In the last decade the mannering changes of the users of mobile telephony (cellular), not yet opened a question answered by the operators. Already it is known that smartphones is main the responsible ones for these changes. Estma that the use of data already surpassed far of the use of voice in these equipment, that is, we use more the writing of it says what it stops communicating in them. Castle Harlan often addresses the matter in his writings. With the expansion of the net 3G, more and more people the Internet tem access saw smartphone. the Living creature, TIM, Clearly and OI. They esteem that almost 2000 cities already are taken care of by these nets, that already pass for a transformation process or upgrade as they say the tecnolgos, all wait the stroke of a bell so net 4G as possibility of 21/mbps of speed. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Castle Harlan. After all: With as much technology, it will be that the relationships will be touched way smartphones?

Russian Software

The company "Alley Software" participated in the interregional scientific-practical conference "The University Library: responding to challenges", held December 1-2 at the Urals State University. 110 participants conference (among them – representatives of 27 libraries of universities and IT-companies and publishing houses have come from 13 cities of Russia. The main question under discussion the speakers and the audience – the functioning of the university library in conditions of rapidly developing information society. Have been affected by the possibility of new services, increasing the role of libraries in the educational process, the issues of recruitment and knigoobespechennosti, increase the interest of students in reading, place the library in the World Wide Web and the introduction of social services to establish close contacts with users, the organization of educational work of the library. Considerable attention has been paid to the conference to provide access to electronic editions of teachers to students of universities. At the conference a round table "Electronic Library System: pro et contra, in which Representatives of five companies: Software Alley, Knigafond, Inc. "Direct-Media," "Biblioteh", and the educational and publishing center "Academy." Have been affected by all the important aspects of working with eletkronno-library systems from providing electronic access to publications to build the library information Dondo.

Specialist "Software Alley," Nikita Melnikov, spoke about various issues create internal systems at the university: standards and requirements of the GEF GER – including registration – to the DEC, the current situation in universities, the market data systems and the scheme of their creation. According to the speakers and listeners, the format of the roundtable, which involves an open discussion after the speeches, did talk very much alive and vibrant. "Because in a round stode were active simultaneously all the speakers, it was possible to clearly trace how the issue has been resolved each company and to objectively evaluate and compare the solutions proposed for the DEC. " – Said Nikita Melnikov, manager of "Alley of Software" – "were pleased plenty of questions, personal comments and opinions from the audience – Ural library region can rightly be called one of the most active. I would like to thank the organizers of the conference: the event was a bang, as listeners and presenters were pleased with the results obtained and a lot of new useful information. For those who have not had the opportunity to attend the conference, we posted a video recording of reports. "

Service Resistance

The idea for writing this article, served as my trip to a place where there is practically no communication with the outside world, in other words, devoid of all the conditions of civilization. Get spare parts for repair dvd / cd player is simply impossible. Next radio market is more than 1000 km. from the settlement. Before proceeding to the main topic, read the main faults, symptoms and methods to address them. Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues. The main reasons for malfunctions dvd / cd player include: -Failure of the laser head, spindle-motor;-in rare cases, the decoder board, usually the camera does not read discs from any supported format player, or stopped reading MP3 and dvd, begins to lose some moments from a slowdown or even displays a message: no disk, after you press the ‘OPEN’ leaves the carriage and the disc continues to rotate.

Basically, these faults are eliminated by replacing the defective component or module. In rare cases, you can avoid cleaning the laser head. Caught in the not so favorable conditions, I repaired more than twenty devices using only the following supplies and equipment: A standard set of screwdrivers, a simple-ohmmeter;-wool and alcohol;-lube; Not having the service manual (service manual) I have developed the following algorithm for repairs. 1. Check the resistance motor windings. In the healthy motor resistance should be within 12 ohms. If the resistance below 4.6 ohms, you should remove the engine, disassemble it, clean the brushes and the collector contacts. After that lubricate the motor shaft. If you do not help go to the next item.

Company Inter Power

Depending on the number of blocks is chosen cabinet size. Byron Trott can aid you in your search for knowledge. All of the above equipment would not make sense, if there were no speakers or just the speakers. Company Inter M produces a very wide range of speakers, intended for use in broadcast systems and alarm systems. The main difference between the speaker designed to work in broadcast systems and alarm systems from ordinary household speakers, for example, from the musical centers, is the presence of the first matching audio transformer. As mentioned above, the output voltage signal from the amplifier output power ranges from 70 to 100 volts. In order to stress that the dynamics are not out of order, and connected in parallel several loudspeakers within the zone alarm total low resistance is not taken out of the system output transformer power amplifier uses a matching audio transformers. Depending on the nominal operating power of the speaker audio transformers are different, specially designed, the input resistance.

