Parquet lacquers – have the best resistance to wear, or everyday language – to wear. They are not resistant to the effects of sun, rain, not willing to strong temperature variations. But in the case of a fall on the floor various household items coating compositions based on such an honor to stand the test. Produced types of parquet lacquers, which are composed of polyurethane resin coating to give elasticity. This addition allows withstand seasonal or age-related strain of the tree and at the same time helps to avoid cracking of the wood surface. Abbreviations used (for domestic varnishes): AC – alkyd, acrylic, AK – polyacrylic, AU – Alkyd-urethane, BT – Bituminous, VA – polyvinyl acetate, GF – glyptal (used to produce primers GF-021), MA – oil, MCH – Urea, NC – nitrocellulose, diluted with solvent 646, PE – polyester, PF – pentaphthalic, SD – Polyurethane, HV – perchlorovinyl, FL – epoxy, EF – epoksiefirnye. In addition, one of the characteristics of a gloss varnish to%.

Gloss varnish has glitter – 80-90%, semi-gloss – 40-50%, 10-15% Honed. Tips: – To cover with varnish floors, which are in use will be subject to heavy load, it is better to use polyurethane varnish. They are more resistant when compared with acrylic or alkyd. – To avoid loss of color and all sorts of troubles related to color the surface, which may occur over time, we recommend you first soak the work surface antiseptic, and other protective compounds before applying the lacquer itself. – The application of additional layers of coating gives better resistance to external influences. So it is better to apply two or three thin coats than one thick.

– The surface, and it is very important to be 100% dry, flat, buffed from grease recommended by the solvent. The surface should be dust and dirt. – For the best quality and smooth coating to use polishing. The first layer of varnish can be sanded grit abrasive sandpaper fine. This will improve the quality of adhesion to subsequent layers. – Remember that many lakes, including two-component, are toxic! Before applying please read the instructions and, if necessary – use personal protective equipment: rubber gloves, respirators and goggles. To varnish and paint in a closed unventilated room is dangerous!

Primaplex Insulation

In older homes, this figure is twice as high. Primaplex plates are used to heat insulation: outside, from the front, inside, from the interior, inside the building envelope (in a layered masonry). In systems with "wet facade "extruded polystyrene are attached to walls or locks glued special glues or pastes that do not destroy the structure of polystyrene. Insulation inside the walls is produced in operated buildings, if you need extra insulation or when the thermal insulation of the facade is problematic. Strength, the correct geometry, ease of installation, low thickness and weight – all these qualities make the plate Primaplex more attractive for domestic use. In a stacked masonry (inside building envelope), the use of plates is preferable than fibrous insulation (rock wool, fiberglass), as they do not bend and do not sag, water-resistant, not deformed by freezing – thawing.

For the benefit of others and their Primaplex advantages mentioned above. In addition, the layered masonry, they can serve as an air and vapor barrier that reduces heat associated with convection air. Thermal insulation of the roof was through the roof there are the greatest heat loss. Well insulated roof provides energy savings throughout the building: it is easier to maintain optimum temperature and humidity conditions in the under-roof space, and therefore can extend the life of roofing and the building. The range of tiles on the roof Primaplex very wide: it can be as flat and pitched roof construction, new buildings and exploited. In the case of insulation plates are stacked old roof on it right – first remove the roof waterproofing or no ties to carry out repairs necessary.

On pitched roofs solve the problem of thermal bridges, which occur when the roof insulation with a soft insulating between the rafters. Finally, Primaplex can be used when constructing roofs of contrails, which used in the creation of pedestrian terraces, "green" roofs, autoparkings. Insulation of underground facilities have already mentioned the possible negative effects of exposure to the construction of frost heave. Their can be prevented or avoided altogether, having insulated underground part of the building. Partially solves the problem of the device under the foundation of sand bags and sand backfill. However, to fully counteract frost heave is not enough – it is necessary to insulate the foundation around the perimeter of the building. The use of expanded polystyrene slabs allows the walls of the underground facility to store heat and provides a constant comfortable temperature in the space under the ground in winter and summer. Warming of the foundation will reduce heat loss, will prevent the walls from condensation, mold and mildew. In the insulated basement rooms without additional heating temperature is maintained +5-10 C. Heat protection by insulation greatly improves durability Primaplex waterproofing membrane that protects the building from the effects of soil water and moisture.

Catering Companies

Most owners of catering invest serious money in their modular equipment industries, which badly needs a new generation of professionals. And the candidates are employed often lack the necessary expertise: in spite of the diploma of a specialized school, beginner sometimes does not know how to approach to the appliance, deep fryer. Prestige chefs in society remains low. If the XVII-XVIII centuries – beginning of XIX the profession in most European countries has been associated with high social status, if at that time the names of the best cooks know the whole country and they were recorded, for example, in France, in the annals of history, over the last century it became popular, private. In Moscow, about 25 culinary schools, which produce annually about 1,500 chefs.

Nevertheless, Most restaurateurs recognize this category of staff the most problematic – good cooks hard to find. So, for example, some restaurants (mostly network) organize intra-system of education. Career ladder chef: Chef – cook foreman – sous chef – chef. But in general, to become a true creative chef, you need to constantly monitor the latest trends and be a fan of eating. As one eminent chef, 'must be curious person, always poking his nose into other people's books and special dishes.

" How elegant and extensive dining menu, the greater the appreciation of the restaurant. Therefore, the position of chef is very popular. In his competencies are not only the purchase of products, technology, cooking and serving dishes. Chef – a creative person, the creator of culinary delights.