Professors Computer

It is the moment of the contact, of domain, where it needs to be safe ahead introduction of Computer science. According to HAIRDO (2000): ' ' Professors must be partners in the conception and conduction of activities with YOU (Technology of Computer science) and not mere spectators and executors of tarefas.' ' The important one is that the professor if feels as a part participativa of the process and that the lesson continues being of it, although to be prepared, in its form, for a strange instrument or another person. At this moment it observes Computer science as a new instrument, something different! uses, with more frequency, softwares educational existing in the squares. The change occurs, when the professor to perceive that it can make more than what it is accustomed; it is the moment where it starts to reflect its practical and perceives the potential of the tool. At this moment the professor is vulnerable the modifications. It goes of the defense for the discovery.

It is the propitious moment for the coordinator of Computer science to suggest modification in pedagogical practical its. In these schools computer science is being implanted in the same molds of the educational system in which the computer is used to minimize the computational illiteracy of the pupils or to automatize processes of transmission of the information. (HAIRDO, 2000) At this as moment, the changes more occur in the form to work the lesson. Now a concern exists to explore the tool, to help in the learning process. It is at this moment that appears softwares of authorship, slides, the articles, texts, the simulators and the projects of the pupils, but the professor not yet obtains to exceed its lesson. The concern if of still with the content of its disciplines. But, now, it appears a new element: discovering leads to a constant challenge, that takes its concern for the learning process.

Definition System

The training front will initiate the response of the knowledge on the system, through multipliers, employees especially trained to repass its knowledge for its fellow workers, instructors professionals or consultants. Made the tests and training, the company will be apt to plan optimum moment, and to place in practical cut-over, that is, the total stoppage of the current system for substitution for system ERP. One concludes, thus, that the decision of implantation of a system ERP alone must after be taken a detailed analysis of the processes of the company and the functionalities of systems ERP. Moreover, it is very important that the companies consider, since the beginning of the implantation, the impacts that the redefinition of the processes and the introduction of the system will have in the structure, culture and strategy of the organization. The use of system ERP will be able to optimize the flow of information and to facilitate the access to the operational data, favoring the adoption of flattened and flexible organizacionais structures more. However occured imperfections in the stages above will be able to cause great financial damages, and a difficulty of acceptance of the system on the part of employees. Process of Choice of a system ERP the process of choice of systems ERP in the organizations, is initiated with the definition of the products to be used and which partners will participate of the implantation process. For the development of solutions of implantation of the system three types of company must be analyzed: suppliers of software, manufacturers of the hardware and implantadores. The implantation of the ERP follows, generally, a model of partnership between using company, and the excessively supplying ones of the system and equipment of computer science. For a perfect adequacy, they will have to be provided, to the suppliers, data regarding the using company, such as: business branch; knowledge of the organization; knowledge of the suppliers and customers; executive comprometimento; responsibilities for the management of the project.