Therefore, God must solve, or – or … Either a standard plan with: – antre graduates – speech headmaster and chairman of the parent committee – the presentation of certificates, – short response, and alumni – a small concert in honor of teachers – a festive meal with a lead – contests, jokes, toasts and dance program or a very well thought out, coordinated and rehearsed theme script. But I repeat, thoughtful agreed with all the kids, their parents and teachers, and most importantly rehearsed! If you say, because of lack of time, fails to give enough time rehearsing the prom – Theme from a script should be abandoned and resort to the tried the classic version. However, no one forbids you to try a few basic program to diversify the classic scenario. It's about the ceremony certificates, ie, actually the most important part of prom. We can advise you to hold it in the form of a classical ceremony: The material for the story line can be any, famous for the ceremony: presentation of 'Oscars' to 'Nicky', except for those activities which require the commission of some competitive action to fight for the award.

Graduates, and graduates because their school is over the merits and should not be force them to demonstrate their skills, intellect and acumen in a competitive manner. Presentation of certificates – an assessment of their past services. So, I repeat, the basis for the plot can be any popular and well over famous awards ceremony. What is its value and benefit? And the fact that it is ceremony – a member of the nominations! But the nomination gives you great scope for imagination and adapt their content to your circumstances. In subjects nominations – should reflect all the individual characteristics of children, their talents, skills, external and intelligent features. The boundaries of your imagination and fantasy Lead your prom, and most importantly the children – graduates – not limited by anything and anyone.

Tip: just give them a job to think about it, and we promise you a week later you have collected so bountiful harvest of creativity that you have to think long about what to leave out of an invented, and that appropriate. Agree, all is very simple to do. For this scenario, you will need: 1. determine the number of nominations is desirable that their number corresponded to the number of certificates entrust, after all Each child has their own individual traits, and there is something for which he deserves praise. 2. to each category to come up with an ingenious accompaniment (optional verse) There must be a hint at recognizable by certain features of the person or situations … 3. may add to their certificates granted to – a small gift to the characteristic 4. nomination can be established for teachers, but not according to their character traits, and taught by their subject matter. To do this, just know – from teachers who will attend the ceremony – none of them should not be left without a gift. All, nothing more is needed. Agree – it is very, very simple. Maybe this storyline and will not show you the most original and creative script for prom, but it allows you, if necessary, to organize their own very interesting, beautiful and cheerful holiday. You'll see comments to the nominations themselves and the individual graduates, have earned them – for the rest of the evening will be the subject of discussion, laughter, joy and fun that will enable you to make a fresh and individual holiday hell in your Graduation!

Tula Region

Leafing through a photo album, you discover with disappointment that most exotic countries in subjection, and souvenirs of the most outlandish places on earth littered the entire house Travel to exotic countries have long ceased to be a rarity. Costly pereelety, hotels and beaches every year lose their appeal. What to do? Should just remember that new – it is well forgotten old. That the Slavic soul will have to taste, if not the Tula spaces? About features of the traditional Russian territory and will be discussed. If you naively believe that the Thule is not surprising, I can assure: You're wrong.

In Tula, you will find wonderful gifts that will please you better than overseas. Therefore, starting in Tula, leave, guided by popular wisdom, a samovar houses and throw your guide. Tulu is necessary to understand and feel the same way as the enigmatic Slavic soul. Traveling to Thule You can hardly do without the trips. You will certainly be offered to visit the Tula Kremlin, the ancient Orthodox churches and many museums. This possibility was disregarded blasphemy.

But if you are not limited time frame, try to try to learn Tulu independently and at the same time, buy souvenirs worth. It is no secret that the Tula and the samovar – inseparable concepts. Although the prototype samovar was invented and not in Russia but vodogreva use, as is known, caught on well. "What Russian does not love " – you hear. Walking through the Thule, you do not come to mind to add "drive fast".

Vocal Apparatus

And finding a location of your vocal apparatus, it is necessary to remember. This is best done, if we compare the same sound in Russian. What is the difference, remember its a new experience. That's right, the feeling! I advise you not to look in the mirror, as do foreign language teachers in the classroom at the school, as there should be nothing to make out, all this passed. And remember their own feelings. So to speak, try English 'to taste'.

And most importantly – bring the process to automatism, to make these familiar sensations! Exactly the same easy and familiar, such as those you notice when spoken in Russian. Armed with the above principle, you will begin to take a closer listen to speakers, all of these sounds play in words. How long before you would not 'dancing' Russian-speaking teacher English, with its emphasis Ryazan (sorry, dear), trying to tell you how to correctly pronounce a particular sound, you still did not get anywhere until you hear this Englishman or American. Our ear in a position to capture the subtle nuances of intonation. We know each other from their voices. So do not tell lies to myself that you will not get! You simply justify their weakness. No, not laziness, but it is weakness that is actually can be easily overcome. Laziness – a wonderful thing, because through it, for example, was the invention of the telephone and the Internet, and much more. Our say There is another important point.