The Uniqueness

Features: Creating and / or editing information about the mail in accordance with requirements of the mail (check for correct zip code and the ability to deliver checks are mind and categories of items, the allowable weight, cash on delivery, etc.). The formation of a unique e-mail identifier for each registered mail in accordance with the requirements of the mail. Automatic billing of items, including combined delivery. Creating a list of forms 103 in email form in accordance with the mail. Print the documentation for partionnoy mail: f.103, f.16, f.117, f.113, f.116, f.10, f.7 label, envelopes, etc. Maintaining a database on the administration with the possibility of establishing grades on the passage of mail and other technological heights.

Import comments and error handling information on the administration of on-site postal services, as well as display the results of processing in visual form. 4. Control and treatment Data partionnyh items – used in the postal communication objects and is intended for control and data coming into a form 103 in electronic form. Features: Import and processing of these lists f.103, automatic control of the pricing of items list, including automatic conversion of the combined air and shipping. Verifying that the addresses and the destination of the index items, control of the uniqueness and correctness of the e-mail ID. Storage and use of information on partionnoy mail for control and accounting problems, tracing of postal items, as well as reporting, implementation of the search items in the database on the specified parameters, as well as maintaining a register of clients.

What Is A Driver And Where Do They Come ?

This article is intended for people who are interested in how it is actually put together and why. Today we will speak about the drivers. Many years ago, when the trees were large, computers have been monolithic, ie were performed technically on the same board. Imagine a box that is mounted multiple cards with chips, capacitors, transformers. All this is interwoven pile of wires. Such machines are commercially produced and not upgradeable subject, for this they had to solder and know how it's not all. Software for these computers were produced separately by each model: each program knew exactly which computer with which instruction set it will be performed. Ie if the program had to call the sound – it generated the interrupt, the processor to transmit data and audio device sound played.

While the concept in its infancy about the operating system, its modern sense. This situation changed dramatically with the advent of the IBM-compatible computers. For those who do not know, the main 'feature' of this architecture is that the computer turns into a kind of designer. Devices structurally bred for different cards, developed interfaces to communicate with each device. It is at this stage, a notion of 'device' in its modern sense.

Appear processor motherboard, sound card, video card, disk drive. A computer trying to make as simple to build and upgrade, everything seems simple and logical … BUT! What about software? From the program, running on that computer will recognize the device with which it works? Maybe your computer is a powerful graphics card, but can the simplest? Suppose we are writing a text editor.

Media Player

Unsuspecting users. Microsoft spying on you. Snow Queen, Kai stole naive and watching his every move. A Microsoft keeps track of all events place on a computer running Windows. And the corporation does not deny that receives information from its users on the system, and it may look like an attempt to spy on them and even keep them under control. At first glance, this seems true: The user must verify the license of your system on the Internet; Windows, taking advantage of permissiveness that scans the data and sends them to the server Microsoft; Internet Explorer in its sole discretion, adjust the Web page; Media Player sends the name of the corporation playable songs. But on closer inspection it becomes clear that such behavior in the case of software – a usual thing.

Authentication is Almost any commercial software. Yes, and lists of music albums captures not only Windows: Apple iTunes and his did exactly the same, a Google passionate interest queries that users type into the search box. For example, if program was completed correctly, Windows sends Microsoft an error report, including information about installed programs and drivers. It would seem, Microsoft should not deal with what programs the user installs on your computer. On the other hand, just so the developer can optimize your system by user requests. If you do not trust Windows, you'll find in the person of Vispa and XP-antispy advocates who will keep an interesting system in check. From time to Time to clean the hard disk from temporary files: it not only care about the purity of the system, but also guarantee the security of your data.