The microclimate of the building depends on many factors. Of great importance is the material of which the walls are built. A wall of concrete blocks AEROC – the most comfortable of the existing ones. To create a truly comfortable microclimate in the building walls should have the following characteristics – to be "warm" to touch (this is achieved by a low thermal conductivity and high resistance to heat transfer), have low air permeability (Windproof walls ensured integrity and constancy of its shape), have sufficient water vapor permeability (ie, the wall must 'breathe'), have teploinertsionnostyu – the space must not 'become hot' in the sun time and do not cool down after sunset. AEROC – it's 100% mineral material that has a fire retardant. AEROC – it is stone, he biostoek (not affected by fungi, insects and other ogranizmami) are not destroyed by the UV radiation and other atmospheric factors. In the production of works of great importance ease of processing and the ability to wall material in the choice of architectural solutions are not tied to the size of modular products. Blocks AEROC processed by simple hand tools.

Special shapes and sizes are obtained by a simple manual hacksaw. Construction is moving fast enough – 1 square meter wall is being built by one person for 15 – 20 min. Aerated concrete AEROC-clean and safe building material. Building a house out of blocks AEROC inflicts minimal damage to the environment. Much less than building a wooden, brick or frame. For example, to build a log house of 100 sq ft to cut 0.1 hectares of pine forest. To build a house out of bricks, you need to dig up more than 100 tons of clay and spend tens of megawatts of power for firing raw materials.

In production of a frame house occupied by a large proportion of synthetic polymers. To build a house out of blocks of 100 sq ft AEROC enough 15 tons of minerals and a few megawatts to handle it. Gazobloki AEROC – optimum material for private construction. Bearing capacity of the wall depends on the strength of its constituent materials and the method of its loading. Masonry load-bearing capacity of the blocks is sufficient for the erection of AEROC buildings with 3 – 5 floors (to be verified by calculation). Bearing capacity of masonry blocks AEROC allows you to build the finest single-layer walls with dostochnymi heat-shielding properties.

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