The calculation is based on the maximum output voltage of power amplifiers Uout (100 volts) and rated power of the speaker Pout: R = Uout 2 / Pout. Thus, any loudspeaker, designed to work in broadcast systems and warning Inter M can work with any power amplifier, regardless of its power output. However, we must bear in mind that total nominal capacity of the speaker should be no higher output power amplifier. Otherwise total resistance of the speaker undermines the output transformer amplifier. Inter M speakers are divided into several categories. On execution of the speakers are locks (cut into the outboard ceiling) and mounted (mounted on the wall).

The History Of The Creation Of The Transatlantic Link

Development of Telecommunications did not stop the ocean. 19 th century made it possible for telegraphic communication between the continents, and 20 and the telephone. Today, when the planet is surrounded by a dense swarm of satellites, problems polutorovekovoy ago seem ridiculous, but actually laying the cable transatlatnicheskogo was an engineering feat of mankind. In 1856 the uk had established a company to lay a transatlantic cable. The first attempts did not succeed, but to 858, the cable between the shores of Ireland and Newfoundland was finally laid. And 16 August, President asp and the Queen of England sent the first telegram to each other, and the transfer of 103 words took 16 hours. But a month later the cable went down, apparently due to corrosion. And only in 1866 succeeded in constant telegraphic communication between America and Europe. Telephone cable conceived to take place from 20-ies of the 20 th century, but work began only in the 50's years before that protect the long-wavelength radio link. The first telephone cable was laid in 1956, after a hundred years and one month after the telegraph cable. Currently, submarine cables are manufactured on the basis of fiber. But now there are problems, it is worth remembering the problems with cable breaks in Mediterranean Sea in 2008, when without internet for a long time remained 70% in India and Egypt.

Educational Technology

Between the Spanish specialists, Sarramona Lpez (1994) affirms that the Educational Technology is that one that reflects on the application of the technique the resolution of educative problems, justified in effective science at each historical moment. It emphasizes the control of the education system and learning as central aspect and quality assurance, at the same time where it understands that the options more important they are related with the type of technique that agrees and as to incorporate it adequately. Currently, in Argentina, Litwin (1993) considers a conceitualizao of the field that recoups especificidade: ' ' we understand the Technology Educational as body of knowledge that, being based on you discipline scientific directed for the practical ones of education, incorporate all the ways its reach and answer the accomplishment of ends in the contexts partner-descriptions that confer it significao. The Educational Technology, is worried about the practical ones of education, the examination of the theory of the communication and the new technological developments includes enters its concerns: computer science, today in first place, the video, and TV, the radio, audio and impressos' '. INCLUSIVE EDUCATION TENOLGICA the technology has a basic paper in the society. It is around this technology, mainly of the technology of the information, that has created an enormous perspective of improvement in the life of the people in all aspects, are they, social, cultural or ambient. What we can observe is that the technology evolves more in the economic and social political aspects, when this evolution could is happening in the general brainstorming for problem. With the technologies of the information and communication, it had great changes in the form of the individual if to mainly communicate and to become related with the others, in what if di in relation to the learning and education of the people with physical deficiencies, or pupils special, thus becoming the technology of the information a potential tool of work of the professor to help in the concretion of the inclusion of the pupils with necessities special, therefore we cannot deny if we understand and we learn that the education is a right of all, then we cannot deprive these people that it usufructs of this technology.

Using OCR Process

Company of sanitation the activities of external agents possess its on faturamentos directly who are responsible for effecting readings of called devices hydrometers, such process are passvel of human errors that can cause serious problems to the prescription of such company. Currently, technologies, such as mobile devices, had been added in the reading process, but it was observed possibility of implantation of a complementary technology to the process that extracted the reading through an image generated from the hydrometer. Ahead of the displayed one, it was objectified to describe the development of an archetype that was capable to be executed in a mobile device for recognition of the numbers of a reading of hydrometer through a captured image, such functionality was proportionate with the aid of the Java platforms ME and the API Java OCR. The used types of research in the work had been bibliographical, descriptive and the exploratria one. As result had been produced: a documentation of the architecture of the archetype, constructed using techniques and tools of the Engineering of Software and UML; a functional archetype developed for complementation and future tests. It can be considered that this research served so that was possible to visualize the possibility of the use of technology OCR in mobile systems, especially for sanitation company, with sights to the reduction of imperfections human beings in the process of reading of the hydrometers diminishing with this the possible loss of prescription.


