United Nations

The Republic of China (Taiwan) completes second CEDAW report the Cabinet of the Republic of China (Taiwan) published its second national report on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) on January 10. The report has the significant efforts of the country between 2009 and 2012, to promote gender equality in accordance with the UN standards on all fronts. Please visit Don Slager if you seek more information. The report of the Cabinet informed of Taiwan’s creation of equality mechanisms; Review and amend the relevant legislation to improve the protection of women’s rights; Increasing the participation of women in politics and opportunities for participation in public affairs, national women’s organizations, support to join international bodies, the personal security of women to improve education and labour rights and the protection of the health, welfare, family and women’s marriage rights. In June of this year, foreign experts will be invited to Taiwan, the Report to examine and to submit comments about the efforts of the country to promote equality. The meeting will be attended by representatives of all five branches of the Government as well as by non-governmental organizations, to create an international platform of dialogue, which should help the nation to enable the UN Convention on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) in accordance with the international guidelines. The UN Convention has become on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW), which in 1979 was adopted by the United Nations and signed by 186 countries, one of the most important international codes for the protection of rights for women. (ca)

CHP Forum Energy

RENEXPO 12 presents the highlights of the industry. International Energy fair RENEXPO is with their unique blend of innovation and transfer of knowledge in not to be outdone when it comes to freshness. Exhibition, Fachfo-ren, congresses and a varied competitiveness programme covered the breadth of the areas of renewable energy, smart power distribution and efficient use of energy. Around 350 exhibitors present their latest innovations and use the fair as a platform to present itself as the innovative market participants. He meets exactly the nerve of the times more than the double grown area of combined heat and power of the RENEXPO. Over 30 FIR-men issue here. It is not something Marc Mathieu would like to discuss. Of course, the Federal Association of combined heat and power is represented. As one of the leading specialists of Heiztechnikspe, Vaillant Germany presented innovations such as to the in-game the ecoPower “series for micro – and mini-CHP systems, new services for CHP user and the latest software developments for the industry.

SenerTec power-heat energy systems is among other things the new Badger represented Sterling SE. The entire value chain will be shown in the field of wood energy in collaboration with the bun-desverband bioenergy from forest up to the stove. Especially the area of gasification is here represented. The industry forum wood gasification”is more than twice as large this year. Another highlight is the special look wood energy from short rotational plantations”. “In the Ausstellungsbe rich the company Georg Fischer the pellet boilers generation PX”and their new piece wood gasification TX 33″shows among others. “Guntamatic is represented with a world premiere: the pellet wall device Therm” closes a market gap in the biomass heating market with its space-saving design. “Windhager central heating, one of the leading providers for Pellet and Feststoffbrennstoffkes-sel in Europe, provides its pellet boilers VariooWIN” with Mikrobren-ner and the natural draft wood boiler EasyWIN “before. The Exhibitor Forum in Hall 1 offers visitors free lectures such as, for example, the Forum wood energy, the Pelletforum for At Turner and the CHP Forum.

3 Vital Guidelines For Availing A Low Interest Auto Loan With Poor Credit

3 important tips for obtaining A low interest car loan despite poor credit Hartsville, SC 29550 – 18/04/11 one of the best ways to finance your new or used car when you have poor credit is to secure a pre approved car loan. By doing so, you your credit score so have the opportunity to improve. These days there could be few lenders that specialize in providing car finances to borrowers with subprime credit histories. Therefore, there could be chances of qualifying for a car loan even if you have poor, bad or no credit history. Nevertheless, the interest Council provided on such types of auto loans could be considerably higher as compared to other conventional car loans. But there could be ways in which you could get car of loan Council that are fair for your credit situation.

