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You speak in English? And in Spanish or Japanese? NO? Why are you wasting your time and money on outdated and ineffective foreign language courses? We need to use new advances in computer technology to success! I would like to tell you about the remote online foreign language courses En101, which allow to study foreign languages at his home, without leaving your computer. For a successful education does not need anything but computer connected to the Internet and a browser with Flash-plugin (the same as Internet Explorer). Online classes are staffed tips and advice in your native language (the site supports nearly three dozen languages in the interface). What are the advantages Course En101? Why study languages, using these courses is much easier (and how much?), Easier and more efficient? En101 language courses start with the basics: the alphabet, sounds, words, simple phrases. It is therefore advisable to start learning it from scratch – Has previously obtained knowledge can significantly interfere in this case. But this is not a problem among the supported languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Latvian, there is plenty to choose from! And yet, important feature of the course is its practical nature – here are taught that 100% will be demanded. You may want to visit Zendesk to increase your knowledge.

From the first lesson Listener learns to listen and to perceive by ear, as well as remember and reproduce the words and phrases. A this is exactly what was missing in school lessons in Soviet times for the active language skills. Here is a sample – six years of studying English in school, plus four years at university, plus preparation for delivery and commissioning Ph.D. exams in graduate school – as a result, nearly 15 years (!) And always usually on the 'excellent'. As a result, conversational English when communicating in a very low level, unfortunately. So, maybe it should change the method? Course Language En101 built so that the man was a constant incentive to learn the language. Because, first of all, given those concepts, without which it can not do in real life! For example, in hotel, restaurant, store …

The lessons are easy to learn and learning, and drawn so that learning a language on a daily basis takes no more than an hour! The illustrations accompanying sound and will help to effectively learn a foreign language to you and your children (for some languages are also available at the same time specially adapted courses for babies, which will connect your child to language learning in a simple, convenient form of a game). Any child learning a language does not seem boring lesson! Remembering a wholly-owned, because the lessons are unobtrusive and more like a game. But even adults love to play on your computer, right? So, what is the summary of the above? Online-foreign language courses may be an alternative En101 classic heavy courses of English (and not just because the asset is currently 7 languages!). They are designed for complete mastery of techniques without a teacher can do when I have time and desire, and are available even for toddlers. Do they suit you and your children – it is easy to check for fitting do not take money! 😉

Distance Learning

At the moment we all live in the information world. More precisely, we lived in it always, but did not give such a high value of the methods for obtaining and processing information, methods of testing it on the accuracy and completeness. However, after in our rapidly changing world, every day is a huge number of information flows that we have to rank the degree of relevance and adequacy. To help people not to get lost in this world, to take him into service as may be more useful information while ignoring the unnecessary, to reduce the cost of finding and processing the necessary – that the main task of the Information Society. Roughly to the same problem seeks any educational institution: – namely, to give students with basic theoretical knowledge, to teach the use of new technologies for searching and processing information to show in practice the solution of certain problems specific to the subject. Therefore, the purpose of writing this article is to share experiences on the possible use in the teaching of financial analysis and other economic disciplines of various information technologies in the vast world of open electronic learning, actively employed in the U.S. and Europe.

Actualize and to standardize the curriculum of universities of different countries, giving students unlimited right to study in the framework of a unified professional educational environment in various educational institutions. Consequently, it is important to rethink the e-learning, its importance and usefulness. Under the information technology in education will understand the system methods and techniques of the educational process, providing the relationship between students and teachers through computer programs and telecommunications systems.

