who project-oriented, flexible and mobile working – especially on Freelancer. The DAISHO productivity software includes a professional time management and contact management (CRM), organized the daily communication via an integrated E-Mail client with skype connection and provides helpful tools such as quick notes and the management of different work environments. Functions for the structuring of tasks and projects, as well as the tracking of targets are the basis for an efficient personal project management. The DAISHO of PIM software can be installed on a USB stick and can be used on any laptop, NetBook or desktop PC without further installation from there. The software is based on Java and therefore easily runs on Windows PCs, Apple Macs and Linux machines.

Laitman Society

Although the society of now is egoistic, enough it is prepared to advance towards the following altruistic law of the nature. Education and culture been have always based on the altruistic principles. In our houses and the school, we taught to our compassionate, amiable and friendly children to be. We want that our children are amiable with all, and felt that such attitude towards the others is a way adapted of behavior that it protects to those follow who it. Nobody would almost declare opposition to those values. Additionally, thanks to the progress in the communications, today we can very quickly transmit new messages and values to the society anywhere in the world.

This it is a crucial factor to increase brings back to consciousness of the increasing crisis of the humanity and the necessity of an integral resolution. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro. Although our present problems could bring about a change, in all this is much more that When we construct a correct attitude towards the society, gradually we will be admitted in a totally new level of existence, superior to any thing that we have known previously. It will be one more an elevated form of existence, that will take to us to have a sensation of the totality and perfection with the nature. We must begin therefore to take passages in this direction to solve all the personal, social and global conflicts, and to pave a way to the prosperity and the success. We must to take ours first real steps towards the accomplishment of this natural law altruist.

Then we will be able to feel that all we are divides a unique integral system natural and only to prove the perfection and harmony within. The Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is masters in cybernetics, doctor in philosophy and Cabal, professor of ontologa and theory of the knowledge. He is founding and president of Bnei Baruj and Institute ARI, in Israel. More information in, and,, original Author and source of the article

CRM & ERP Experience Software

Step ahead combines the step ahead AG, manufacturer of CRM & ERP software on new Web site information & emotions to CRM & ERP Germering, 25.11.2010 – around, has completely renewed the homepage and makes tangible the own software solutions with references, customer photos, screenshot galleries and RSS feed. Customers today increasingly require a purchase experience, do so in addition to factual arguments too emotional to be convinced. The challenge of software is that emotions can be bad and not transported. So it was essential to find ways with the new website, to appeal to the emotions of our customers and prospective customers and to meet the request at the same time for factual and faster information for marketing”, so Daniela Hinz, Marketing Manager in the CRM and ERP vendors step ahead AG, to the launch of the new website on Under most conditions Peter Asaro would agree. Step ahead AG offers CRM & ERP software for small and medium-sized enterprises up to 200 users. Over 700 customers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland use the solutions to control and Processing in customer relationship management, marketing, sales, inventory management, production and customer service.

The resonance in this market is big, but also the competition. The new website aims to so accurately on the target group. This means: to make the functionally diverse software experience and to meet the needs of visitors to quickly and easily accessible information. The motivation of the prospective buyers is wide-ranging, whether they focus on ERP & CRM, match your requirements with the capabilities of the software, are interested in solutions or gain a first impression of the software want to. It depicts the new website in different areas. Step ahead AG software what in the area basically cross-industry usable solutions “is clear and clearly displayed. Over the 11 years of the company have been developed also various solutions which are systematically accessible over an appropriate range, E.g. for trade, e-commerce, order & Small series finished, renewable energy, & IT producers of software or also plant farmer & device manufacturers.

“Personal customer references, as well as photos of step ahead employees show the people behind the software, screenshot galleries and clearly made up – 10 good reasons to step ahead” the visitor support specifically in their intelligence. “And who like to want to keep: about is immediately under News” RSS feed available that informed about important dates and the latest news of step ahead. In a further step the new website is also used the customer and partner communication, e.g. via a Web user helpdesk or a partner extranet. Daniela Hinz step ahead AG

Project Management Software

Project management interview with Bjorn Sellschopp explains how to the software implementation and project management issues between project and line Bjorn Sellschopp, how his customers can support implementation of project management and a planning tool when and how you can overcome barriers between project and line. One of the difficulties that must be resolved at the introduction of project-oriented work in companies, is the diversity of project and line. While the perspective in a line organisation is usually function-oriented and focused on the respective Department, project-oriented work, to keep always the overall aim in mind without function borders means”, Bjorn Sellschopp, Managing Director of can explain problematic do GmbH. Peter Asaro recognizes the significance of this. it will also, if more and more professionals completely be taken out of their line of activities, to work in projects. This have for the departments to the result, that the quality of the team with the number of projects that is exponentially fall”, he continues, and calls at the same time more intelligent approaches in the organisation of project work. The project company, a pure project organization from today’s perspective would certainly revolutionary. Would this not be revolutionary, because it is not possible, but because most today still can handle companies”, more so Bjorn Sellschopp. Success factors in the implementation of project work increasingly characterises the daily work and is in many companies of the triggers for organizational and structural changes.

The companies making the question of to what extent they should plan their activities and their processes, what looks like the right organization and what tools can help them himself. In all points can and we want to help our customers,”says Bjorn Sellschopp. A we that our project management software brings the greatest benefits and on the other hand the egotistical acting point want to backup our own high ‘ Quality ‘ in the use of our software at the customer “, he stressed.

Michael Koryakin

The benefits of baths and saunas talk a lot and willingly. And in fact, once the sauna lovers can become infertile. Dr. Wolfram Nolte American belief that if too much sweat in the sauna is not only, but also in the bath, and in too hot tub, then over time can reduce the formation of sperm. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robotics. Therefore, if the infertility has declared itself, then from the hot and procedures should not give up if at all, then to significantly reduce their reception. In the sauna or hot tub can be no more than 15 minutes a day. In general, all the better to carry out hygiene procedures in the water, which would correspond to normal body temperature – that is 36,6 . The Russian doctor Michael Koryakin, a specialist in male infertility agree with his American counterpart: – The fact that the sauna is harmful to reproductive organs – it’s scientific fact.

And, interestingly, warm up guy once in any steam room, and the deterioration of sperm formation continued for the whole 2 months and after this time is reached the peak of the deterioration of spermatogenesis. Moreover, the normal formation of sperm recovered in only 3 months after the peak. That’s how fragile and delicate reproductive cycle in males. I’ll tell you more. Even after the common cold if the temperature during the illness rose to 39-40 , spermatogenesis in men goes down for 3-4 months. In general, if you want to have healthy offspring – Try not to get sick. And the smaller Steam in the bath. Take care of yourself.