Recipe Increase Sales

December 16, 2010 company “1C: Accounting and Trade” (BIT) is organizing a workshop entitled “Recipe for increasing sales.” The event will be considered effective steps to build a sales system with the use of “ICE: CRM 8 “for” 1C: Enterprise 8 “. All participants will be given the opportunity to try in the decision, to communicate with developers and industry experts to evaluate and optimize the opening prospects of business. The master class “The recipe to increase sales,” you will meet with their colleagues, will be able to exchange new ideas and suggestions, and possibly acquire new customers. At the event, you will learn how to safely carry a single information base and preserve the history of relationships with customers, how to design and monitor sales plans, how to make the right decisions in the company’s marketing strategy. In the master-class will take participation Sergey Kuzmin, director of development of “1C: Accounting and Trade,” BIT, he will tell you about CRM-tool manager. will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

In addition, Alexander Kiskin, CRM project manager of the company “1C: Accounting and Trade,” BIT, demonstrate the program in action and answer your questions. Dmitry Stepanov, the head of the project “Practice CRM, will give exclusive information about the features of client management. How to properly integrate the “ICE: CRM 8” with corporate phone systems, and to reach a new level of sales will tell Artem Makovetsky, a leading developer of Group of Companies ‘Svetets’. Connect with other leaders such as John K. Castle here. Master Class “The recipe to increase sales” will be held at Moscow, m. Taganskaya st. Folk, 14, p.

2. Pre-registration is required. You can register by phone: (495) 748-12-34 or e-mail: Company ‘1 C: Accounting and Trade ‘(ICE), the official partner of ‘1 C’ in 1997, is now the largest network among firms franchisee ‘1 C ‘. The company has 50 offices BIT, which operate in three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Specificity of the ICE is not only the automation of the enterprises on the basis of ‘1 C: Enterprise ‘, but training, counseling clients on the full range of professional issues. During the work the company produced over 80,000 successful installations of automated systems.

Common Backup Software

Traditionally, we tend to think that the biggest danger to your computer – a virus, but completely forget about the security of information, yet happen to your computer, even a small crash, and you are risking remain in "the broken trough" – not you listen to music or watch a movie or a favorite toy to lose. The purpose of this article is not to convince you of the need for backups, by contrast, the authors proceed from the premise that you understand, you need it, and we want to help you solve a completely different problem: to understand the advantages and disadvantages of popular backup programs that do not buy a pig in a poke. Mistake in the choice programs for backing up is easy. One need only cast a cursory glance software market for a backup to understand – there's something to think about. Here you have only a partial list programs that perform this function. Mikkel Svane shines more light on the discussion. Acronis True Image 11 Home Paragon Drive Backup 8.5 Genie Backup Manager 8.0 Symantec Norton Ghost 12 APBackup Backup Manager Backup4All Handy Backup is possible with some of these solutions you have encountered before, and not in the context of a backup. For example, you could use some of these utilities to creating disk images. Despite the fact that these solutions support backup feature, some of them, such as Acronis True Image 11 Home, Paragon Drive Backup 8.5b, Symantec Norton Ghost 12 specialize in creating the image of the hard drive and can not considered as a pure backup application.

Educational Software

It is not long, study the various programs could only attending courses or buying books. However, not all are suitable courses for the chosen program. A teaching literature to find more, since not all programs already have a fairly good tutorial. Of course you are attending courses to learn how much you can and ask the lecturer to your question. Positive aspects of courses are primarily those that you doing in the team, and collaborative learning software helps you learn a lot faster than learning on their own. e topic at hand. It should be noted that training courses are paid for and not a very good point.

The main drawback of the courses is that after completing the course you will not have the opportunity to ask questions if you suddenly forget the location of the desired tab. Let us now analyze the option of training on the book. Of course the book deal with more difficult because not all readers can understand to read and understand technical scribbling in a textbook. But if you still got hold of the books, I am sure it will be your constant companion and advisor in every situation. In my view the study of the textbook is more complicated, but still more in-depth version of knowledge. And if the parallel study and attending specialized courses and study a textbook, it's likely you'll get quite deep knowledge. Do not forget to bring your attention to another really common in our time way of acquiring knowledge.

