Psychology Learning

Ahead of this conception, the school must develop the paper to fortify the net of interaction between the community and the family, together ahead to carry through a proceedings for provisional remedy of actions that can come to favor the learning and the development of the personality of the citizen. Still for Rogers (2006, P. 322), the significant learning favors a possible change of behavior, that is, objective to work the citizen considering the context where if it finds inserted, becoming the pertaining to school learning a pleasant and significant moment for its life. Goop has much experience in this field. In this direction, if it makes necessary to reflect the thought of Freire (1996, P. 39), when it affirms that ' ' thinking critically the practical one of today or of yesterday it is that if it can improve next prtica' '. That is, the professor must be in constant update, always innovating and auto evaluating practical its, to be able to follow and if to integrate to the demands of the society, taking conscience of that I never eat human beings is enough in them to learn. The performance of the psychologist in the pertaining to school environment as facilitador of the relation professor-pupil For Piletti (2006, P. 20), the Psychology of the Education is a field of the psychology that if worries in understanding as if of the o process of education and learning, and the human being in its totality, as one to be biopsicossocial. As well as, to follow its process of pertaining to school learning aiming at to understand the pupil (that one who learn), the process of education and learning, the physical environment and the social one (school, family and community) and the paper of the professor (position and methodology). Thus, it is important that the professor, together with school, is intent to the social, cultural and emotional factors that can be intervening with the learning of the pupil.

History Honeywell

Honeywell was created from the invention of Albert Butz thermostat in 1885 and subsequent innovations in electric motors and control processes of the Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company to which he followed the track since 1886. In 1906, Mark C. Founded Honeywell Honeywell Heating Specialty Co., Inc. in Wabash, Indiana. Honeywell’s company merged with Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company in 1927. From then called the Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company. Honeywell was its first president, William R. Sweatt was its first head of the board. Honeywell thermostat


The Researcher

In view of three responsible important factors for the implementation of one or another variant: the geographic distribution, the occupation and the etria band. Also it considers as the researcher to proceed ahead from the research: to observe differences in the development of the falante, vernculo or not, estigmatizado or of prestige and standard or not. To submit the informer to an experimental situation making a species of sociolingustico test. Test of perception, to ask for to the informer who if reveals in relation to the acceptance or not of certain variants. Test of production mechanisms that lead to the informer to construct the 0 variable.

One also perceives that in the texts it measured notices despite in well lesser scale the presence of the variants not-standard. structure of the language can be related to the use and the differentiations that can be made by the choices of the falantes. Tarallo also speaks of the necessity to include slight knowledge of lingustico and sociolingustico use that a community in the grammatical models characterizes. In chapter 5, Tarallo approaches that nor everything that varies dumb, but that all change estimates variation that points with respect to two directions: steady variation and change in progress. The lingustico system meets synchronous at any given time with changeable characteristics. The forces that act at the present moment are the same ones that they had acted in the past.

Tarallo says that if the use of the variant most innovative will be more frequent between the young, decreasing in relation to the age has a situation of change in progress. Already if treating to social factors, the higher social groups observe the indices highest of the prestige variants and the lesser use of the estigmatizada variant. To proceed itself to a historical chaining of the 0 variable in the real time researcher has that if to be valid lingusticos atlases, text in it chats, personal, daily letters and teatrais texts are documents that can supply valiosssimos given historical.


This infuriated book would be the alive information, the information without censures, as today we glimpse. This opinion is shared by Morigi; Vanz; Galdino (2002) that they believe that is not only enough to carry through procedures technician (to classify, to catalogue and to indexar), these without a doubt, are very important for the formation of the professional. However still as these authors the librarians must go beyond these to know and activities techniques, need to search on theoretical elements to sciences human beings who fortify its condition of citizens and professionals. Knowing technician cannot be the only one to know of the profession of the librarian, in the formation of this if foca very in the part technique as being mago of the profession, and other knowledge, others to know, other borders so to speak are not exceeded. Investor takes a slightly different approach. If it arrests to a formation that forms technician and not professional able for the competition in the work market, disputing itself still with professionals of other areas it knowledge.

Jackstay (1988 apud MORIGI; VANZ; GALDINO, 2002) points that it lacks to the Brazilian librarian the conscience of that the library can act as instrument of social change, pointing the way that leads for modification of some estimated philosophical and ethical of the profession, to start for that they defend the neutrality of the same one. The ones that defends the neutrality of the profession forget that this is defended by laws that determine the permanence of the librarian in the work market. Vieira (1983) salient some limitations of the professional universe of the librarian: the tecnismo reigns as value of the professional formation (while in the university) and of the proper exercise of the activity librarian, transforming the biblioteconomia into body without spirit, in a profession whose philosophy, is confined inside of the narrow limits of a poor person and unbalanced code of ethics; the isolation inside of one technique so limited and simple, empobrece the area while knowledge field and weakens the professional group while classroom fighting for identity, respect, job and wage; the biblioteconmico knowledge is presented as a finished product e, thus, in so dogmtica area, little is created, rare one innovates and to dare is forbidden; although theoretically a worker of the social area, the librarian does not become to feel as required for the society, either for the simplismo of its proposal professional, either for its transference to the social matters and excellent politics to the community to the same country or for low the qualification of this professional for the substantive dialogue with the users of specialized areas..

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