Art Nouveau

Wall Sconce ARTIC 2 PARETE combines brilliant steel frame and transparent satin glass ceiling. The combination of direct and rounded shapes, excellent performance and lack of superfluous detail makes this bra a harmonious element in the strict interior. Table Lamp ATLANTIC TAVOLO – an oasis of light in your workplace. There is no field: all the lines are soft, rounded rim color – white lacquered metal, and even the muted light with frosted glass. Strong surface ceiling "revive" the built-in dichroic lamp BAIA INCASSO GZ10 INCOLORE LUCIDO. The frame in the shape of a flower made of fancy galvanized metal, and the ceiling can be made of transparent, opaque or polished glass.

The two surfaces of the sheet frosted glass, brushed steel frame – this is a "portrait" wall lamp BIPLANA PARETE 60. Nothing too much, just clean lines and soft flowing light. Pendant CLASS 60 SOSPENSION E ROSSO – these are two fine elongated canopy of blown glass and light-gray metal frame. Hand painted ceilings are available in seven versions: black, white, red and burgundy, dark brown, black with a matte surface, transparent or translucent with a mirror finish. Art Nouveau style and high-tech blends an original pendant CROSS OVER SOSPENSIONE. Plafond Y-shaped tube made of ceramic and coated with a milky-white enamel, rests on thin steel wire ropes and seemed to hover in the air. Regular cube of white frosted glass with the rim of gray lacquered metal – concept chandeliers CUBI 11 SOSPENSION E and CUBI 16 SOSPENSION E. The two models differ only in size: the first side of the cube is 11 cm in the second – 16 cm interior, lit by a chandelier, a cube, will complement the wall of the same shape. Shelves made of ebony or chromed metal, not only decorative but also functional element: they are easy to place small objects – clocks, vases, figurines.

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