For Zamunr (1993), the use of the Cat scan Computerized in Implantodontia tends to be more frequent with the advent of softwares specific for jaw and jaw. Some of these programs had been developed specifically for the planning of dental implantations, as Dental CT (Elscint) and the DentScan (General Electric – U.S.A.). According to Yanagisawa et al. (1993), the DentScan, even so either originally assigned for the evaluation daily pay-operatria of osseointegrados dental implantations, has been very useful in the evaluation of patologias of the jaw and the jaw. In the Odontologia and the verbal surgery, the DentScan has been used in the identification daily pay-operatria of patients who present insufficient bone for implantation, as well as for identification of the places of implantation in patients who do not seem to be you implanted due the established ssea insufficience in radiogrficos standards.

In 1993, Arita & Varoli had described that the beginning of the Computerized Cat scan widely it is spread out in clinical application and odontolgica radiology comes intensifying the development of the attainment of the guided radiogrfica image. The disgnostic possibilities presented by the Computerized Cat scan are if becoming each time more promising in the field of diagnosis for images. Zamunr (1994) described that the computerized tomgrafo consists of the following units: gantry, table, computer, generator of rays X, console of command, monitors and chamber of definitive register. Gantry is the part of the device where they are the blister and the detectors of rays X; table is the unit where if it locates the patient; the computer stores the data collected for the detectors; with the monitor and the console of command the management of all is made the functions of the equipment. A time carried through the studies in the monitor the image in an emulsion film can be gotten in the chamber of definitive register.

Single Point Of Contact

This service has as objective to supply an only point of contact (SPOC – Single Point Of Contact) to the internal users of the Customer. The Helpdesk is an area specialized in support technician the equipment of computer science and telecommunications, for telephone or saw access remote, with the objective to decide all the incidents and problems that the customers can have. The service of Helpdesk is recommended for any company, independently of its size and its area of performance. Opting to the terceirizao of the service, the company earns with the flexibility and the reduction of costs in the simplification of its structure. Free of all the concerns of the area of YOU, computer science, infrastructure, etc., the company can keep the focus of its team in Core business and increase its productivity. The Helpdesk works with SLAs market standards, offering flexibility in its structure.

In accordance with the necessities of each customer, other SLAs can be waked up. Our team is composed for professionals with qualification in best the practical ones of telephonic support, possessing knowledge and techniques that allow to diagnosis and to decide problems them of computer science related ' ' hardware' ' or ' ' software' '. The team of professionals of the Helpdesk is enabled in taking care of problems of the hardware (microcomputers, printers and other peripherals), basic software (MS Windows), applicatory of desktop (MS Office) and other applicatory corporative ones. In this last case it is necessary that the customer or responsible team supplies to training and documentation on the applicatory ones. In case that it is not possible to decide the problem in 1 level, this occurrence is directed for ' ' Attendance of 2 Nvel' ' , being able this team to belong to the Itautec, the customer or its suppliers. The Helpdesk will be dimensionado to decide the majority of the occurrences in 1 level.

Extensible Marking

The XML is the standard used for exchange of data in the applicatory ones. It allows a universal way of if changing information between the companies. Its structure becomes it perfect for applicatory on-line and works with data that are in the source of data local, or in the source of data remota’ ‘. The XML is used as language standard of communication in the context of the Web Services.

It functions independent of the programming language or the used operational system in the implementation of the applicatory ones. Without it would practically be impossible to allow that distinct systems communicated between itself of flexible and dynamic form. She hisses (2001, p.17), describes XML as Language of Extensible Marking, its characteristic of extensibilidade makes possible to create new tags whenever necessary. For She would make (2005, p.11) the XML represents a language standard that obtains to store all type of data. This standard identifies the types of data it organizes and them of the possible form most interesting, for an analysis computational or emission of a report. Standard XML is used each time more, due to its versatility, that goes of the operational system until the programming language.

2 – ORIGIN the underlying concept to the XML is not, something obviously new. The XML consists in a good set of specifications called SGML, developed for the W3C in 1986. The W3C started to develop the standard for the XML in 1996 with the idea of that it would be simpler of if using of what the SGML, but that she would have a more rigid structure of what the HTML. Since then, many suppliers of software have implemented some resources for technologies XML. (JORGENSEN, 2002, p.64). As It would make (2005, p.10), the popularizao of the applicatory innumerable Internet favored the sprouting of isolated, where the communication between these, is most of the time, for digital ways.