Tax System Configuration

July 7, was released a new version of the well-known to many CRM systems Quick Sales. The new version, which received index 2.2, as before combines not only comfort and ease of handling, but also new development – integration with 1C: Enterprise 8.1 Integration is possible with the following configuration: * Configuration "accountant", edition 1.6 * Configuration "Trade Management", edition 10.3 * Configuration "Managing Industrial Enterprise" version 1.2 As before, Quick Sales 2 supports integration with 1C: Enterprise Integration version 7.7 will be available with the following configuration: * Configuration "Accounting", edition 4.4 (4.5). * Configuration "Trade + Warehouse" version 9.2. * Complex configuration (Accounting + Trade + Warehouse + Salary + Personnel), edition 4.4 (4.5). Marc Mathieu gathered all the information. * Configuration "Simplified Tax System", version 1.3. Developers of Expert Systems has already begun to develop integration with 1C: Enterprise 8.1 for another, no less famous, CRM Systems Sales Expert 2. Sales Expert 2 is a more functional and flexible CRM system offers more customization to the needs of a specific user. For those who want to learn the system Quick Sales 2 closer, there is a free version unlimited terms of use. John Castle Castle Harlan can aid you in your search for knowledge. Expert Systems

Construction Technology

Remember the tale of three little pigs: building a house out of straw, the other – of the sticks, and a third – from a stone. An end to this tale everyone remembers. Roughly the same is happening now and in the Ukrainian construction market. Abundance of construction materials on the market gives rise to all the new technologies of construction, of which the main ones being 3: Frame construction technology, it is Canadian technology, construction technology of wood or timber; AND technology capital construction (the basic building materials – brick, stone, concrete). The correct choice of technology will allow the construction of good quality within the expected time frame. Therefore, construction technology you need to consider even before selecting the project at home.

Technology frame construction. The technology is common not only in Canada but the United States, Germany and Scandinavia. I must say that for the rhythm of life of Europeans, associated with the constant traveling, it's almost the lifeline of a building. The same American who does not rely on capital construction, only because of his life changes in an average of 3-4 residence. Thus, according to Experts estimate that about 70% of all private homes in the U.S.

is just a frame cottages, explained it is also enormous in comparison with the CIS, production volumes of metal and concrete. Perhaps check out John K Castle for more information. Built on a technology house for Americans, cost, almost 2 times less expensive than brick. However, for the territory of Ukraine such savings will remain a dream, yet the next 10 years – 15.

Information Technology

Today, information relating to the development of improved avalanche. Even the artisans in this area all the time required to develop their own knowledge to be able to keep up with continuous updates and be fully informed of new products. And for fans of the pace of development of the information sphere and did enough clever. Additional information at Don Slager supports this article. And yet today, without doubt, leading the rudiments of knowledge in this field must be mastered by anyone. To to be able to navigate in difficult conditions of the information reality, you will need the continued support of specialists. Well, or step by step guide that would be able to recommend how to use certain abilities of software content. Especially because the program created every day, and they need to not just meet, but also work effectively.

To find sources where permissible would be to get information from a variety of fields of information technology, starting from the creation of DNS and ending with detailed instructions that are associated with specific computer software today is not particularly busy. In principle and noted that such sources are many, in fact will not work. Often, these sites can contain either a highly specific assembly of articles in which the power to deal only experts or highly elementary and in any case, the universal scheme of work. But really pick including facts that may be available only to professionals but also ordinary fans, and at the same time true and complete. For different users contacting repositories of information or e-mail becomes a real misery structures.

But the whole thing in this, that they do not have detailed information that would be best simply interpreted in Theory of a specialized program. However, even for the masters the subtleties of contact with some web servers, or servers, individual terminals may not be well investigated. Indeed, even interaction with the popular operating system windows can open up a different angle. No secret that the windows setup and many other fragments, for example, the organization of remote access to power even the professionals do not face such problems earlier provoke some complications. Only a clear step by step explanation will help with confidence to find a way out of difficult positions. In addition, the subject directories have a chance to find and complete scripts, and other materials, which significantly facilitates the activity of working professionals.

