Customer Service

Now I want to pay the utmost attention to the two most important questions for which contact is made with my company. The direct phone number. Your e-mail. Why? The phone number is how you will monitor telephone and e-mail is the means by which you demonstrate that you can trust. As well Carlos Andres? As we begin this article I said, who supplied the information increases its credibility and power of sale, that is, if this person contact call it Jesus, buy 5 months after the product you sell, but information you supply during that period time through an electronic newsletter by email, I can assure you that Jesus will buy from you and not your competition. Let me give you an example: say you get a single call daily from a person interested in their products and services, after 30 days you have 30 contacts with their phone numbers and emails, we said that 80% of those calls, … but if they bought another company, but you decided to send him an email every 15 days to these people, tips and advice on the benefits of its products to 24 people, every time you have 24 more and register at your list in excel, let’s say the average purchase of that 80% are 5 months, so after 5 months you will have 24 buyers, but in turn will have a list of 120 contacts, not it amazing? Now your content must be of high quality to prepare for that prospect to the time at which this decision is made. .

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