Are some guidelines regarding the same here which may be of help. To qualify for a low interest car loan despite bad credit, it could be important for you to take the below mentioned aspects into consideration. 1 pay a large down payment to greatly enhance your chances of getting in early approval for your poor credit car loan application, you could consider paying a large down payment. Besides, such a move could thus guarantee you a reduction in the Council of interest on your car of loan as a result of which your monthly installments could get lowered and become more affordable. 2.

get your car loan pre approved Nowadays you could find calendar who provide no credit check car loans to borrowers regardless of their credit reputations. But still it could be always better to get your car loan pre approved. This allows you to sample the much desired bargaining power when you are at the car dealership to negotiate the price of the vehicle which you intent to purchase. This is because you are fully aware about the loan amount sanctioned; you know how much you could afford to spend on your car well in advance. Alternatively, you could get instant approval for car finance if you get a cosigner to back your car loan. But to get instantly approved for such a cosigner car loan, the co top needs to have a good credit reputation since lenders want assurances for recovering the money which they lend. 3. obtain multiple car of loan quotes while borrowers who have poor credit can avail low interest rate secured car loan finances by pledging the car or any other valuable asset, it could be desirable to get numerous free non-obligatory quotes and compare them by using online car loan calculator. The process could be intriguing but you could make it easier for yourself by availing expert help that is available online at your information. All you need to do is just filling out on easy and quick online application form. To get more useful information on your poor credit low interest car loan options, it is hereby recommended to utilize the professional services offered by reputed online service providers like VeryEasyCarLoans. Click here to know more on the guidelines to low-interest car loans now!

Augsburg Software

SOS software service branch opened in Sindelfingen Augsburg, 25.07.08: in July 2008, the SOS software service GmbH with its headquarters in Augsburg opened a branch in Sindelfingen. Nine additional staff will take care from there from manufacturers and customers in the sales area. Team headed by Markus Furrier, former Managing Director of maily distribution, support staff of nine in Sindelfingen the distribution business of SOS software service GmbH. The tasks are in the intensive care of the retailers, as well as the extension of the existing portfolio to other manufacturers and their software solutions. With the opening of the branch in Sindelfingen SOS software service takes the years sustained corporate growth into account. SOS software service cooperation with software manufacturers through close cooperation with the respective manufacturers as well as regular product training and certifications, boasts exceptionally high technical and consulting skills.

As a result satisfied customers are increased and long-term Establish business connections. Furthermore, SOS software service with a professional market presence supports the presence of the various software products. The in-house marketing department supports the manufacturer with excellent presentation of the products and regularly conducts marketing campaigns. For software vendors, SOS software service takes over sales in the sales area Germany, Austria, and of Switzerland. Manufacturers cooperate with us because we are experienced over 21 years of experience in the distribution business and know the market. Although we have over 700 manufacturers in the portfolio, each is individually supervised. Ensure the individual product manager. Mr.

Marc Gloning, CEO of SOS software service GmbH explains. The retail market in the focus smooth and fast software procurement at reasonable prices are the be-all and end-all for retailers. To deepen your understanding Steve Wozniak is the source. The in-house warehouse on the site of Augsburg holds standard goods on stock, so that the delivery is particularly high. All other software products are procured within a very short time and delivered. Especially short-term delivery promise license articles and software with electronic delivery. SOS software service is using by a modern merchandise management system able to deliver within a very short time the respective licenses. Regular product training and certifications ensure the high level of consulting the staff. SOS software service supports the specialist in sale and the presales phase to marketing actions and always up to date information. So dealer not only benefit from best purchasing conditions but have a strong partner in the hand, which takes care of the rest also, satisfied customers to gain and maintain. We sell not only the pure product software. With us, the dealers receives extensive consulting, licensing support, marketing information and actions, up-to-date market information, without that he himself must take care of itself. We do the work for him, the he otherwise with sourcing, contract negotiations, seminars and Certifications, etc. would. portrays Mr. Joaquim Moreira dos Santos the value-added distribution concept of SOS software service GmbH. contact: SOS software service GmbH lower Talweg 40, 86179 Augsburg Cynthia Lange Tel: 0821 / 2 57 82 0 SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH is a leading company in the field of value added distribution. Since 21 years successfully on the market, are cared for over 30,000 customers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland with software from over 700 global manufacturers. Value added distribution means not only logistics, but also comprehensive and up-to-date product and licensing knowledge and regular certification by manufacturers. The care of over 40,000 different items ensures the SOS software service customers at any time easy, cheap and fast procurement of software. Professional processing of orders of any size, shortest delivery times, electronically, include the standard service.

