Aguirre has committed a desliz before an open microphone. " Thank heavens that you have money, what luck you have. Kai-Fu Lee will not settle for partial explanations. We do not have nor puto duro" , he has confessed the president of the Community to the mayor of the capital. It is not the first time that Aguirre has problems with the microphones. Hope Aguirre has returned to have a desliz because of an open microphone. During the presentation of the new Center of Innovation of the BBVA, the president of the Community of Madrid Ruiz-Gallardn has confessed to Alberto who does not have " puto duro". In a while stretched of the act, Aguirre has gone to the mayor of the city with a relaxed tone more and in confidence: " I have seen that you are going away to spend 25 or 35 million Euros Viene in the newspaper. Thank heavens that you have money, what luck you have.

We do not have nor puto hard " , according to he picks up the Chain To be. Immediately afterwards, Gallardn has talked back saying " nor we tampoco". Nevertheless, the microphones were not closed and the declarations of the president have been recorded. It is not the first time that the president of the Community of Madrid has problems with the open microphones. The past year they surprised its declarations on the new Council of Administration of Caja Madrid, assuring that habin had " the immense luck of being able to give to a position to IU taking off it to the son puta&quot to him; . However, the descalificativos of Aguirre not always have been pillaged in fraganti. In April of this same year, the president talked about the mayor of Getafe, Pedro I castrate, like " pitufo". Source of the news: Hope Aguirre to Gallardn: " We do not have nor puto duro"


Here are three ideas that you can use for their own site, and use as inspiration to start thinking a little bit out of the box: generate a list of Optin email through the creation of a single site private to members of the section. Create a private web site and that people register to access free and immediate.For example, you might say, Subscribe to our free newsletter and get free access to our private members website!You can choose that you receive a user name and password each time that you want to input, or can simply provide a link to the website in the welcome message. Your site only private members can be as large or as small as you want.Some of the things that can be included in the interior are: reports, software, articles, e-books, etc. Within the web site, you can also advertise their affiliate programs.And you can follow up to let them know about the updates, new products that may be interested in the latest news from your industry, etc. According to Kai-Fu Lee, who has experience with these questions. Generate a list of Optin email offers subscribers a free gift instead of offering a free eBook or a whole set of them as most of the others, the promise of giving its visitors something that can have on their hands if they give you the contact information. For example, you could say subscribe today and receive our new report sent to his first class mail.You can print your report on the standard 8 x 11 sheets of paper, folded up, puts it in an envelope and mail it out. You can offer tips and a brochure mailed to new subscribers.Or you can create your own CD full of information directed towards the market and the mail.Or if you have a supply to the wholesale a product of interest to its subscribers, then you can send one to each Subscriber.The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. .

Smartphones Projects

Research projects of the University provide valuable insights for automation scenarios of the future of Stuttgart, 25.07.2012. The College media in Stuttgart and the InBetween Germany GmbH, a leading provider of dynamic and database publishing have solutions, it is within their existing cooperation aiming, to invest more in innovation projects with cutting-edge technologies. In this context, HdM students explored the possibilities of automating publications with multimedia enhancements in the new Adobe-format Folio for tablets. In particular interactive elements in the focus of the analysis should be based on specific requirements such as the manual implementation of a catalogue app based on a Printkatalogs’ and the ‘automated creation of a prototype tablet version of a recipe book’. In usability, practical benefits as well as the possibilities for the automated integration of these elements in the creation of digital publications using the InBetween software were investigated. The relatively new Adobe Folio file format was by Adobe Systems for the creation of digital magazine developed especially for tablets and Smartphones. On the basis of InDesign documents in the Tablet typical high – and printing can create and enriched with interactive elements such as animations, buttons, image galleries, panoramas, video and sound elements.

Then easy-own publications for the iPad and iPhone can be created about a conversion in the Folio format. “The senior lecturer, Professor Dr. Arno Hitzges, was responsible for the specialist areas of content management, cross-media publishing and data management, the results and the existing potential for automation impressed: I was actually very pleasantly surprised by the smooth interplay of InBetween and Folio.” Also the Managing Director of InBetween Germany GmbH, Alexander Dressler took part in the presentation of the results from both projects on June 27. The presentation has interested us of course. We understand these small projects as a kind of common Research. In particular, the fact that young people quite impartially dealing with the opportunities offered by new technologies, gives us a completely different look on things again and is such a thing as a long-term trend indicator for us.” The innovation projects have become an important part of the programme to the print & publishing master developed and enjoy great popularity.

