Management Consulting

The concept of 'strategy' comes from the Greek strategos, which means' the art of deploying troops in combat. " However, the military term for the last 20 years is widely came into use professional theory and practice of management. To date, a strategy often understand the long-term plans for senior management to achieve long-term goals of the organization. Many Western experts say that a long-term intentions of business leaders in the manufacture, marketing and commerce, revenue and expenditure or investment. Considering the strategy aspect of enterprise management, there are several accepted definitions: Strategy – overall comprehensive plan designed to ensure the implementation of the company's mission.

However, the strategy can be viewed as a set of rules that guide the organization in management solutions. In addition, the firm's strategy can be defined as forward-looking system of measures that achieve specific goals identified by the company. From these definitions it is clear that the development strategy aimed primarily at adapting the organization to changes in external conditions. And it finds support in life, because in a highly competitive and rapidly changing situation, firms should not only concentrate attention to the internal state of affairs, but also develop long-term strategy of behavior that would allow them to keep pace with the changes occurring in their surroundings. The essence of the formulation and implementation of the strategy is to select the desired direction of development of numerous alternatives and direct industrial activity along the chosen path. Turning to the formation of business strategy must be noted that this process requires highly skilled performers.

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