The Atitudinal Dimension

Vasconcellos (2002) places that to rescue the practical planning in the educative one it is important that the professor if places as subject of the process and does not have condicionantes actions, at last, rescue its dignity, that seems hidden in the indifference with that if it faces the lack of conscientious education in the country. In accordance with the critical ones emitted for Fertile valley (1988) to this vision of education that if has, emerged a new conception centered in the social political paradigm of the education. Mikkel Svane has many thoughts on the issue. This questions the other references, considering that the focus of the education is not centered in the professor, the pupil or the technique of education, but in the central question of the formation of the man and the planning it is of extreme necessity in this new paradigm of change, since it provides an efficient action, innovative, at last, a transforming action, not only inside of the school, but in the society in general. When it is said in change of the practical one of the educators, has certain resistance, an incredulity and loss of heart. It has situations of if finding supervisors defending a work line and the professors making the possible one to get rid of the new proposals or methodologies. Vasconcellos (2006) places that the pedagogical coordinator to face such challenge needs to use itself of three basic dimensions of its formation: CONCEPTUAL, PROCEDURAL AND ATITUDINAL. The Atitudinal Dimension involves values, interests, feelings and certainties. The professors suffer a great crisis in not finding sensible in the profession and, for consequncia, presents resistance to the changes. This means that the supervisors cannot moralizar its relation with the professor, but to believe the potential of each one and to start a conquest process, therefore if a minimum of empatia will not be established, will have a rupture in the relationship between supervisors and professors.

Website Launching

Finally, I am prepared to the launch of its website and it's time to open it. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. Pay the hosting and domain registration. If all OK'yushno hosting, here is the domain entered zaminochka. Prepay all went well, the soap came confirmation that the money received, and domain is not registered. Waiting day. Learn more at this site: Ali Partovi. Nothing.

Plagued by the caliper. First, they say that the payments reach at once, then nods to Rupay, through which I paid. For several days, in spite of all: a detailed description of their actions, providing details of payments enumerated many reasons and efficiency of support, the problem is not resolved, and I was ready to pay for the registration of a new, if only the mini-nightmare is over. The most interesting thing that happened in this time with me. The first day or two I was relatively calm. Who knows, anything can happen. But then there were concerns that it will be delayed for a long time, and frustration over the powerless. And its carriage.

Every evening, sitting down at a computer, I concerned interest checking soap in the hope that the situation was resolved, and seeing no results, again terrorized the caliper. Bedtime, I was thinking about this situation, searching for possible causes and come up with new letters support. Even up in the morning, I was assailed by the thought, but when I have a full website. There were some feeble attempts to calm down, but my mind did not want to do neither see nor hear, and went on to catch up with gusto me this agitation.

Conduit Systems

In the engineering data center infrastructure (data center) is part of SCS. Structured cabling system is the basis for information systems and provides data and signals on the first level of the model of open systems (OSI) – to physical level. Designing a structured cabling system to the real object in commercial buildings is no easy task, because you must consider many factors, and the construction of SCS in the data center even more difficult task, since designer should consider not only the applications and architectural solutions used on a specific subject in the data center, and work need to take into account the cooling system and power data centers (distribution air flow and distribution of electrical cables), laying tracks and cable channels, the location of the equipment of other systems. Designer should understand and have a good understanding of where and how 'intersect' and 'Interact' other engineering systems data center cabling system. Before the designer of the SKS data centers are being challenged to design a cable system and a system of conduits with a view to ensuring a specified level reliability, flexibility and data center expansion in the future.

At the seminar we will discuss in detail the points of intersection of SCS with other systems and consider the solution of the problem of constructing a structured cabling system with nadzhenosti certain level. Designer should understand the standards for data centers, to know modern technologies and approaches to design, build and SCS in a data center. At the seminar we will consider three standards: most well-known North American standard TIA/EIA-942, less common and well-known European standard EN 50173-5, which is to be used in the design of SCS in the data center in Russia, and the latest international standard ISO / IEC 24 764, which is still under discussion and approval, but it contains very interesting information for the designer of the SKS data center.

Capes Research

thus, this young will have difficulties when to enter an institution of superior education and perhaps some areas of its personal life. Valuation of the Professor: In day 28 of July of 2010 the Capes promoted a debate on the formation of professors in Brazil and enters the main challenges told for the director is: to fulfill the offers of courses/vacant; to minimize evasion, guaranteeing support to the professors; to create models of adequate courses to the professors in exercise; to promote curricular innovation and of pedagogical projects. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem. This comes to show that a concern with the formation of the new professors exists, but not with the recovery of that already they are in the schools. In accordance with research carried through with professors of the state net of Salt mines, when being asked if feels valued, for some segments, in relation schools 83.33% had answered that they are valued in relation to the pupils this percentage was in 75%. But in if treating to the government, this number it falls for 33,33% as graphical I. is not by chance that the number of professionals of the area does not grow the demand of pupils in accordance with.