So nowadays the Internet has become a very popular online video tutorials on writing various programs. And because these video lessons written and spread the common people, as a result of these video lessons are self explanatory and that it is important to not less accessible. There is truth and paid video courses, but if not a lot of search, you can and find a bunch of free video lessons. What is the most important advantage of video lessons from poseschiniya paid courses or studying a textbook. Video tutorial as I wrote earlier, it is available free of charge, of course need access to Internet. Another very good positive way is that a video tutorial shows in detail where to look for this or that button. The books sometimes have to dig before finding where to click to the desired effect. In Video lessons are not recorded rarely complete lessons on which you will easily master the program you want. And of course if you happen to forget something, it's worth just one more time to include video lesson on all at once recalled. Briefly, at I think learning how to use the program can be self-starting with video tutorials on the internet. Then if you still have unresolved questions about its project, you can sign up for fee-paying courses. Which, when you may need to give a crust of learning. If you still will have little knowledge gained, then it's time to have specialized books.

Free Software

Who has not sinned in this world? Only those who need something for the crucified on the cross … The poor may have already worn out holders caulk Internet, removing his left links, have long been of broken products. Yes, the one by Warez – is bad, so to speak, you yourself are broke, and even at that he broke, do coin, on the other hand, it is broken – it is also work … About wareze not judge sided, this area is illusory, on the one hand, you can write program for a couple of megabytes, and earn money on it all my life, but on the other hand, you do not always pay for what others offer. Perhaps check out Peter Asaro for more information. Nevertheless, this article, under which falls almost every Internet user. K The same example, Bill Gates, the former loses sovetskogo Union, more than half of the possible income that he would be able to get on this site. On the other hand, if it were not for Warez, all were sitting not on 'Windows', and the 'Linux', and he would lost even more. On a side, Warez – it's more functional, advertising, than for the temporary use of the demo program.

Simply, we must remember that if you use something for free, help the author advertises his product to friends, write about it in the blog. Did you get for free, while others will buy. Here for example, with this site, I downloaded a great program … 'Youtube Music Downloader', maybe you used it? If not, I'll tell you what it is … Although its name says for itself, you can use it to download from Youtube service. How funny, a program that helps to take something which is obviously not take the offer requires activation … Oh, and I liked this site some wallpaper … I hasten to you, to share one of them ….

SanDisk Titanium

I myself use the second version, adapted to stick with the interface U3 (I SanDisk Titanium, for example). Ie I carry all of your passwords always with me, and I them enter on any computer (sort of activity I go to internet with multiple machines). If you work with an individual computer, and only – do not bother and put the regular version. How does it work? It integrates in the browser – there is a special panel. When you go to a web page that contains the form and requiring you to login ID or password or something else appears and exposes this information without manual input on one mouse click. Of course, this information must first be made – the first time that a login and password for a specific site RoboForm automatically saves it.

And from a security standpoint solid pluses – you no longer need to be enter passwords from the keyboard and fear keylogger Trojans. Furthermore – do not even need to drive in the site address – the tab will be in the program itself – click on it, and automatically log into your account, that would it may be! Besides passwords, this is a useful utility stores and other personal data – such as personal biographical. Remember how much repetitive information to be entered when filling out a registration form – name, address, age, etc. All these data can also be 'score' in the account of a specific person, and substitute in the web-form at the touch of a button again. And these records may be several, several people! They contain information to the maximum, even credit card information and bank account can be entered.