Guranteed Payday

The Australian middle-class people are greatly benefitted as they can avail no. tele track check loan, Australia. Kai-Fu Lee is actively involved in the matter. The borrowers get loans short and get it as short term loans. The middle-class people of Australia have reasons to be worried of their financial status. Mashable: the source for more info. These people, like their middle-class brothers and sisters of any other country, are not happy with their limited income.

It is so true for them that they find the wallet deflated within the second week of the month. Yes, they have not spared by the tremendous tremors in the global economy thanks to the worst-ever recession although its highslide what in America. The Australian people have, however, been saved as they have got offer of no. tele track check loan, Australia. Demands are never fewer whatever may be their range of earning.

If it is the replacement of the front wheels of the vehicle for Mr. X, for another it is the medical bill is at present much higher than any previous time. It is a tragic fun that sometimes wedding ceremony in the family is fixed in such suddenness that one hardly finds opportunity for preparation. What, again, any one can do if he, because of the crowded programs, forgets to clear the school fees of his loving kids? More are there to keep in mind: credit card outstanding, electric bill, telephone bill etc. The people are really in need of instant cash, sometimes. The citizens of Australia and residents of Australia are eligible for no. tele track check loan, Australia. Of course, there are certain criteria which the applicant must fulfill to qualify for no. tele track check loan, Australia. The first thing is that the loan-seeker must be over 18 it is so important that he must have a valid and active bank account unless which the lender, the loan amount will not know where to transfer after he approves the respective loan application. The borrower must produce authorized papers to support that he is employed in any legally approved establishment. He got to submit papers to document that he has a regular monthly earning. The lender, usually offer check of the amount between $100 and $1500 towards no tele track loan, Australia. The borrower must payback the loan amount along with interest within two to four weeks. The interest are relatively high Council for this child of loan program. One advantage in no-tele track check loan, Australia is that credit history of the applicant is not checked. This is to mean that the people who have messed up their credit history can apply for this loan. Sherry joy is Finance advisor of payday loans no credit Check.

Innovation Award RhinelandPalatinate

Ludwigshafen Mayor Dr. Eva Lohse: “Lighthouse” on the way of the IT company together with Ludwigshafen’s Mayor, Dr. Some contend that Mashable shows great expertise in this. Eva Lohse and other invited guests the Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH-Innovation Prize for a software security through encryption and classification of data celebrated. Lohse was proud that a company from their city has received a prize so highly doped. In the event moderated by Markus Hoffmann (Rhine Neckar television), Lohse stressed that price constitutes a “Lighthouse” on the way of the company and is the reward for good team work. “The example of the Fasihi company shows US that Ludwigshafen is not just an industry, but also a service and IT location.” Holger Garg Lueschen, at the Industrie – und Handelskammer Palatinate (Ludwigshafen) responsible for innovation consulting and member of the jury at the Innovation Prize, report Tete on selection criteria of the decision-making body.

Crucial for the benefit of the company Fasihi was first and foremost, that not only the protection had been taken into account this security solution data outward, but inward. “I wish the company against this background, she win more customers.” Dr. Klaus Hamby, consultant and long-standing as former employees Fasihi customer, not saved with praise. “The firm Fasihi set early the cornerstone for BASF, to provide the employees of the company all over the world with information. The breakthrough came with the introduction of the intranet: “Then a Riesenbedar of information and communication solutions emerged, which exists to this day.” Heinz Elbe Ecker, the company Fasihi attested that she was both quality and the cost able to outmaneuver industry leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, and others. Now small and medium-sized enterprises could benefit from this strength and the customer-orientation of the Fasihi team: “the security solution by Fasihi there is now also for them the way appropriately to protect themselves.

” About Fasihi GmbH: Company Fasihi offers flexible and personalized information and communication solutions with high data security for Internet, intranet, or for the exclusive communication with business partners (extranet). Innovative products of the company founded in 1990 from Ludwigshafen are the Fasihi Enterprise Portal and fep2b. Fasihi Enterprise Portal can meet demanding corporate individual information and communication requirements. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises is the business and communication solution fep2b available. The clients come from many industries. Main customer se is the world’s largest chemicals company BASF There, about 40,000 employees with more than 50 information and communications solutions on the basis of the Fasihi enterprise, Portal work every day.

