Group Policy Management

Installing and upgrading MyChat the corporate network running Active Directory with group policies. In describing the setup script, which is used in this guide as an example of using a server running operating system Windows Server 2003, a user workstation – Windows XP. Use this guide to your choice. If you do not have MSI package MyChat – you can download it here. Note. If you install the client for MyChat user terminal sessions, read this article, the installation is significantly different from the one described here. The first thing to do – on the server or on any other computer on the network to create a public folder.

In this folder overwrite the software package. Configuring Group Policy. Using Group Policy to configure the necessary configuration of user groups that will be installed or upgraded MyChat client. To do this, open the Group Policy Management and go into the properties of the group with which we work: In the properties go to group policy> and create a new GPO and click Edit>: eper go in the installation Programs> User Configuration branch> and add the MSI package here, located on a shared network resource. Note.

This GPO can be deployed in two ways: first – to – this method provides for installation on each workstation once, twice – to – use this method to the individual client installation for each user in a chat group selected domain.

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