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It can be as proper installation and restoration of health systems in which the failure occurred. Because now we are interested in the first option, then click Install. On the next page opens License agreement. To accept and continue the installation process, select I accept the license terms and click Next. Then asked to select the type of installation: upgrade from a previous version of Windows 7, or perform complete installation. In our case it is necessary to choose a full install. The next phase will open to select the partition on the hard disk that will install Windows 7, with information on the full and free space partition the hard drive.

Scroll mouse-click the appropriate volume. If the disk is partitioned, the list will contain only one item. If the installer detects the selected section of the previous version of Windows, you receive a notification. Confirming their intention to install a new version of Windows, will automatically give consent for the installation files so that after the old operating system was stored in a folder Windows.old. You can open them, but run the previous operating system will not succeed. Next, begin immediately to install Windows 7.

It runs automatically and does not require your participation. During installation, the computer will restart several times. Because the BIOS is still booting from a specified CD-ROM, do not press any key after the message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD (Click any klavishudlya boot from a CD or DVD), started to boot from the hard drive. When installing Windows 7 would be successfully completed, the system will start, but before you get to the desktop, you have to create an account, set the date, time and time zone, and select the computer name and desktop background. In the first dialog boxes will need to enter name and, if there is a need to protect your computer from unauthorized access, the password for your account. Detail about what constitutes an account later. The next window displayed enter the product key for activation, since each edition of Windows 7 has its own activation key. However, you can install without a serial number, clearing the Automatically activate Windows when connect to the Internet. Then you can select special settings to download updates, time zone and time, as well as the current location of the computer: set the network settings on the basis of what type of network will be connected to your PC. After all this we can say that Windows 7 installed. However, I advise you to complete the installation of a new operating system, checking drivers. So, at best, all the "iron" should be defined, and all drivers are installed. How to do it later Raber. Source:

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