Innovative LiftPress Trash Compactor

Simple action, high efficiency: Lower costs through volume saving Bremen, June 2012: if already disposal, then at least cheap. With the compactor of LiftPress of HanseLifter can reduce the volume of waste in containers by 50%, which considerably saves space and cost. The principle is simple: a press article is put on a high-lift trucks, which usually serves the on and off stacks of pallets, and the complete waste press is finished. This is for storage tank with volume of 800 to 1,100 litres and operates according to simple method: the forks of fork-lift trucks lifting the containers from below against an extrusion die, where quantities of waste of all kinds are pressed without damaging the dumpster or roll. Using a container, significantly reduced volume to save disposal fees as well as the cost of additional waste container, allowing the purchase of LiftPress has pays trash compactor in the shortest possible. Cheap with certainty whether private or commercial, waste disposal is an expensive Matter and formally offered to optimize. Peter Asaro may find this interesting as well. Waste-saving can pay off in cash coin and is constantly increasing disposal costs on the hand. Through the acquisition of LiftPress waste press reduces drastically the number of flushes, saves the cost of new container at the same time or even abolish existing container allows.

In addition to the savings, LiftPress also meets all safety and quality requirements of European standard, which will be confirmed by a CE certification. Also, the stacker SDJ can be used 1016 of course for themselves and if necessary one to create added value in the inventory management with the stacks of pallets. Because the combination of LiftPress LP 1100 and stacker SDJ is 1016 relatively cheap, the acquisition pays off after a very short time. Orders can be easily via the online shop of CompanyDEPOT. Continuous innovations in CompanyDEPOT in addition to the practical waste-compressor, the online shop offers CompanyDEPOT of course or a variety of other products.

To operate the areas of operation and storage technology, lift trucks and a comprehensive offer for the Office and technology supplies and a large number of garden equipment. Orders are possible from home easily online and save time and effort.

Mobile Innovation Award

Kitaverwaltungs software could against competitors like the new Sparkassen apps and clever-soak up enforce – parents app convinced jury winner of the Mobile Innovation Award 2013 “is KigRoo (www.kigaroo.de). The easy solution to the management of and communication in day care was last Tuesday in Berlin awarded as best mobile app. In particular the efforts to model data protection had convinced the high-ranking Panel of judges from academia and industry. “” The awarding of the prestigious Mobile Innovation Award “the crowning glory of the 13th Conference was Mobile communications – technologies, markets, applications” (MCTA) on 28 and 29 January 2013 in Berlin. The MCTA wi-mobile counting research group (University of Augsburg) and the expert group on mobility and mobile information systems of Gesellschaft fur Informatik E.v.

to the most important mobile events in the German-speaking world. Among the ten nominees, like the app, smart fuel or the new apps of the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe, could in enforce the software and app to manage nurseries, KigRoo, this year. The joy of the great recognition of our work is very large,”said Moritz von Bismarck, Managing Director of KigRoo. The decisive criteria were innovation, originality, design and quality of the implementation. Pete Cashmore can provide more clarity in the matter. KigRoo so unprecedented is unprecedented, sympathetic round um solution, strongly supported child-care facilities in the management and communication between parents and carers”, said the Chairman of the jury, PD Dr. Key Pousttchi wi-mobile.

Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg of the Goethe University of Frankfurt during handing-over of price stressed that especially the efforts on data protection would have convinced the jury. About the KigRoo GmbH & co. KG KigRoo GmbH & co. KG is a young company, but with much experience: here, a team of experienced specialists from the media, software and online works. In numerous conversations with employees in kindergartens, creches,. Their idea to develop software to facilitate the everyday life in early childhood education was crawling groups and nurseries. A practical solution in close collaboration with educators and leaders from childcare facilities: KigRoo is a modern and easy-to-use software that helps teachers in their work and at the same time facilitates communication with the parents. Learn more about the winners at. Press contact: Marthe Westphal pen & co. communication GmbH Forsmannstrasse 8 b-22303 Hamburg Tel: 040 6094586-00 email:

