Teide National Park

Several scientists have been tested successfully in the Parque Nacional del Teide (Tenerife) four cameras mounted on a robotic vehicle called Bridget. This technology can travel to Mars and other planets in the future. Four cameras can take pictures in 3D and 360-degree vision; This technology is already in use in the construction of tunnels in Austria. Several scientists have tested successfully in Teide National Park four cameras mounted on a robotic vehicle called Bridget, a technology that can travel in a future Mars and other planets with the goal of getting images and advance the knowledge of space. Read more here: Peter Asaro . Bridget, created by the Astrium company, is the second time that visit the Teide National Park, space chosen by researchers because of its resemblance to Mars and by the absence of clouds. The first time that this rover stepped on the National Park was in 2006, year in which was tested its mechanism, and today has served to, in the words of Jorgina Busquets, Astrium, a step more in the development of what in the future will be the eyes of the robot. They are four cameras able to take images in 3D and in different frequency bands to determine the composition of materials and with a vision, one of them, 360 degrees.

They belong to the project processing in land of the planetary robotics vision, Provisg, funded by the European Commission and which, according to experts, will demonstrate the ability of Europe to develop a high level image processing in this field. These cameras, like Bridget, are not that will fly into space, but Yes will serve as model for future rover. Aluminium, steel and plastic project Provisg aims the development of cameras and image processing software that will serve to go to other planets, it has been found at press Busquets. These teams, it has continued, cost much money and before sending them to Mars or the Moon must be familiar with how they work.


I am about to share with you 8 ideas and quick tips to help you improve your skills of advertising copywriting of great utility for your sales letters. You can use these tips when you try to create offers, emails and sales letters that capture people’s attention. So without further ADO, here you have! Number one: always write your sales letters with the person in mind. Each time that you’re writing a sales letter or an E-mail, do it as if you were talking to a person. Number two: search your interest from the first line. You have to create the reader’s interest, in the first line read. Number three: the use of bullets.

People like to explore, like to read things, quickly as fast as they can, and the use of bullets makes the entire process of reading much easier. So use them. Number four: just let it flow.When you start to write your sales letters, apart from start, how difficult it is to put in order your ideas so that they flow as you’re writing. I want to write such which go leaving you, keep in mind that you will have moments where the inspiration hits you and write fluently by tapping your fingers on the keyboard of your computer, so you should let your inspiration to flow at that time. Number five: write like you talk.Already talk briefly about this topic in one of the above points. But to understand it I will repeat. It is much easier for you to imagine that you are communicating with someone as if you were having a conversation with her, because when that person read your sales letter or your email address, you will feel that you talk face to face with her, and that’s exactly what you want.

Number six: for your sales letters are easy to read.What I mean by this is to use short paragraphs. Uses images, and put in bold some words. I want to put highlight important aspects. Number seven: get focus on the benefits rather than features.I want to get into the skin of the person who reads your letter / article communication. The first question that will come them to the head is: what is there for me here? You have to answer that question, so you must highlight the benefits in your letter / article communication. Number eight: you should keep the reader interested. how to do that? In the sales letters there are plenty of ways to keep the reader interested, and I’ll give some of them now. -You can use graphics. -You can use images. -You can make use of audio. -Use the video. -Another thing that love people to see there are testimonies. -Another thing that you can always use is to give examples of the test. -Do you have the controls? -Do you have screen shots of people who register for certain things? You must provide proof that works or which would provide benefits to the person who is reading what you’re trying to sell or promote – screenshots, photos, these testimonies are some ways of teaching the test.So there you have 8 quick tips to improve your skills in writing for your sales letters. This is not the beginning or the end to all the techniques of drafting, but will definitely help you to jump over some obstacles that are standing in your way! By an effective entrepreneurship.

New Asus Lamborghini Laptops

A well-known notebook manufacturer Asus introduced two new devices line Lamborghini. New models like the eminent car is not only a company logo, exterior laptop also has similarities with supercars. In the top model Asus VX7 designers have tried to recreate the appearance of a car, as close to its prototype, while preserving the functionality of a laptop. Its angular and aggressive forms of Asus VX7 reminds Lamborghini Reventon, especially the stop signals located on the back side. In the manufacture of the laptop has the material of the highest quality: metal, expensive plastic and automotive leather. Screen, with 15,6 inch, has a 16:9 aspect ratio and LED-backlit.

Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 makes it easy to view movies in the format of Full hd. Specifications VX7 consistent appearance. The notebook is based on chipset Intel HM55 Processor Core i7. The maximum amount of ram DDR3 is 16 gb. Work bar at 1333 MHz. Graphic system represented a powerful discrete graphics card Nvidia N11E-GS with 1.5 gb of memory GDDR5. The device can be installed two hard drives of 1,5 Tb.

Depending on configuration, laptops equipped with DVD-or Blu-ray drive. The second model is Asus Lamborghini VX6, also known as Asus Eee pc Lamborghini, has a more modest performance, compared with his older "brother." Netbook based on platform nvidia ion 2. Inside the laptop to work "motor Intel Atom D525, clocked at 1800 MHz. The processor is powerful enough to perform everyday tasks. For work with graphics meet GeForce 9400M, which supports all technology nvidia (CUDA, PureVideo, PhysX, etc.). Netbook Memory can be expanded to 4 gb. In all of this system was sufficiently energy efficient. Charge 6-cell battery lasts for 7.5 hours. 12-inch screen VX6 a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. In the device can set the drive up to 320 gb. Of the other features of models is the support usb 3.0, and the availability of high-quality acoustics from a reputable manufacturer Bang & Olufsen with modern technology to strengthen the digital signal ICEPower and support for srs Premium Sound, which provides crystal clear sound even at full volume.

Capes Research

thus, this young will have difficulties when to enter an institution of superior education and perhaps some areas of its personal life. Valuation of the Professor: In day 28 of July of 2010 the Capes promoted a debate on the formation of professors in Brazil and enters the main challenges told for the director is: to fulfill the offers of courses/vacant; to minimize evasion, guaranteeing support to the professors; to create models of adequate courses to the professors in exercise; to promote curricular innovation and of pedagogical projects. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem. This comes to show that a concern with the formation of the new professors exists, but not with the recovery of that already they are in the schools. In accordance with research carried through with professors of the state net of Salt mines, when being asked if feels valued, for some segments, in relation schools 83.33% had answered that they are valued in relation to the pupils this percentage was in 75%. But in if treating to the government, this number it falls for 33,33% as graphical I. is not by chance that the number of professionals of the area does not grow the demand of pupils in accordance with.

In research carried through with 323 pupils of the state net of the city of Salt mines, in Minas Gerais, sample that 45% of the pupils already had thought about being professors, as Graphical II. The same research sample that enters the profession options proposals, of I take the veil is in last place, as Graphical III. The research shows the reason that took the great majority to give up lecionar, was to the lack of valuation of the professor, the perception of the insatisfao of these professionals and the low paid wages. The same research sample that stops 88,21% of the interviewed pupils, the professor is not valued and when analyzing the data, we perceive that the fact of a pupil to find that the professor profession is not valued, the probability to choose this profession for its future is minim.