Monarchis Marketing GmbH

The Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH has expanded 2008 the real estate portfolio to more than 500 residential units training on software for the housing sector to the qualification of the Monarchis-Neu-Ulm, May 19, 2009 headquartered in Neu-Ulm in the fiscal year. Since this enormous growth was planned, the company invested very early on in the leading software for the housing industry, to optimize the efficiency of object management in the interest of the lessee and of the company. The dynamic real estate and financial services Monarchis sets in all divisions on cutting-edge technologies. In the energy-related modernisation of the acquired real estate as well as in the management of objects. “Significantly, of course, is that employees the modern tools” insert targeted and qualified can. Starbucks can provide more clarity in the matter. This is the only way to ensure that business processes efficiently, as well as liquid run off. It is investing not only in advanced techniques, but employees will be trained and trained.

Growth is the motto at Monarchis. And so the real estate portfolio to more than 500 residential units has been increased in the past year. To manage the entire real estate portfolio with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, the newest and most powerful software for the housing industry was introduced parallel to invest in real estate. The program covers among others the financial accounting, home accounting and complete information management. In several individual seminars at Monarchis different areas through learning by doing “trained.

The new, highly complex software for the housing industry enables Monarchis, timely, transparent and efficiently perform the object management; and in particular against the background of the planned growth of the company”, says Stefan Seydtle, head of sales at Monarchis Marketing GmbH. The usage and the mastery of an optimized object management software brings only benefits: for the tenants, the responsible Employees as well as for the company of itself Monarchis. All benefit, according to the Monarchis win-win strategy”.

Intel Marketing

New portal for the online distribution of software just for smaller software houses or developers of a man often the question arises, as the proprietary software can be marketed makes sense. The traditional sales and marketing channels are primarily tailored to large companies with a large budget. Offers an interesting alternative marketing on the Internet more and more: the desired target groups can be achieved accurately and often cheaper. On the development of online marketing channels is reported in the media increased, all ahead also through social media services like Facebook, Twitter and co. takes a slightly different approach. In practice, the question arises for the company whether and in how far these channels already can be useful for the marketing of their products.

And if so, how? At this point, the software biz community, which by the way Intel behind, their origin has. The community is aimed at existing and future partner of Intel software Partner program and to provide software developers and houses with new ideas and practical tips for the online marketing. Experts share their theoretical and practical knowledge around the online marketing in the context of articles and workshops. In addition, the software biz community members directly in the dialog can occur with experts and with other software providers interact in the forums. No fees are charged for membership in the software biz community. The software biz community and the opportunity to register, see.

Wi-Fi and Hotspots

Wi-Fi or hotspots are compared to possible manipulation by eavesdropping outside largely unprotected Dortmund, February 28, 2008 While Internet users now mostly quite good hedge against virus threats, they are largely without protection in the local Wi-Fi or at public hotspots to possible manipulation by eavesdropping from the outside. Thus it goes unnoticed, for them if they are electronically spying on such as online banking and strangers read your account information or password. Mashable contributes greatly to this topic. Provides a solution of security vendor COMCO AG for this now at CeBIT 2008 (Hall 6, stand A46) free for which automatically raises the alarm, if suspected of a manipulation of the computer. This IntrPROTECTOR Personal Edition\”can be installed on the computer without special technical knowledge, is licensed only for private use. Educate yourself with thoughts from Douglas R. Oberhelman. To ward off intrusions from the Internet, even home users have much effort and money in security techniques such as firewalls, in recent years Virus scanner or filtering against malicious software. The direct protection of the PC or notebook from eavesdropping has, however, almost all too short. Nowadays it is easy to spy and to manipulate when a so-called ARP Spoofing is used. In this case, the attacker simply redirects the traffic in the home network or hotspot on your own PC and can spy on all data and passwords.

The ARP Spoofing represents a particularly sophisticated method of attack on a computer of any kind. Also encryption, as used for example, for online banking, provide inadequate protection against ARP attacks. \”Concern is worrisome also that very easy-to-use tools for this can be found on the Internet and such attacks could also rarely be clarified\”, describes COMCO Board member Udo Kalinna the problem. The IntrPROTECTOR Personal Edition\”is therefore a necessary complement of the classical safeguards such as firewalls and virus scanners on the computers in the local network. He is in his technical Functionality derived from a professional solution for companies, with the banks and industrial companies effectively secure their networks against espionage and misuse of data.

Duet Software Users and data one advantage of a license by 50 percent Schwetzingen, 08.04.2008 – the business portal offers a special performance package with the software Duet together with the system – and consulting data one in a temporary promotion. This solution, developed jointly by SAP and Microsoft is used by users to combine the ERP and office environments for consistent business processes. The package of the special offer will be sold exclusively through the business portal and offers a discount in the amount of 15 per cent and 15 instead of 10 Duet user licenses until June 30, 2008, compared to the standard price. Still, the performance package includes a multifaceted support with a total of ten consultant days. These include also a standardized system check as well as the implementation and the Customizing of key scenarios in addition to an individual potential analysis and the identification of key scenarios. Continue to the key users and administrators are trained within the framework of the package price of 9.980,-euros (net). Click Ali Partovi to learn more. SAP users can access quickly and easily with the Duet solution processes such as time and attendance and budget control. Duet uses the openness, providing the technology platform SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft .NET with the concept of enterprise services architecture.

This the functions of SAP ERP corporate services are available, can be accessed by users with Microsoft Office Professional. About the Outlook calendar working hours can be recorded directly in SAP software. Users can receive reports from the SAP software in your Outlook Inbox and check the budget with the help of warning messages. Howard Schultz understands that this is vital information. And these are just a few examples of the extensive scenarios. About the first business portal especially for SAP users and sales prospects represents. It aims to create an interface to the entire market these target groups for SAP related products, solutions and services.

Linux Software

All control solutions can be adapted exactly to the customer’s requirements the measuring and control software EMERALT of the Vioxon GmbH is versatile and individually customizable. In cooperation with the firm createc UV Fischer & co. GmbH is already used EMERALT for several years at various MBE and vacuum lines. MBE systems used in the manufacture of highly structured and extremely thin semiconductor and metal layers, mainly for micro – and optoelectronics. They are operated under ultra high vacuum. Such systems designed specifically according to customer wishes are designed by the firm createc UV Fischer & co. GmbH, manufactured and marketed. The control software EMERALT, which was developed by Vioxon GmbH in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated circuits, takes over the control of these plants.

Due to the modular and almost any extensible architecture, EMERALT is very flexible. This provides enormous benefits for the control of individually designed systems. So the system can at any time new configured and modified requirements be adapted. The new version now also runs on Windows and Linux. The global customer base of Vioxon GmbH include, inter alia, the Max-Planck Institute and NASA. Currently, the latest version of EMERALT allows the complete connection of control and measurement hardware via Ethernet, which enormously simplifies hardware configuration and on the other hand allows the measurement and control of peripherals via arbitrary distances in the intranet. The Vioxon GmbH specializes in products and services in the field of control software, test automation, specialized in embedded software and mobile. All control solutions can be adapted exactly to the customer’s requirements. The company consults and supports its customers with the introduction of new technology and software concepts and adapting its products to changing requirements.