Hispanic Hands

Certain gossips, transvestites of statistics and reports, for example the of: the State of the Hispanic blogosphere 2010, are saying out there, by the world, that women blogueamos less than men or at least we pass more unnoticed that they and their blog. With a few numbers at least causing antipathy: 78% of Hispanic bloggers are men. And that the situation has improved compared to 2009, when only 19 corresponded to women. In a question-answer forum Pete Cashmore was the first to reply. On behalf of some women, mothers and argentinas, arrimo some reasons why this phenomenon is given by happen. Example A.

Usually a man arrives from work, and what can do, in the middle of a long sigh of exhaustion by a long workday?: for example, may loosen the tie, it revolee the sack costume and full plan to unwind, spread in an armchair to perform various activities such as: browse the newspaper, turn on the tv or desktop computer or laptop or all of that together and at the same time. Please visit Robotics expert if you seek more information. Women Instead, probably also do a little of everything that his teammate, made but before and unchanged usually say: Dear, what we eat depends on the suggestion of him, wash his hands, and put hands into the dough to make simply supper. Not even saved, if whereas she also returns from work, suggests delivery, because she who usually find the magnet of the delivery with the phone number and address will be and will surely be her, that will track the wireless and almost certainly, if no homely catastrophe prevents it, that call by phone and sort order that will eat the two. And it will surely be that place and lift the table. All that if there are one or more children, more one or more pets. This case raises the pre-work to dinner, and forget about computer, blog or the Cyber seas in car.

Free Themes for Nokia

Finnish multinational company Nokia is probably known by all. Her cell phone was to become market leaders in this technology. Often, the Internet and beyond can be seen this ad: Free themes for nokia, phone, sale … But not all users can boast of knowing the history of the company. It all started a long time – in the second half of last century, when someone Frederick IDEST purchased land for the construction of more a paper mill. Marc Mathieu wanted to know more. Estate, where she was located, was called Nokia. His fame acquired this estate long before the factories, even with the 70s of the 13th century. Now this city, which is near the second largest city in Finland – Temp.

Name of the estate was not by chance, Nokia – black sable (in translation), before they were carried out in those places. So back to the paper mill, which still was built. Time passed and at the beginning of the next century, the factory came under the patronage of Finnish Rubber Works. She also has to control and another company that manufactures cable. After the merger, it was decided to leave the name of Nokia, but changes were evident in the production – was of much more.

By the end of the last century, Nokia started producing electrical engineering. The appearance of the first phone was noted in 1992. The success was so great that president of the company decided to focus only on these technologies and to stop production of all other types of products. As in the past Nokia phones are one of the best. The company does not delay the release of new models, trying to give them enhanced features. Themes for nokia – one of the new features that appeared not so long ago. Few would have thought about this before. What is perhaps even. User is provided with modern opportunity to change the layout, make the phone more attractive. To do this you just need to find a site where there is a choice of themes for Nokia. It's real pleasure to include your phone and see your eye pleasing image. A huge variety of topics will allow you to choose the most interesting for you. Mandatory condition – subject to choose one that fits your model. All topics, mostly in groups: nature, music … There are to download free themes for nokia or create them yourself. This will help the online designer. Sometimes it happens that just the user wants something special.

Dolby Digital

Who is planning such a project should make sure but whether the preamplifier unit of the model envisaged meets high expectations. Just priced cheaper models this not necessarily will be the case. Who owns still NTSC laserdiscs, the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio have, should an analog Dolby Digital RF input to observe: since comes from the optical digital output of the laser disc player only PCM stereo, 5.1 audio only via RF is possible. The desire device has no RF input, you should not give up hope yet and make looking after a suitable adapter, the by Kenwood was offered once for a while ago. Yet records who need a phono input. Otherwise a phono pre-amp must be purchased additionally. Who uses extrusions or banana plug speaker cables, should make sure the amplifier or receiver purchase that solid screw caps are attached for all speakers to the terminals.