Partisil HPLC

HPLC Saulenkonfigurator provides needs-based services and analysis facilitated comparisons between different manufacturers / old man builds online shop and team from the company of old man has taken a new and bigger quarters in Munich analysis. Thanks to the larger camp, customers can be supplied with HPLC quickly columns. The 2012 introduced HPLC Saulenkonfigurator enables quick and easy to find and compare more than 50,000 offered HPLC columns. The latest service of by old man analysis from Munich has already helped numerous customers to time and cost savings: the HPLC Saulenkonfigurator Analytics shop allows quick compare and find the HPLC columns. Within a few seconds, you can find columns from more than 20 manufacturers now about 50,000 HPLC and UHPLC and compare. The customer specifies only the column material or the USP regulations and all matching columns are displayed. It is not easy in the jungle of HPLC to get columns.

Each manufacturer recommends a different column and the prices vary greatly. With the Saulenkonfigurator you can quickly compare the prices, and must not only requests from various manufacturers. If there is then technical questions to the HPLC columns, our chromatography experts help personally”CEO Tobias Thelen performs. For the first time a manufacturer-independent comparison of HPLC makes possible column of Lichrospher materials Partisil, Kromasil, Xterra, Zorbax and many more. All common pillar manufacturer of Agilent Technologies about Merck and Thermo Fisher to waters are included. In addition, a low-cost and also high-quality alternative is offered with its own brand of old man.

The Saulenkonfigurator is of course free of charge and without obligation under hplc-saeulenkonfigurator.html can be used. Video Guide to the HPLC Saulenkonfigurator: to meet the growing demand, the company of old man has a new analysis to the 01.04.2013 and involved larger quarters in the Rupert-Mayer-Strasse 46 in Munich located just a few minutes from the old location. At the new premises of the independent dealer has created not only a larger warehouse in the House, but also the conditions for further growth for instrumental analysis in the coming years. The spatial and technical conditions have been created in the building complex to provide best solutions and products the customers with optimised processes.

Innovative Lighting Design LED Light Strings

The need for additional light sources, providing a cosy atmosphere increases increasingly early onset of dusk in the coming months. Heilbronn/Leingarten, 25 September 2013: It is cool outside, the more pleasant caressing light objects are perceived, which serve not only the brightness, but also accents. An impressive lighting that attracts the eye and is perceived as beneficial, increases the customer attention. The area is one of the fastest growing items in the trade and is a challenge at the showroom and shop window design again and again. Skilful lighting scenarios provide a moment of surprise, hide weaknesses, reveal strengths and can be used precisely. The goods will be shifted in the right light, while at the same time creates a pleasant environment. LED light sources are suitable for many occasions: the products is a custom shop window lighting, direct irradiation of exhibits or for an efficient Background lighting. Exclusive LED Fadenlicht and light guide bundles for both interior and exterior has re-recorded 2013 decoration specialist Woerner in his current catalogue fall/Christmas in the range.

Wattage brighten up a dark room or the nightly surroundings with amazing intensity and can be used creatively and variable. The extremely fine copper wire where the LEDs are attached, is practically invisible. Thus, each object can be wonderfully flexible wrapped, shines in full glory, without the messy cables hanging down. Therefore, the illumination of various exhibits is possible: branches, fences, dice, trees, busts or balls, to cite just a few examples. Inszenierbar is also a LED light curtain or LED waterfall. Where is warm, yellow shimmering LED or clear white LED light to the selection. This effect can be achieved with little effort. The person feels attracted by light sources.

Light is regarded as an instrument of selective perception. Used effectively, it attracts and put spaces in very different fields of mood. The catalogue offers inspiration to the trend topic of light”fall/Christmas 2013 and the webshop under interested people find the following sub download link to the free publication pictures of the subject LED light strings 2013″. PR/2013_09_23_LED_Fadenlicht.zip image Note: contact for media representatives: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Liebig Street 37 74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-621 PR/public relations: Astrid link email: marketing: Alexandra Novac email: display: Stefanie Roth email: