Partisil HPLC

HPLC Saulenkonfigurator provides needs-based services and analysis facilitated comparisons between different manufacturers / old man builds online shop and team from the company of old man has taken a new and bigger quarters in Munich analysis. Thanks to the larger camp, customers can be supplied with HPLC quickly columns. The 2012 introduced HPLC Saulenkonfigurator enables quick and easy to find and compare more than 50,000 offered HPLC columns. The latest service of by old man analysis from Munich has already helped numerous customers to time and cost savings: the HPLC Saulenkonfigurator Analytics shop allows quick compare and find the HPLC columns. Within a few seconds, you can find columns from more than 20 manufacturers now about 50,000 HPLC and UHPLC and compare. The customer specifies only the column material or the USP regulations and all matching columns are displayed. It is not easy in the jungle of HPLC to get columns.

Each manufacturer recommends a different column and the prices vary greatly. With the Saulenkonfigurator you can quickly compare the prices, and must not only requests from various manufacturers. If there is then technical questions to the HPLC columns, our chromatography experts help personally”CEO Tobias Thelen performs. For the first time a manufacturer-independent comparison of HPLC makes possible column of Lichrospher materials Partisil, Kromasil, Xterra, Zorbax and many more. All common pillar manufacturer of Agilent Technologies about Merck and Thermo Fisher to waters are included. In addition, a low-cost and also high-quality alternative is offered with its own brand of old man.

The Saulenkonfigurator is of course free of charge and without obligation under hplc-saeulenkonfigurator.html can be used. Video Guide to the HPLC Saulenkonfigurator: to meet the growing demand, the company of old man has a new analysis to the 01.04.2013 and involved larger quarters in the Rupert-Mayer-Strasse 46 in Munich located just a few minutes from the old location. At the new premises of the independent dealer has created not only a larger warehouse in the House, but also the conditions for further growth for instrumental analysis in the coming years. The spatial and technical conditions have been created in the building complex to provide best solutions and products the customers with optimised processes.

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