In research carried through with 323 pupils of the state net of the city of Salt mines, in Minas Gerais, sample that 45% of the pupils already had thought about being professors, as Graphical II. The same research sample that enters the profession options proposals, of I take the veil is in last place, as Graphical III. The research shows the reason that took the great majority to give up lecionar, was to the lack of valuation of the professor, the perception of the insatisfao of these professionals and the low paid wages. The same research sample that stops 88,21% of the interviewed pupils, the professor is not valued and when analyzing the data, we perceive that the fact of a pupil to find that the professor profession is not valued, the probability to choose this profession for its future is minim.

Quantum Mechanics

These thoughts were inspired by Dirac on the basis of the so-called "photon" experiments with beams of light of very low intensity (the work of Dirac, "Principles of Quantum Mechanics"). Dirac went even further. In its abstract representation of a hypothetical photon halves, split by a mirror, can fly apart over many thousands of kilometers. However, if we put in the way of one of the beams of light absorber, and a halves of a hypothetical photon will be doomed to absorption, it instantly primchitsya second half of this "fatal" place to be absorbed and die together as a single, indivisible whole, and a photon of energy hv. Some believe that a semitransparent mirror, not the hypothetical fall photons, but only the probability of their passing. If the mirror is divided only the probability of a hypothetical photon, in experiment would have been lost information about the second path of light, and the corresponding interference on the screen when combining the two beams of light could not take place.

After all, it is well known that the mathematical probability of devices never interact, and can not supply us with information about the structure of devices. Dirac was very surprised that the interference of light from both light paths traveled by light always occurred, even though it abstract imagination of hypothetical photons flew alone, at a great distance from each other. And it completely eliminated the possibility of interference between different hypothetical photons. Therefore, in the abstract representations of the Dirac every hypothetical photon had to go through all the proposed possible ways of light. This article aims to make you question the adequacy (viability) of the photon theory, and show that there is alternative view of the nature of light, expressed in the new "general theory of interactions." In the general theory of interactions proposed a simple hypothesis about the structure of physical vacuum, which gives a clear explanation of the optical phenomena.

Vocal Apparatus

And finding a location of your vocal apparatus, it is necessary to remember. This is best done, if we compare the same sound in Russian. What is the difference, remember its a new experience. That's right, the feeling! I advise you not to look in the mirror, as do foreign language teachers in the classroom at the school, as there should be nothing to make out, all this passed. And remember their own feelings. So to speak, try English 'to taste'.

And most importantly – bring the process to automatism, to make these familiar sensations! Exactly the same easy and familiar, such as those you notice when spoken in Russian. Armed with the above principle, you will begin to take a closer listen to speakers, all of these sounds play in words. How long before you would not 'dancing' Russian-speaking teacher English, with its emphasis Ryazan (sorry, dear), trying to tell you how to correctly pronounce a particular sound, you still did not get anywhere until you hear this Englishman or American. Our ear in a position to capture the subtle nuances of intonation. We know each other from their voices. So do not tell lies to myself that you will not get! You simply justify their weakness. No, not laziness, but it is weakness that is actually can be easily overcome. Laziness – a wonderful thing, because through it, for example, was the invention of the telephone and the Internet, and much more. Our say There is another important point.

Selfhypnosis Technician

What is success and how to achieve self-hypnosis techniques with the help of meaning of the word "success" for each person is different. Someone believes that in order to be successful, you need to move up the career ladder. Another person believes that success is closely linked with wealth. A success for the third person – this is when there is family and loved ones. In general, the concept of success due to the peculiarity of thinking, habits and belief in themselves and in their strength. Success – is a person through the laws of reason and the laws of life, makes their lives happy in all directions.

