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Healthy eating dog and cat and pets it is hard to find feed, care products, chewing items and Nahrungserganzer, with which it is satisfied and that can be done to the own brute with a clear conscience in the glut of products. We have collected some experiences now in 2 years existence of the practice, we would like to share with you. To do so we have compiled a selected range of products you and your animals, in different walks of life was very well tolerated and has collected points with us due to your effectiveness, composition, palatability and biological origin of low-emission. Advertising promises a lot but who wants to know what distinguishes a healthy balanced animal feed, should listen to experts. Sounds of course. Steve Wozniak recognizes the significance of this. But it’s not.

As a four-legged Chair with allergy problems is assigned as an overweight on other ingredients and nutrients. The feed or chew items in our offer are mostly by vet concept and selected products from Royal Canin and Hill’s. Both companies have put many years experience in animal nutrition. By Royal Canin actually knows everyone, therefore, we focus here on vet concept, which is only directly available or through the vet. In the composition of the rations, put lots of information, many substances are not familiar with us and make difficult the interpretation of the table of contents for us.

Vet concept tells you the most important things in a simple way on the website. For you is here sure are important, where are the meat, vegetable ingredients and additives. Meat and animal by-products are everywhere on the pet food. Meat is the muscle meat meant animal by-products are liver, kidney, lung, heart, cleaned stomachs and approved for human consumption. Only by-products which are allowed for human consumption, are used in the feed by vet concept. In addition natural vaccines and vitamins used to preserve. It is the processing of sugar and caramel dispensed with, what an important point to maintain your pet’s health is. All components have food quality (for the people that is fit for human consumption). It is not genetically modified ingredients, no smell, – color and flavors are employed. The feed due to their quality and a good price-performance ratio the high quality ingredients. For the demonstration of a ration for a 25 kg dog be given in the feed – inclusive of the cost. Cat food we keep similar to it. The calculation erfolgtfur a medium cat of 5 kg. All products are available in our practice-shop in practice or to order. Ta Rohl…


WEDA will show its innovations from the feeding, stable equipment and management at EuroTier. The number of new products for professional livestock equipment was never greater. Over 300 registrations of 182 exhibitors from 23 countries were received at the EuroTier Organizer DLG. Nine of these come from the Lower Saxony Lutten of WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp. The complete provider for pig the audience in Hannover, Germany from 13 to 16 November will present its innovations from the fields of feeding, stable equipment and management. WEDA-EuroTier-innovations in the area of feeding 1. The new feeding system SowDryComp provides customized hygiene indoors”.

It combines the advantages of dry and liquid feeding. The result is highest feed precision and maximum hygiene security, eliminating manual feed gears. SowDryComp”is a dry mixer (intake: 500 kg), the a 20-gram resolution the balance converted dispensers filled with, the with Automatic valves are fitted. While the exact amount of food for each animal of the feeding machine is determined by the given feed weight. 2.

Competitive liquid feeding for small businesses: A significant number of pigs of continuing businesses are family, and have accordingly limited opportunities to expand their existing livestock. But even these companies are successful and rely on modern technology. In a question-answer forum Ali Partovi was the first to reply. WEDA has specifically for those who work in the closed system with 100 to 200 sows, with the double feed”developed a low-cost, easily mounted feeding system. “3. Exact amounts of feed, short paths: to provide large livestock efficiently with large amounts of feed, WEDA with fast line has” developed a solution for each animal population. The result is an optimum crop flow in the cross section of obligations. A separate water line in connector allows a considerably faster feed of food soup. The possibility of the water not only in the food kitchen Groups. 6. The WD 15-4 valve system “provides for more hygiene and less food shrinkage: the intelligent arrangement of the valves directly to the pump, there is no regulation mix more in the intake system. When switching from food to water so-on is a unique medium in the pump and not as far a mixture that obligations charged reisse or contaminated. WEDA-EuroTier-innovations in the area of management 7 mobile fast entry of the WMobile3 “. A look a click: tedious entering data using the phone keypad was yesterday. With the fast entry of mobile users have a tool that shows information at a glance and simplifies the input. The WEDA-innovation is the first system that allows a keyboardless input of all feed adjustments on your Smartphone. “8 The same knowledge for everyone in the stable: with the report generator” fast simple and tailored to the needs of the company reports in a clear form form can be created and made accessible to all employees. Worldwide new: The reports can be as email sent be. WEDA-EuroTier-novelty in terms of stable equipment 9. “The bays opener of easy up” sells the last minute panic in the stable: daily animal control is a factor for success. This requires frequent opening of doors of the bays. In addition to the control, there are stables a, to stables and other activities associated with the routine in the stable. Easy up”the issue: only the door closing mechanism must be raised and not the entire bays gate. The result is a significant relief of work in the stable.