The Tube

If thawing is necessary, then include a refrigerator after it is desirable at night when the temperature drops. When defrosting the refrigerator can not get off the ice with sharp namerzshy objects or tear off your hands because you can damage the tube evaporator. Must wait until it melts naturally. To speed up the thawing process can be put inside a refrigerator container with hot water, but this process is inefficient, because the water has to be changed frequently. For this purpose you can use thermal fan or hair dryer, which can reduce the time of thawing up to one hour. After the ice thawed, the chamber cooler and adjustable shelves should be washed with warm water without adding special solutions or detergents. Dell is the source for more interesting facts. If the shelves in the fridge made of glass, they should not be immediately washed under the faucet with hot Water: from temperature changes, they may break. After the refrigerator cleaned, it should be wiped with a dry cloth, because the wet walls of the chamber when you turn the refrigerator into the network can be formed crystals frost.

Cleaning the refrigerator should be done not only inside but also outside and behind. Outer surface of the refrigerator, including metal handles, it is recommended to wipe with a damp cloth dipped in a weak solution soda or soap and water. If the refrigerator is made of stainless steel, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning the surface. If the condenser is located outside of the refrigerator and back, it is necessary cleaned of dust and dirt with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. Hygienic cleaning of the refrigerator should be made at least 1 time per month.

Getting rid of odors in the refrigerator for regular cleaning of the refrigerator is required, even if it is equipped with technology no frost and does not require thawing. This will avoid unpleasant odors, which are formed during prolonged storage of products. From this problem will also help relieve a variety of flavors and odors absorbers. At home, you can use a solution of ammonia per 1 tablespoon per quart of water. This solution to wipe the inside of the refrigerator before washing. Remember that the timely defrosting and cleaning the refrigerator can not only maintain high levels of hygiene, but also significantly prolong its life.


The effect is the same as if you bake Products in the oven, but the air in the kitchen does not heat up, and even in the summer in very hot weather cooking process does not cause discomfort. Good microwave oven with grill and convection in the presence of electric kettles and coffee house allows you to completely abandon the cooktop and oven. Why take the place of cumbersome, although familiar from childhood stove, if all – from soup to stewed fruit and pastries – can be cooked in a microwave oven? Such models to a small cafe and kitchen offices, an excellent job with its task, allowing you to not only warm the cooked food, but fried chicken or fish, baked muffin, do crunches. However, comfort requires an investment of a decent amount, and the size of the oven with convection and grill is larger than a simple microwave the same amount. Volume microwave pechiNa this option should pay no less attention than the type of microwave oven and the type of grill, because the volume working chamber depends on how many products at once you will be able to download and prepare. For one man enough microwaves to the volume of the working chamber 8.5 liters, two of them quite fit the model to 13-19 liters, and if your family consists of 3 or more people should focus on 23-32 liters. But this volume is not the limit! For those who love to invite guests, and party more like furnace with a volume of 38 to 41 liters, which fits easily into most chicken, duck, goose and even where you can cook a baked potato or a large pot of pilaf. . Gain insight and clarity with Robotics expert .

Panasonic Printer

I think many thought about how to reduce the cost of servicing their printers, including printers and MFPs, but no response or was not, either it is to reduce the number of print, or search for cheaper consumables. It is understandable, since sometimes the price of the original laser toner cartridge comes to half the cost of the printer itself! The truth can be a time to calm down, as toner cartridges can be refillable 2-3 times that save a significant amount. Here is an example: the cost of the original hp Q2612A toner cartridge for the popular printer Hewleet Packard 1020 average 2300 rubles, and the cost of the printer around 5000 rubles! But what happens when the cartridge ran out and his Prefilled several times already? Buy the original cartridge – it's expensive, to fill the old has not come out, because the print quality is not satisfactory. The answer is! Compatible ink cartridge – this cartridge produced by third-party company for office equipment known manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Canon, xerox, Samsung, Panasonic, on its own technology, perfectly legally, without violating any laws or copyrights. Let me give a few firms manufacturers of compatible ink cartridges for printers: Kyosera, Lomond, Atis and others.

I hasten to note that compatible cartridges are cheaper than the original, as the producer of the original cartridge makes a great cheat on the price, the price laid down cost of production of the cartridge, the cost of technology development, cost of storage, transportation, advertising, and most importantly – the cost of the brand. With compatible cartridges are simpler, they are not as well known and cheating much less. Usually cheaper than the original cartridge compatible to 30-50%, depending on the manufacturer. Toner Cartridge has the same expiration date as the original, it can be refillable as many times as it components to be as reliable, and most importantly the print quality they have the same, of course, if you have not bought a fake. It should be noted: if you break the printer, which still must be repaired under warranty, then before you give it in repair it must be the original cartridge, or just give the printer in for repair without a cartridge, since under the terms of warranties you should only use genuine consumables, therefore, if it is determined that the printer is broken due to non-original (compatible) ink cartridge it will not be covered by warranty and the printer in for repair will not be accepted. Of my own: when it comes time to change the cartridge, I try to buy original if the original cartridge, no, do not hesitate to take a compatible cartridge trusted manufacturer and use it.

Modern Washing Machines

Currently, experts and users of washing machines on the right to present a data structure of the set requirements. Indeed, regardless of manufacturer, and any modern washing machine should be precision, technical and versatile unit, characterized by a mass of advantages. First, the modern washing machine should ideally perform the washing process. By purchasing such a machine, the user receives the ability to easily combine the duration of the washing process with the desired temperature conditions, the level of mechanical action and a suitable detergent. In this wash can be as intense and sparing – depending on the quality of linen.

In addition, in the modern washing machine should be provided for a variety of programs designed for effective washing and as thoroughly rinse (which is special importance for people with allergies reacting to chemicals, including laundry detergent). Secondly, the modern washing machine should be easy to use. Such a machine will never create a user inconvenience or when washing large items, rugs, for example, or blankets, or in the wash 'stuff', say, handkerchiefs. In this case, things are placed and removed from the machine with equal ease, and self-laundry unit programmed and run without any difficulties. Third, the ideal modern machine must necessarily be equipped with safety features that protect children and adults. Such a machine, for example, can lock button and containers for detergents, not allowing children to penetrate. Fourth, perfect in every sense of the washing machine should be of high environmental performance. It is especially important have a level of energy consumption and spin class (eg, less power consumption, the less burden on the environment). role and sensor technology that promotes optimal water and energy costs. Fifthly, reliable modern washing machine should be made of durable materials and proven capable of providing the device durability, and user cost savings on repairs. It is known that lead from reputable manufacturers use in the production of washing machines only high quality raw materials.