Federal Target Programme

Interactive Whiteboard, stylus, ac adapter cable, usb, Wall Mount, software Starboard Software Interactive Whiteboard, 4 markers, Cable usb, software smart Board software Whiteboard, 3 markers, dry eraser, software disc, wall-mounted interactive whiteboard, 2 electronic markers, 2 erasers, markers stand, wall fastening, connecting cables: usb, RS-232 cable (15-20m), drivers, software ACTIVEboard in Russian. Resolution 4096/1000 lpi lines per inch 300/60 4000/1000 lpi lines per inch 300/60 2730/900 lines per inch surface metal metal plastic plastic Metal warranty to 7 years 3 years 3 years 1 year 3 years recommended retail price (depending on model) 56100-92300 rub. 59770-77930 rub. 49950-114700 rub. 73950 rub. 62900-105200 rub. Comparative table demonstrates that interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard have a very wide range, while possessing sufficient affordable price compared to other manufacturers.

In addition, it should be noted that the warranty for educational institutions can extend to 7 years! Agree important factor, especially in light of the Federal Target Programme for the Development of Education. It happens that when transporting Whiteboard InterWrite SchoolBoard, active board surface damage. But despite this seemingly critical damage, the boards often operate on the entire surface, with the exception of a few millimeters around the pierced area. This experience speaks in favor of the manufacturer of interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard, because during training schools and other educational institutions, resistance to such damage is welcome. Interwrite iPanel The range InterWrite SchoolBoard includes not only interactive whiteboards, but the panel Interwrite iPanel, wireless tablet Interwrite Pad, the system operational Knowledge Control Interwrite prs, Interwrite rf, Interwrite Virtual prs, and more. Interwrite Pad studies on the impact of technology on learning has shown that, thanks to interactive whiteboards children are more willing to learn and improve their results. Working with these training equipment and opportunities to develop research discussion in class and they do their homework dynamic. Such equipment school premises does not require special effort in their work.

To select an icon to open the website or move the image, students simply touch the marker board surface. Such a quick and easy access to information makes students think and create new ideas. They can work with geometric figures, to search for necessary information in the network or make a presentation. Also, using a marker that is on a special stand, they can write on the screen in digital ink. Special software Interwrite Workspace software for interactive whiteboards makes working with texts and objects, audio and video materials, Internet resources, take notes directly on top of open documents and save information. In addition to the educational scope, interactive whiteboards are widely used during presentations, meetings and so on. To work effectively in meetings and conferences often require access to shared information. Big Screen Interactive board visible to all participants. Presenter can use your computer, open the application from any other being in the public network, work with the Internet – all actions can be performed directly on the board, not departing from it. Today, interactive equipment is widely used by many Russian companies not only in Moscow but also in the regions. Many training companies and educational centers are already working with interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard. Thanks these devices, the usual meeting rooms are transformed into multimedia classes. Unlimited opportunities for interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard allow constantly finding new ways for their application.

Wooden Windows

In the manufacture of wooden windows of unusual shape is very important material from which it is made. Wood gives much more flexibility in the formation of non-standard windows. pvc profiles are required to consolidate, to make stringent, and in some ways it is simply impossible. Thus, the round window of the tree may have a larger diameter than the plastic window. Forest provides much more opportunities for construction. Of course, the unusual wood windows are made only by special order. This does not mean a long wait – because modern technology allows the windows, which are limited only in accordance with the principles of artistic design windows as the proper stiffness. In modern architecture, you can see an unusual, more than traditional wood windows that give a lot of light into the interior.

These wood windows are also performed on individual orders. Wooden euro-windows are interesting solution for owners of historic buildings. To wooden windows look stylish, they can be divided into several parts with decorative binding. Most Popular decorative cover made of aluminum, and installed inside the glass. The undoubted advantage of such a binder is easy to clean wooden windows. You can also make wooden windows with wood bindings. Hardcover, usually mounted on the outside of the wooden box.

This mimics the binding of the hardness of the design and reduces light penetration. Their drawback is: the difficulty in washing windows. The shape of windows gives the character not just a facade, but also the interior. Fancy wooden windows can be the center around which we base the concept of interior design.

Great Lakes Environmentalists

In Russia will ultradeep ‘burial’ for radioactive waste large amounts of radioactive and highly toxic waste accumulated in Russia today over the past decade. The country has accumulated 560 million tons of waste, of which 400 million tonnes – liquid. Safe storage and isolation of radioactive waste (RW) is a major task for the state. That is why in 2010 in Russia under the Civil Code of Rosatom ‘in the country should be established’ national operator ‘on long-term storage and final disposal of radioactive waste. By 2015, planned to establish a system of near-surface radioactive waste storage facilities, by 2025, all waste must be in an environmentally safe condition. It is planned that the facility will be placed in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, array.

Waste repository will be located at a depth of 1 km, the specification of the object to be formed by 2015. By 2035 in Russia will finally create a geologic isolation of radioactive waste (RW). The U.S. Congress finally ratified the pact on the protection of the Great Lakes Environmentalists say an event of historic proportions took place last week in the U.S In on Tuesday last week, the House of Representatives approved the pact on the protection of water resources of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. The U.S. Senate unanimously expressed support for the document back in August. The White House has already indicated that the bill will be signed by President George W. Bush. Development of the Covenant involved eight government stakeholders in the state.