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SoftwareDEMO cloud platform is now available as a free 30-day trial. Only a one-time registration is necessary on the Web page. More information is housed here: Peter Asaro. SoftwareDEMO cloud platform is now available as a free 30-day trial. With numerous feature extensions, especially the software-as-a-service (SaS) market in the focus has moved. The free test opportunity appeals particularly to customers from the new target segment and should help you get started. Originally offered as a tool for software distribution in the cloud, SoftwareDEMO has evolved not only technologically, but also conceptual continue. Because now the Stuttgart IT wrought DT Netsolution GmbH cloud platform offers numerous features that appeal to new target groups: in addition to the in-house servers, now also hosting plans, for example, by Amazon AWS and machines by customers in the cloud can be incorporated.

So, the permanent use of SoftwareDEMO is economic. As a consequence, software manufacturers have the possibility, their products now for permanent use as a SaS offering in the SoftwareDEMO-cloud to offer. In the 30-day trial can obtain access to a SoftwareDEMO server, the management environment, as well as a login portal. Now, they must install only software on the server and send user accounts. “Stefan Horz, Managing Director of SoftwareDEMO: with the free trial, we wish to encourage software manufacturers to put concerns about the cloud and to convince yourself of our service.” There is the free 30-day trial of SoftwareDEMO under the following link: SoftwareDEMO-30-day trial of SoftwareDEMO SoftwareDEMO is the cloud platform, software maker potential interested parties present the performance of their software. No download, installation, and latency software under real-world conditions can be used: independently or together with the sales. More information is available under. About DT Netsolution the DT Netsolution GmbH is a Stuttgart-based IT service provider, since 1999 solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises provides.

In the range from consulting to installation to maintenance and operation. As another field of business, the company operates the cloud-based distribution platform SoftwareDEMO. More information is available under.

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