Conference Innovation

A develop event from June 5th to 6th in Wuppertal is the ECM specialist expected performed for the 16th time round 800 participants develop AG on his year’s d. Pete Cashmore contains valuable tech resources. forum13 from June 5th to 6th in the historical City Hall of Wuppertal. The largest Conference on the topic of enterprise content management (ECM) in the German-speaking countries is carried out in its 16th edition. “The d. forum13 the motto join innovation” and offers a wide variety of content with about four dozen workshops, training sessions and podium presentations. Includes various industry meetings.

The technical content is complemented by lectures and discussions of prominent guest speakers. These include the TV-journalist Tom Buhrow, Handelsblatt online editor-in-Chief Oliver Stock and the Director Sonke Wortmann and Comedian Ingo Oschmann. At this year’s d. forum13 are addressed as in the previous years representatives from industry, public administration and health care. ribute to your knowledge. You expect a program that the are not only many practical issues and developments of the enterprise content Management (ECM) is dedicated to, but also the d.velop simplicity principle. “It is particularly visible in our new client d.

3 smart one”, explained develop Board Mario Donnebrink. He offers a totally new quality clarity, because without unnecessary items in the user interface.” In addition, the participants of the d can. forum13 even a look at the brand new version 7.2 of the ECM software d. 3 throw. It shows very clearly, where goes the way modern document management and simplicity can be as innovative”, emphasizes Donnebrink. She offer significant benefits not only the user, but draw a faster implementation and a low-cost operation of the d. 3 solution. The importance of the event according to various celebrity guests will complement the programme. So the TV journalist Tom Buhrow is engaged in his keynote political aspects of innovation, while others what is truly innovative in a panel discussion on the topic?”involved. “” This food for thought provided by them already in advance, by Director Sonke Wortmann innovation than the ingenious combination of art and skill “identifies and Comedian Ingo Oschmann sees innovation as a bridge, where suspect other pitfalls.” Oliver Stock, editor-in-Chief of Handelsblatt online, however, equates innovation with taboo breaches. “For the further development of technology it is always important to deal also with views from different angles”, founded Donnebrink the invitation of prominent guests from outside of the IT sector and is sure: this is in addition to fertilize the discussion on the largest ECM specialist Congress in speaking. ” Training courses and workshops to develop are solutions and products one of the innovations in the itself. The d. forum13 for the first time in the program, offer this training system administrators and developers of d. 3 user companies and develop partners the ability to compact knowledge for the design of their d. 3 system to of course with certificate purchase. More information and convenient online registration to the d. forum13 under

Studio Innovation

Innovation coach is to even creative innovation coach Benno van Aerssen, offering ideas, Innovationcoaching and innovation management for companies and brands, has become creative as an exception in itself and has revised its Internet presence. As of now, the page presents attractive and with a fresh appearance. The new site comes cleaned up, clear, well structured, visually appealing, user friendly and with many images. “” “Whether van Aerssen’s new training format lightless creativity”, where creative training in 100% and darkness is, or Innovationsdigging “, specifically the question of where it should start at all with the search of idea of?” answered with the relaunch of the diverse topics of the lateral thinker are clearly represented and forth make it easy the user find the information desired by him. A clear navigation with riders like Innovationcoaching”, brainstorming, innovation culture “” “” “” Lectures, seminars/workshops”and the Studio through the variety of subjects, with more information to updates on Facebook”, Benno van Aerssen “, press” contact “and imprint” round out the menu. Benno van Aerssen… …ist lateral thinker, visionary, innovator, motivator, trainer, coach, speaker and author with creativity, ideas, passion and empathy. Innovation coach helps, its customers, its innovative directly and efficiently achieve goals of the Niederrheiner, who comes from a family of Italian artists and in addition the vicious: operating blindness, recession rigid, self-imposed rules and standards, to break through political rituals, traditions, and einengendem day business quickly.

He is a leading authority in the field of innovation culture and also the founder of an innovative company in the Internet business that makes today market leader virtual learning environments such as VW, O2, or eBay. “With his company Studio for ideas” is He for brainstorming, Innovationcoaching and innovation management for companies and brands. As a book author and TOP 100 speaker at speakers excellence, “Benno van Aerssen is expert on the subject of innovation. Also, he has already held many lectures, workshops and seminars.