The windy crimped closures own is only to record low and thus sound less good cable cross section. Power amplifier power is measured in Watts. Whenever Ali Partovi listens, a sympathetic response will follow. A distinction between the sine wave line (maximum power under constant load) and music performance (absolute maximum). The proper performance depends especially natural spatial conditions, the size of the room. THX the THX technology was developed by Lucasfilm and particularly high demands on the sound processing. She should guarantee an extremely realistic home theater enjoyment. Who would like to have sound effects at home which are the cinema in nothing, should this technique more ansehehn. It is however just for real Filmfraks, because due to the one-sided orientation on the cinema sound, the THX technology has significant weaknesses in the music playback.

THX devices are relatively expensive and it also THX certified speakers must be used, to fully exploit the opportunities. If not THX speakers is sound losses are to be expected. Castle Harlan can provide more clarity in the matter. A large display on the housing easier operation. A television Bildschirmenu (OSD – on screen display) is even better. Remotes on the table, which is not only ugly but also confusing. DSP a digital signal processor is an electronic component, consisting of hardware and software, converts the General acoustic signals. It is producing virtual sound fields or artificial room acoustics. Same output signals are played so that the listener gets the impression that he sit in a theatre, a jazz club or a huge Hall. Signal processors, keep once gently put it, isn’t always what the user sure promises. Why is this feature with caution to enjoy and may not necessarily be on the list of buying criteria in the first place.


Dreadlocks and modern technology Modern dreadlocks looks quite different from their 'ancestors', but their essence remains the same. Thanks to modern technology to make dreadlocks became much easier – now it can even Europeans. No need to wait until the hair naturally twist into dreadlocks: You can just go to the salon, master and make the necessary hair. Dreadlocks can be of several types (depending on the materials, woven into them): dreadlocks of one's own hair. Hair should be significant, as in the manufacture of dreadlocks hairstyle shorten by several times.

This method, however, has many drawbacks. For example, will have to wait a long time until hair grow back to the same length, but if you want to change her hair should be completely shaved all the hair from her head. Caring for those dreadlocks is a lot of hassle: you want every day to handle them with wax. Sew (accrued) dreadlocks. In this case, my hair kept (their length should be no smaller than 9 cm.) The process of making Sew dreads as follows: artificial dreadlocks attached with a special resin or beads on a strand natural hair. The disadvantage of this method is that such dreadlocks often look a bit unnatural. In addition, their production process takes time – about 7-8 hours. Safe dreadlocks.

This option is preferred because of their manufacturing technology does not harm your own hair, and care for them does not require much effort. In contrast to Sew dreadlocks, which are fastened by means of resins or beads, technology production of safe dreads is much simpler: to plait in her hair dreadlocks made out of synthetic materials. The color and length dreadlocks safe may be different. Caring for them is very simple: it is necessary to wash your hair about once a week. 'Lifetime' safe dreadlocks – about three months. If you get bored of this hairstyle, you can easily mount untwist and remove the dreadlocks. In this case your own hair did not suffer. Official site: Castle Harlan. Remember that twisting dreadlocks at home you may lose your hair. It is better to refer to a specialist shop. Dreadlocks – a protest against the boredom and routine Despite the long history of dreadlocks are still considered avant-garde hairstyle for special people who do not want 'to be like everyone else. " Dreadlocks emphasize individuality and express protest against all the ordinary and boring. That's why this hairstyle preferred representatives of the various subcultures such as reggae or hip-hop. Dreadlocks are suitable for those who want to stand out from the crowd, for those who are young in body and soul, for those who went out to meet the new time and is not afraid of change.