What kind of thinking? Thinking of a successful person different from the thinking of a loser. The first focuses on the positive, the second is negative. A successful person thinks about what to do, so he smiled and success is doing it. A successful no complains constantly about life and experiencing dissatisfaction with their present state, aggravating him further. Man looking for success opportunities everywhere and believes in himself.

A loser puts his hands at the slightest difficulty. A successful person – a person with certain qualities such as perseverance, courage, determination, patience, discipline, confidence. And if he does not have some of these qualities, he develops them, using various techniques and methods. Anyone can be successful if it believes in success and will go step by step towards your goals. If it is have fun on the road. Anyone can learn positive thinking and using simple techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind for the right wave. And you can too, dear friend. The main thing that is very want. What kind of technology to help you succeed? Given the fact that people are different, then the technique should be chosen based on their own differences. For example, if you're visual, you will work well creative visualization. Just imagine that you are a successful person and you will sooner or later they will become. If you kinesthetics, we work with feelings. Feel now a man of success. This is your key. And if you audial, then pronounces aloud or listen to their best affirmations. Of course, ideally use just three techniques described above. So much more effective. And do not forget about another Simoron. Simoronskie rituals are also very effective for achieving success. So, decide on what success is for you. What do you want in this life? It is very important. This is your first step to a happy life. Do it right now. Ask yourself: "What is my dream? And then do your best to become a reality

Worth Studying, Or Just Buy A Diploma ?

Under the current capitalist education was the purchase of goods, while both shows. Simply because to go out and buy a ready diploma, and can even "red", even "blue" and the choice of anyone, even the most prestigious academic institution. Why then study and wait for the acquisition of a diploma and an official way to spend 5 or more years, and in addition to more diligently to master the subjects? It's just a waste of time and fate of the poorest. When the Statistics every year bought about six thousand degrees, albeit fake, but the diplomas of higher education. Education so devalued in our times, and even abroad are now ignoring the graduates that have the "Education". Commercial or public use (free) education as equally devalued. Now graduates, even prestigious universities are reluctant to accept the office.

It turns out that this educational institution, without appropriate rights and is not licensed to conduct training activities. So that we can be in such a ridiculous situation where the institution that takes the applicant himself. There are nested and decent money, wasted time. and often consider such a degree purchased, although he received an honest way. Diplomas issued by educational institution upon completion of training, recognized fake! There is a perfectly legitimate question, and there are great differ diplomas acquired by illegal means, from those diplomas that were issued officially? If a graduate, honestly I studied for five or six years, and as a result of receiving a diploma of education and have the same problem, and then more, so why such a diploma? It turns out that someone who bought a diploma, was in an advantageous position. And there was such a dork, a graduate of the University, in vain without wasting time and save money. Is there a sense of wonder spend money and time? When the horrific scale of manufacture and sale of fake diplomas, education has ceased to be prestigious.

Engineering profession is comparable to low-skilled workers. All but the meaning is down the drain, from education and formal graduation is not no good! Teachers now have the knowledge, so that they can not even teach in vocational schools Soviet model. Candidate's identity and diplomas of doctors are bought and sold. Manufacturing and both the technology a little different. The current labor researcher and educator, is not appreciated, judging by their salaries, so the level of their partly explain such a terribly low. The prestige of the educated man has fallen at all. Who has the money, he also can not be called ignorant mind is replaced with cash signs. Educated intellectuals, is now "loser" (not held). Graduates must be prepared to go to school, and it does not guarantee admission, and cost is not small money. Award fee is now below the cost of training in the commercial department during the month. Even successful enrolling, a student may be expelled for academic failure, perhaps due to illness, not tupizny or conscription. Purchase a diploma this situation generally closes completely as possible. And the student should study other than textbooks, there is in something to get dressed. Sometimes have to earn money to offset the costs. That, and judge how much risk is justified, get an education official. A prudent member of the Society and purchased a diploma can navigate and well-attached, and a fool and an official diploma will pursue the issue all the working career.