As for the free program … Initially, it has the status of Free. 30 days, you can use it without restriction. After this period, the number stored pass-cards (ie login and password pairs) is limited to ten (10). What I can tell you – enough for even manimeykera, not to mention a simple web-surfers – that is, it is possible to fit the data access emehjl, purses and other critical things. I like this and use Free version on a flash drive. But you can certainly apgreydnut and its PRO-up version – the license costs about 700 rubles. And then there are no restrictions at all! Well, what else can be called extra chips? RoboForm may itself generate a strong password, if you do not have enough imagination;)). And then keep them. Encrypts all stored data (using the algorithms AES, Blowfish, RC6, 3-DES or 1-DES), protects against keylogger (keylogger) and checks the URL sites to prevent phishing (spoofing). The portable version stores in general, all on a flash drive – that is, no your data in someone else's computer is not hit. In short – RoboFormom I am very happy as I said I use more than one year, and no claims have not. What do you want, and!


At worst – the Windows operating system from booting. 'Computer' I then asked that (get it's window with the text or meaning of the text which I do not understand). I replied that then. What should I do? Hope for the best! 🙂 There is an unwritten rule: If you are prompted that you do not know or do not know – better to click No (or close the 'cross' in the right upper right corner). System unit (often called its users CPU) time to develop a strong buzz. What should I do? The culprit of noise is usually cooler.

Cooler – (from the English. 'Cooler' – fridge) – system cooling system, consisting of a radiator and fan. In the system unit coolers, as a rule, there are several. Necessarily one of the central processor and one of the PSU. Even cooler may be the video card, motherboard board inside the system case (the author – I remember the computer, where I counted nine coolers). Buzz and vibrate it starts the fan.

Get rid of the noise in the home, you can: – by cleaning the dust from the fan – used brush with long bristles (you can use masking never used) and preferably but not necessarily, a vacuum cleaner that would not dust scattered around the apartment. – Lubricate the bearing fan. Suitable oil for sewing typewriters (butter and sunflower did not use it:) missing one – two drops. – If the first two options did not help, then just replace the fan on a new one.

Computer Flash Cards

For many there is a problem with the work of a flash card – it happens for various reasons, can hit the virus (as a rule – this action virus program), you can not use it properly, each of these cases, a total of one computer can not detect the stick, he can see it as an existing drive, but work with your PC it will not. If Windows does not see your flash memory card, displays a message something like 'file system missing', in this case it definitely worked a virus. Some 'experts' in the service centers will tell you that the flash drive is beyond repair and it's time to change it, because they simply do not know about this program, and generally do not know much about (once I personally got to such 'specialists'). You should never rush into the pool with his head and run for a new flash card. In this age of information technology, useful software market is so wide that we you do not even suspect the existence of certain information development. To assist His Majesty will always come online. The solution to this problem is! download this example program and run it. The program extends absolutely free of charge and requires no registration.

Proceed to the site Manufacturer, there is the necessary instructions for using this program. The only thing you have to do to her normal work – the connection with Internet. This program works in online mode, a special service. if something does not work, you will be offered another option vosstenovleniya your stick (I did not need). This program is for Recovery of flash cards, I was discovered quite by accident, but five of their patients, it has already healed, and they successfully continue their work. I advise this program to all!

Laptop Repair In Moscow

Laptop as a portable computer, has many advantages over stationary. Easily transfer laptop from place to place allows both to keep all the necessary information in one place, not razmenivayas to the office and home computer and use this information at any time, wherever you are. Modern technology allows the notebook is not only not to give in, but also excel in performance of some desktop computers. However, with all its pros and mobility notebook has one problem – it always requires repair more subtle and professional approach than repairing computers. First of all, because the former are arranged much more difficult to second. That's why we recommend a computer help in Moscow to repair laptops in the office service. However, if you are not able to pass Laptop specialist, you will be able to use the services of master retreat Smart Service.

