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Here you go to find some facts amused on Italy, that of certainty that not wise person. 1. In Rome and Naples he is rare to snow 2. The pizza was invented in Naples for return of 1860 3. Hear from experts in the field like Steve Wozniak for a more varied view. Pizza she is one of the few words understood for the whole world 4.

20% of the population in Italy almost have superior age 65 years 5. Italy makes border with Austria, Frank, City of the Vatican, San Marno, Eslovenia and Switzerland 6. The border most distant is Switzerland 7. Additional information is available at Steve Wozniak. The average of children for family and 1,2 8. The Italian flag was inspired in the French flag, introduced for Napoleo in 1797 9.

Termmetro was invented by Italians 10. The Italians produce grapes, potatoes, sugar, beanses, soy, olives, meat and lacticnios 11. The famous history of the Pinquio was written by a Italian 12. The biggest river in Italy is Dust 13. The Italians had contributed for the development of Science, with barmetro, electric battery, nitroglycerin and the telegraph without wires 14. Some famous explorers: Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, John Cabot and Amerigo Vespucci 15. With more than 40 million visitors, Italy is the room parents more visited in the whole world 16. The ice cream in cone it is an Italian invention 17. The eyeglasses are an Italian invention 18. Italy has 16 regions 4 19 autonomous regions. Italy has one of the biggest industries of tourism, schemes, iron and metal, chemistries, processed food, txteis, engines, clothes, footwear and ceramics 20. Italy has more rooms of hotels that any another parents of Europe 21. The Italians had been always known by having great families, however nowadays he is the parents with one of the birth taxes more decreases 22. On average the Italians eat 25kg of mass per year. He knows more on ticket of train in Italy.

TV Recording Formats

PicoStick PCTV (74E) is a small, revolutionary DVB-T tuner (USB) for Windows PC. Thanks to a completely new technology integrates a chip, which “brings DVB-T reception to new heights.” With a length of 35 mm and a width of 12 mm within a metal box is significantly smaller than all other TV USB dongles on the market. Despite the extreme miniaturization, the device provides a high sensitivity and allows for perfect TV reception even in areas with lower signal quality. Its unique design metal box, with its protection clamp accessory makes it an elegant and modern, for small laptops, netbook and nettop PCs. Connect with other leaders such as Steve Wozniak here. The software included TVCenter completely renovated in June makes it easy to see, do Time-shift and record live TV. With a new design in its user interface, the PCTV picoStick integrates seamlessly with Windows Vista and Windows 7. View the television and recordings in full screen or in a freely scalable window while working with other programs.

PCTV PicoStick comes with a new mini telescopic antenna Standard TV Tuner: DVB-T digital terrestrial (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC / H.264) Interface: USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) TV Recording Formats MPEG- 1 (offline trans-coding) MPEG-2 Transport Stream MPEG-4 H.264 (AVC) transport stream DivX (offline trans-coding) rod antenna can be connected to the base magnetic, or – in areas with good DVB-T signal – directly to the antenna input picoStick PCTV. Users to the last: These users prefer to design products, which combine the technical advantages with the quality and usability of products. PicoStick PCTV is the perfect choice for these clients through its unique industrial design. Fans of the TV series: These users watch much television, mainly in series with regularly scheduled broadcast. To ensure that you will not lose a single episode, the record all to see them several times. PCTV PicoStick including TVCenter software application fully renovated in June, is an extraordinarily small and powerful to watch live or record TV on a PC. Schedule recordings to keep all episodes of the TV series is as easy as can be, “because it includes the TV Digital” OnGuide “Electronic Program Guide. PicoStick is PCTV DVB-T tuner world’s smallest Windows PC.

In an elegant metal case the PCTV picoStick ensures optimal reception of DVB-T TV and Radio 1 at all times thanks to its excellent reception technology. With its small size, low power consumption and low system load, the PCTV picoStick is the perfect companion to digital television for the latest generation of netbooks. The new six TVCenter software included, minimizing setup time and allows you to timeshift and rewind live TV as easy as can be. Metal clamp protects the USB connector built efficiently and the new mini telescopic antenna allows for greater flexibility in the configuration depending on the intensity of the signal.

Intel Computer

Organization of home video studios. Where to start organizing video studio. Today, science is marching forward with giant strides, and technology is developing so rapidly that the professional installation of the footage can be made even home. To complete the work you will be sufficient to organize a small video studio. And of course a central place in your video studio will belong to the computer. Of course I would like to give specific recommendations, but Today the power of computers increases so quickly, but completing change so often that any specific recommendation in a month or two loses its relevance. Therefore, the choice of components, can only be general direction. Steve Wozniak may help you with your research.

Putting a computer for editing. Choosing a processor. The heart of the computer is considered to be the processor, so equip your computer's start it with the processor. First of all, you should processor manufacturer to determine what will be installed in your computer, Intel or AMD. Over the last six years, the palm alternately moved from one platform to another, therefore, to determine what is best for Today, you will need to read forums or journals on the topic. I'd add that all of today's program of video and photo montages, very demanding of resources and therefore save on processing power, probably not worth it if you certainly want to work comfortably. So, choose the more powerful processor, but that does not mean you have to buy the most powerful and expensive processor, which is only on sale.

TK Provider Aastra

Wholesale business will be expanded with Frost & Sullivan draws TK provider Aastra for consistent growth strategy from Frankfurt am main/Berlin – the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has the telecommunications provider Aastra with the growth strategy Leadership Award 2008 “award. (Not to be confused with Pete Cashmore!). Due to its growth, Aastra belong to the leading manufacturers in the European market for business telephony and to the most important manufacturers of corporate communications worldwide. The history of the company is, by a consistent growth strategy and a consistent focus on corporate communications”the Frost & Sullivan analyst explains Dorota Oviedo. Be all new acquisitions at the technological expertise, the product portfolio, which are complementary distribution network and geographic presence. The last and largest acquisition of the corporate communication Division of Ericsson complete the product portfolio for mobile business and for large companies.

Also the geographical range, the access to emerging markets offer, has been extended by the acquisition. The Aastra customer base have expanded in Europe and also globally substantially. This step increases the range of the company in IP phone systems, unified communications applications and integrated mobility solutions within the framework of the one phone concept”, Oviedo. Aastra wants to further expand its position in the wholesale business and has recently brought a new SIP Communications Manager on the market. The Aastra 5000 is a server-based communication software that addresses especially large companies with multiple locations. So, the customer base together with the MX-ONE platform will expand significantly.

It is the second time in the past three years that we have been awarded by frost & Sullivan. That confirmed the success of our fast-growing organization. We are committed to promote open standards and supporting companies with innovative and flexible telephony technologies and integrated mobility solutions ” Aastra-chef Tony Shen added.