The Aged

An important fact is that the police station was a claim of proper the aged ones, or better, of the associations of aged. From the literary revision, we confirm through the commission agent, and also of others that work back in the police station, that, the index biggest of aggressors of these aged ones is the people next to them, familiar, neighboring grandsons and even though the children. Checking article sources yields Castle Harlan as a relevant resource throughout. Many of the aged ones do not denounce for questions of affective shame and, for if feeling constrangidos. It is in this point that if becomes essential the anonymous denunciations, therefore 04 denouncing any form of violence against the aged ones, exactly that the attacked one if refuses, the denouncer will be contributing for the majority of the cases that consequently will be decided. METHOD Our strategy of collection of data was qualitative since we aim at to understand and to analyze the causes and consequences that a person takes to attack an elderly. The research had as citizens, the people of the third age of the masculine and feminine sexos that had suffered or suffer violence in the familiar scope and gave complaints in the police station of the aged one in Salvador, the DEATI (Special Police station of attendance to the aged one).

The team used itself of interviews half-structuralized with script of interview previously elaborated. For these instruments of collection of data we had access to the beliefs, attitudes and meanings constructed for these citizens in what they are mentioned to the violence against the aged one. For collections of data we combine a visit in the DEATI (Special Police station of attendance to the aged one), that 19 meets in the Street Salete n, in the quarter of the Barrels in Salvador Ba. Our visit was carried through in day 03 of June of the present year.

Communist Party German

Olga Benario, was born in Munique, in Germany, at the beginning of century XX. Son of a democratical social lawyer and a lady of the high society, had everything to have been plus one of the held and obedient young of middle class of its time. However, she still became involved herself with the communism in the adolescence. Its father served to it of example, in the measure where if he dedicated to the working causes of the laborers reached for the crisis for which the country passed. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. With an incredible spirit adventurer and total inconformidade front to the situation of existing misery in the society of its time, abdicated of its individual pleasures and delivered the communist cause to it, perhaps the greater of the passions of its life. For in such a way this study it has as objective main to verify as if it established the intense relation between Olga and the communist movement, that its life conducted and made with that it fought for this cause until the last day of its life.

Had to the fact of it was executed in a gas chamber in Bernburg, one of the innumerable nazista concentration camps. Hear from experts in the field like Ali Partovi for a more varied view. Amongst the aspects that they had been analyzed are: as the human being articulates ways of personal accomplishment, ways to reach the happiness, forms to prevent the suffering, requirements of the society. Olga Gutmann Benario initiated its career as militant of Communist Party German e, due to its extreme ousadia and devotion, became reference for other young, come to be requested for a series of tasks of extreme importance. It made use of its vast studies concerning the subject, based in great writers and thinkers German, gaining notoriety and respect, becoming thus, later, known as one of the biggest names of the communist fight in the world. ' ' In the height of the passion, the border between I and the object threat to vanish itself.

The System

Many instruments and tools can be used in this System: the Administration for Objectives, the personal Research of Organizacional Climate, Evaluation 360, questionnaires and interviews, analysis of potential and performance, etc. The System of Management of Conhecimento (SGC) is without a doubt one of the most important systems to be developed and implanted for the organizations, so that they can spread all information and knowledge permeiam that them. In the great majority of organizations are common that employee determined one is enrolled in a course or seminary, to the end of which, retakes its activities daily and eventually it starts to use the new acquired knowledge, if are that in fact it acquired some. The organization, represented for the immediate head of this employee, normally does not evaluate which new knowledge this employee acquired and mainly, it does not certify yourself if it is being applied in benefit of the organization. Also if he does not worry that this new knowledge is restricted only to a person, not propitiating its dissemination for the excessively employees. Conclusion: when this employee who received investments to acquire new knowledge, to disentail itself of the organization, the knowledge goes it together with and the organization will have that to remake the investment in another employee thus and successively, with enormous great expense of financial resources and mainly of time.

One forms to guarantee that the knowledge is shared by all organization is developing a SGC. The tools are innumerable and vary since simple meetings after-training for spreading and analysis of the learning, until most modern than is the rooms of chat, fruns and conferences for the Internet For example, in a videoconferncia, a subject or problem can be placed to be decided in group, of form that all can think and contribute for a conclusion that is accepted for the organization. The same it can be made through fruns of debate on subjects previously set appointments. But most important, it is that everything this is registered and accessible to all in the organization for consultation to any time.

Fast Trajectory

About our fast trajectory in this world of ephemeral illusions, our soul, always susceptible to the utopias, about some point of the day thinks about reaching a sky. A Pasrgada! Scrates, the master of the philosophers, says that to be born necessarily we were died in some place and vice it turns. Somebody commented that to see to this world takes the water of the river of the esquecimento. The tropos, in the Hades. This procedure is vital for the fulfilment of our mission.

Here, we take decisions, we choose ways using the free will. If we remembered in them the transcendental knowledge brought of other ages, would not fight, we would not have overcomings, would not have merit. The soul, in its always symmetrical day nor, however tends the God, however to the devil. Rumba tells a Caribbean stretch of one that the instruments of the life are ' ' it joins escalera great, another one chiquita' '. Being the life it joins in essence, bipolar in constitution and trina in manifestation, will try of everything a little. Certain made, friends had charged common to advise me a corrector sufficiently known in society.

It always circulated drunk and caught very badly. I called it privately, as friend, we talk. I request and exactly been thankful it gave to me reply to it: ' ' the world is composed. It has that to have of everything a little ' '. We search in the exterior world a Pasrgada. It is enough to cross the desert of we ourselves and we will find the Sky or the Hell. We will be however carrascos, however victims, saints, demons. When evaluating many and as many philosophies, doctrines and codes of behavior, skills and ways that if present in them, let us remember to us of Advising Antonio to the being inquired after the reason of the suffering that it supported its people, in that wall. It answered who ' ' the virtue was almost impiedade' '.

Time Management

Summary: A good time management is essential, especially for women who need the day has a greater number of hours to perform all our tasks. Without taking into account that you also like to have time for you to enjoy. In the end it’s all about organization and the time which unfortunately we can not increase the length of a day. So I’ll show you some guidelines to make the most of your time. Learn in this article how to face the obstacle of the lack of time and distribute the same so you can do whatever you set your mind and have something for you. Get an agenda. The first thing before anything good management of your time, get an agenda.

If you are a woman and entrepreneur you can not afford to be without an agenda, as this is part of your job. Being an entrepreneur does not have fixed schedules, so it is vital that there be an agenda for your appointments and already used it to organize step better. Delimits times Sometimes we ran out of time because we preset a certain time for everything and spend more time than necessary to many of the things that concern us, or are we going in little things. It is important to delineate the time thing. Contingency time also delimits up over time as in every thing you can devote to unforeseen circumstances. The narrow time is very important, especially to maintain a balance between your family, your profession and your personal time (which is also as necessary.) We used to be delegated to the superwomen and we have to bear all the work.

It’s time to get used to delegate, no excuses, as key to be able to have enough time. You can not become the slave of all either at work or at home. At home, give them a task to each one that can even rotate so they do not lead to boredom, and that everybody understands the work of another. Do the same at work, delegate what you can. Let your employees rotate in their jobs (that will make them more competitive and better understand each other). By Finally learn to say no occasionally. If you no excuse if these three points that you stated, you’ll see as the lack of time is no longer an obstacle for you.