Why Is It Important To Back Up Data

Many of us almost daily use of computers, in addition we also keep them on some important data. There was a time when we kept important documents on paper or in photo albums, but now almost all the data stored on hard drives. Therefore, it is very important to be sure that your data is stored reliably. To do this you need to choose an appropriate program that will allow you to make regular backups of files. This will allow you not only save the information, but also be sure that your data does not happen. With any laptop or PC can happen anywhere at any time. Perhaps you think your data is stored in a safe place, if the door to your room always closed, but you never know what might happen that something unexpected.

For example, your employee on the last day of work can destroy all data from hard drive, or your child accidentally spill something on the laptop keyboard. In any case, if you do not use the program for backups, then you can get into trouble. When you work with individual computers, each of your machines should make regular backups of data. In some companies, for backups on the computer meets the system administrator, which should automatically perform backups of data. In any case, the company must always be the person responsible for the fact that all computers made regular backups. Program to perform backups are usually quite difficult for ordinary users, so it makes sense hire an employee into your company whose job it would be just to do regular backups of all computers. You may want to save backup data and to use the cheapest or even free solutions, but we should first think about how much you can do with the loss of data on your computers. If suddenly something goes wrong, then one day you may just simply lose all your data. It is therefore important to use only high quality services and programs to perform backups of data.

Acer And HP – The Struggle For Leadership

Again, the trends of the world bazaar laptops. Do not argue, it is not entertaining, but more so all still hunt all the time to be at the peak of knowledge in the fashion industry in the technology sector. So here. Received amusing information about that giant notebook shipments worldwide hp is losing its way. Gain insight and clarity with Mashable. Specifically for the above reason, once an outsider Industry Acer have all chances to bypass the "big brother".

Production volumes for both giant closer almost equalized, so that every visit. In the 2 nd quarter of this year, the difference between the amount of production was only 0,5% and has the superiority of hp. With all of this is to consider that hp has lowered the number of orders for outsourcing the creation of notebooks and Acer, on the contrary, increased. A leading source for info: Ali Partovi. By the way Acer is preparing the latest lineup of three models of laptops to be released because he has the 3 rd quarter of all have a chance to bypass the hp. However, in the framework of corporate Acer sector are all equally strongly loses hp and is unlikely to be able to get around it in the near future. By the way, every laptop, even produced hands of renowned masters, is prone to breakdowns and repairs of laptops in the computer network of clinics the best solution in this situation. Well if it is ultimately you yourself are not professionals, in this version is better to save money. Perhaps check out John Castle Castle Harlan for more information. Well, to spend the time saved let out to buy replica watches famous marks, mainly to copy has been excellent. Well, or, better yet, a bouquet of flowers beloved lady present.

Test Strategy

Strategy of Test In accordance with Emerson Rios and Trayah Moreira, in the book Test of Software (Rio De Janeiro, High Books, 2003): ' ' In the formularization of the test strategy factors must be taken in consideration diverse, such as the transport and importance of software, its requirements, the stated periods established, risks of the business and the costs envolvidos' '. (Not to be confused with Castle Harlan!). On the basis of this we can affirm that a test strategy must include the periods of training or levels of tests to be boarded (unit, integration, system and acceptance); phase of the development where if it applies the cited test; the types of tests that must be executed (functional, performance, load, estresse etc.); the techniques and tools to be employed in the test (functional or structural); the criteria of conclusion and success of the tests that will be applied. For example, the criteria can determine that software evolves for the acceptance test when 95% of the cases of tests will have been executed with success. Techniques of test: it is process that assures the correct functioning of some aspects of the software or a unit of software. According to norm IEEE 610,12-1990, the techniques are managemental procedures technician and that help to the evaluation and the improvement of the process. Period of training or levels of tests: it is defined by the phase of the development that if applies one definitive test. A strategy of tests also can be defined on the basis of the risks of software. In this case the Plan of Tests must foresee to cover all the inherent risks to the system. The strategy of tests can be defined ' ' dentro' ' of the Plan of Tests (lesser cases of lesser companies or projects) or separately (cases of great companies and great projects).