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Unsuitable content: All the article directories are in force under publication norms of subjects nonallowed. It is a censorship form benefits that us to all. For example, I do not believe that subjects as the chance games contribute real value to people, only entertainment that in the long run it can become addictive. There are many subjects on which to instruct themselves or to entertain but that really to contribute value to the people. Content nonadapted: All the directories are in force under publication norms of subjects nonallowed. He is not that it is censorship, is a form to give more exit to the subjects that contribute value to the community.

The subjects that interest are those that contribute value to the individual, nothing of subjects related to the violence and addiction by much money that can contribute webmasters. Densidad of key words: Some gurs suggest until a 4% of densidad in the key words. But it is an obsolete data since Google introduced the latent semantic analysis. The important thing is not to exceed 0.8% of densidad in the key words and to concentrate in rich and descriptive vocabulary with respect to the topic del that is spoken. I hope that this article has served like general concept of the directives to fulfill at the time of fulfilling the expectations of webmasters of the article directories. They can have other reasons, but these are the most important reasons by those than your article can not arrive to be published by the directory. The author is to bloguer accustomed to publish in article directories. You can use its experience through article Webs as directory and learn on aspects of the article publication in software of connections.

Extensible Marking

The XML is the standard used for exchange of data in the applicatory ones. It allows a universal way of if changing information between the companies. Its structure becomes it perfect for applicatory on-line and works with data that are in the source of data local, or in the source of data remota’ ‘. The XML is used as language standard of communication in the context of the Web Services.

It functions independent of the programming language or the used operational system in the implementation of the applicatory ones. Without it would practically be impossible to allow that distinct systems communicated between itself of flexible and dynamic form. She hisses (2001, p.17), describes XML as Language of Extensible Marking, its characteristic of extensibilidade makes possible to create new tags whenever necessary. For She would make (2005, p.11) the XML represents a language standard that obtains to store all type of data. This standard identifies the types of data it organizes and them of the possible form most interesting, for an analysis computational or emission of a report. Standard XML is used each time more, due to its versatility, that goes of the operational system until the programming language.

2 – ORIGIN the underlying concept to the XML is not, something obviously new. The XML consists in a good set of specifications called SGML, developed for the W3C in 1986. The W3C started to develop the standard for the XML in 1996 with the idea of that it would be simpler of if using of what the SGML, but that she would have a more rigid structure of what the HTML. Since then, many suppliers of software have implemented some resources for technologies XML. (JORGENSEN, 2002, p.64). As It would make (2005, p.10), the popularizao of the applicatory innumerable Internet favored the sprouting of isolated, where the communication between these, is most of the time, for digital ways.

Definition System

The training front will initiate the response of the knowledge on the system, through multipliers, employees especially trained to repass its knowledge for its fellow workers, instructors professionals or consultants. Made the tests and training, the company will be apt to plan optimum moment, and to place in practical cut-over, that is, the total stoppage of the current system for substitution for system ERP. One concludes, thus, that the decision of implantation of a system ERP alone must after be taken a detailed analysis of the processes of the company and the functionalities of systems ERP. Moreover, it is very important that the companies consider, since the beginning of the implantation, the impacts that the redefinition of the processes and the introduction of the system will have in the structure, culture and strategy of the organization. The use of system ERP will be able to optimize the flow of information and to facilitate the access to the operational data, favoring the adoption of flattened and flexible organizacionais structures more. However occured imperfections in the stages above will be able to cause great financial damages, and a difficulty of acceptance of the system on the part of employees. Process of Choice of a system ERP the process of choice of systems ERP in the organizations, is initiated with the definition of the products to be used and which partners will participate of the implantation process. For the development of solutions of implantation of the system three types of company must be analyzed: suppliers of software, manufacturers of the hardware and implantadores. The implantation of the ERP follows, generally, a model of partnership between using company, and the excessively supplying ones of the system and equipment of computer science. For a perfect adequacy, they will have to be provided, to the suppliers, data regarding the using company, such as: business branch; knowledge of the organization; knowledge of the suppliers and customers; executive comprometimento; responsibilities for the management of the project.

Modern World

In our Golden Age of man is continually trying to surround yourself with different techniques. The apartment had been blocked electrical appliances, and he himself, like a Christmas tree, adorned with mobile phones, clocks, GPS-navigator, and increasingly – walkie-talkies. Why exactly is the radio recently become so popular? What is their purpose? There are several types of radios: amateur and professional, licensed and public domain. Professional require registration and most commonly used structures mia, military and other government departments. But the amateur is used in everyday life. There are a licensed radio stations operating in the range of 433 MHz, and is the radio, requiring special permission. In any case, no connection can not escape.

For example, the concentration in the Crimea are an indispensable companion any or lover of extreme sports (rock climbing, skiing sports). In the professional activities of radio is used in construction, dispatchers and taxi drivers. Thus, suppose you’re a hunter, fisherman, sportsman ekstrimal or builder – portable radio will become your irreplaceable assistant at rest in the Crimea or work. One of the main advantages of the portable radio is the availability and cheapness of communication, as compared with the mobile phone. It was not always have coverage, and cost of the call in Roaming is striking in its high cost. A radio is easy, convenient, practical, inexpensive, more resistant to external influences. Many have a function such as activating a radio voice, and comfortable headset that allows free your hands.

Incidentally, another advantage is that the regime ‘radio nanny’. In this mode, the portable radio works on the voice and delivers the appropriate signal. Now you do not need to sit constantly with a small child or while in the other room to listen to all the rustling. Radio nurse frees you from many problems. Sales of radios carried everywhere: in markets, specialty stores, through the Internet. Consultants will tell you about your product, for trial and will choose exactly the walkie-talkie that is right for you. But do you need to know what the focus when it is selected. The more power the radio, the greater the radius of action. Length of power is important in the event that you will not be able to recharge it often. But such a characterization as the strength of the radio is never superfluous.