Our specialist will come to a place in one and a half hours after your call, no more than an hour to identify the cause broken laptop and take all necessary measures for the rehabilitation of equipment, ie will repair the laptop. Despite the high professionalism of our employees, the time taken to repair laptops, can significantly exceed the time required to fix a similar problem of a desktop computer. This time delay usually arises solely because of the technical complexity of the laptop. Also, as in the case of repair desktops, laptops under repair experts will establish the necessary software, virus protection, configure the local network and Internet access. Completes the provision of services to repair laptops extract warranty work performed on the sheet. Computer repairs, not to the reason for their failure, will always be a troublesome task. Try to understand the reason for failure, to call the master, turn off the computer and take him to a service center, where the term repair can take from several days to several months, and then spend more time on it to restore your computer back, plug it in and install everything needed for the success of the program, can not afford one.

Today, at the age of high computer technology that makes it easy in a few hours of working time can result in large financial losses for the organization, and for individuals whose work is directly related to the operation of a PC. In addition, configure a local or network connection can only be in place – at home or office. To that the losses were minimal, we offer our clients take advantage of retreat master computer repair in Moscow. Making the call in a call-center company Smart Service, you can be sure that the master will pick you up no later than a half hour. Having started to inspect the computer, visiting master emergency computer assistance in Moscow for an hour will reveal all its problems, identify methods for computer repair and quickly remove all causes of equipment malfunction, if necessary, replace the parts. In the event that produced the repair of computers will require you to reinstall your operating system, installation of additional software LAN configuration, providing an Internet connection, a specialist service of first computer assistance in Moscow Smart Service perform all the necessary manipulations. Computer Aid in Moscow, produced for our the company completed the issuance of the warranty card for work performed and equipment, which was replaced during repair.

The Uniqueness

Features: Creating and / or editing information about the mail in accordance with requirements of the mail (check for correct zip code and the ability to deliver checks are mind and categories of items, the allowable weight, cash on delivery, etc.). The formation of a unique e-mail identifier for each registered mail in accordance with the requirements of the mail. Automatic billing of items, including combined delivery. Creating a list of forms 103 in email form in accordance with the mail. Print the documentation for partionnoy mail: f.103, f.16, f.117, f.113, f.116, f.10, f.7 label, envelopes, etc. Maintaining a database on the administration with the possibility of establishing grades on the passage of mail and other technological heights.

Import comments and error handling information on the administration of on-site postal services, as well as display the results of processing in visual form. 4. Control and treatment Data partionnyh items – used in the postal communication objects and is intended for control and data coming into a form 103 in electronic form. Features: Import and processing of these lists f.103, automatic control of the pricing of items list, including automatic conversion of the combined air and shipping. Verifying that the addresses and the destination of the index items, control of the uniqueness and correctness of the e-mail ID. Storage and use of information on partionnoy mail for control and accounting problems, tracing of postal items, as well as reporting, implementation of the search items in the database on the specified parameters, as well as maintaining a register of clients.

What Is A Driver And Where Do They Come ?

This article is intended for people who are interested in how it is actually put together and why. Today we will speak about the drivers. Many years ago, when the trees were large, computers have been monolithic, ie were performed technically on the same board. Imagine a box that is mounted multiple cards with chips, capacitors, transformers. All this is interwoven pile of wires. Such machines are commercially produced and not upgradeable subject, for this they had to solder and know how it's not all. Software for these computers were produced separately by each model: each program knew exactly which computer with which instruction set it will be performed. Ie if the program had to call the sound – it generated the interrupt, the processor to transmit data and audio device sound played.

While the concept in its infancy about the operating system, its modern sense. This situation changed dramatically with the advent of the IBM-compatible computers. For those who do not know, the main 'feature' of this architecture is that the computer turns into a kind of designer. Devices structurally bred for different cards, developed interfaces to communicate with each device. It is at this stage, a notion of 'device' in its modern sense.

Appear processor motherboard, sound card, video card, disk drive. A computer trying to make as simple to build and upgrade, everything seems simple and logical … BUT! What about software? From the program, running on that computer will recognize the device with which it works? Maybe your computer is a powerful graphics card, but can the simplest? Suppose we are writing a text editor.