The Information

That comes to exist a great interest to stay with him or her (or the product or service) it is necessary that there are several encounters and to develop in the best way. They must exist of half calls, emails, appointments, etc. Summing up: A percentage very low visitors to our website, buy our products at the first sight. It takes between 7 and 10 contacts with our clients until they purchase our products or services. Conversion rate is, in general, a 2% approximately, even for the most experienced marketers. So it is still 98% of our visitors who become potential customers, if we captured their contact data, mainly your email and, although they have not bought today, it could do in the near future, and can be very profitable in the future based on that 98%. It’s that simple. It is here, where the mailing lists come into play.

From now with the information obtained from your data, will begin work to strengthen the business relationship and friendship by sending useful information, valuable gifts, attractive offers, trial versions of programs and software. Even, it could be free to our contacts, some of our payment products, hoping that remain our subscribers and we buy in the near future. Give things of value to members of our lists has proved to be highly effective as a strategy to establish a strong relationship with our subscribers and, at the same time, create an image of confidence as entrepreneurs of the internet. Take note the following reader: do not abuse of their subscribers, trying to sell them continuously, but yes, remind them that you and your business are there, at their disposal to help them when they need it. Skip building your list, using the existing means, means wasted effort and costs invested in a campaign. Remember that, that 98% of visitors who have not bought your product, already made a first contact with your business and, therefore, it’s be tracked without investing in a new campaign with them. And the most important is, that will be done in an easy way and can reap more benefits than, with 2% who already bought your product. So, ignore that 98%, an error could be fatal. However, focus on the 98% that still has not purchased from us, does not mean forgetting 2% who are already customers of ours, and also must help those who are them special attention.


It took several years and had already covered including hours of other heads of departments and during some weekends to several absences had covered the posts without charging a penny to several of his friends both of equal rank and lower rank. During a crisis within the sector of the company before a cut in staff rolled several heads, including those of several of his friends, several departments were closed, some departments were forced to merge, for example there was no longer a software programming Department + a design department + a Department of systems infrastructure: what’s new was the systems Department. All with the intention of saving as much money as possible for the company. As it was expected, the head of my not rodo friend, on the contrary I am in charge of several departments merged, now was no longer the head of the Department of technical support, was now the head of the Department of technical processes and had several deputies who were the true specialists in each branch of the new Department in charge. Curiously without any kind of University studies, he was the head of several tens of engineers and graduates.

Followed now by applying the same technique to one higher level, his readings were less technical, and they were more focused business management, project management and sales. After several years of work demonstrating its high capacity and showing very outstanding results and after overcoming many obstacles was awarded with wage increases without being moved from his post due to his ability to solve problems and great results that showed. He was an employee of high quality which generated many benefits for the company, it was like a money maker in the eyes of superiors..

Worldwide Partner Awards

DocPath, leader in the manufacturing of documentary software, has announced the celebration of the 1st Edition of its awards Worldwide Partner Awards. An action which aims to recognize the importance of the work that its members perform and through which it will reward the partner that more effort has opted for the excellence, quality and commitment to the company and its solutions throughout the entire 2011. In April it will be two years that we launched our channel program. Now that our network is consolidated, we want to thank our partners confidence provided during this time, since without them it would be very difficult that our solutions reach all regions of Europe and America which today we are present, Javier Medina, commercial director of DocPath has assured. To grant this award, DocPath will assess the trajectory, the merits and the percentage of turnover corresponding to each partner. The decision will not be taken only according to the level of income generated by each partner to the company, there will be other important factors to consider.

Between them, the quality of the service offered to customers and the effort made by delving into new niches of market and attract new target audiences. The presentation of the award will take place at the end of each fiscal year and will be granted to the considered best Partner of the year. Reorganization of the structure of channel currently, 70% of the turnover of the company occurs through the channel. However, the objective is to reach the figure of 100% in the near future. For this purpose, some changes have been made in the internal structure of the program. DocPath has certified partners, which have the capacity to commercialize their solutions and local support to its customers and authorized partners that act as mere distributors of their products. Starting this year, certified partners will have one more advantage: the build your own network of authorized resellers. We want to further diversify our network and reaching a greater number of regions. If in this attempt we get also our partners to increase the revenue they get from our agreement, we further encourage its continuity in the program, concludes Medina.


Every wedding has one degree of complication, some more than others, but the truth is that from that which we are known as simple up to the most luxurious ones have every problem they thought enough in the way of how to solve it. And one of those problems that is more than a complication itself, more related to the decisions of the bride is the to choose a good photographer and therefore fix everything related to the photo shoot. Some couples (which are very few) are unhappy with the photos of your wedding, but this is mostly to the no decision and agreement in time to perform them. In this play of negative factors such as; the tardiness of the bride or groom or both, the participation and collaboration of any family member or member of the wedding party. Weather situations that did not and this happens more frequently in those outdoor photo sessions and which did not take any forecast.

Not available mainly the bride to follow suggestions from the photographer in as for poses that enhance your figure and highlighting aspects both of costume, hairstyle, make-up and even the stage itself. And spare and find an infinite number of discounts in promotional packages of photographs, thus obtaining a little photo package where it is difficult to choose variety of scenarios and share of the bride and groom with their guests. Photos of very poor quality of printing and photographic paper. As you may realize there are many negative factors that can influence your wedding photo shoot and we are insurance you not like to be part of this cluster of disagreements by a bad decision, leave for last chance search for the best photographer and find too many rebates on a topic of great interest and that occupies a primary position to achieve a dream wedding.