Capes Research

thus, this young will have difficulties when to enter an institution of superior education and perhaps some areas of its personal life. Valuation of the Professor: In day 28 of July of 2010 the Capes promoted a debate on the formation of professors in Brazil and enters the main challenges told for the director is: to fulfill the offers of courses/vacant; to minimize evasion, guaranteeing support to the professors; to create models of adequate courses to the professors in exercise; to promote curricular innovation and of pedagogical projects. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem. This comes to show that a concern with the formation of the new professors exists, but not with the recovery of that already they are in the schools. In accordance with research carried through with professors of the state net of Salt mines, when being asked if feels valued, for some segments, in relation schools 83.33% had answered that they are valued in relation to the pupils this percentage was in 75%. But in if treating to the government, this number it falls for 33,33% as graphical I. is not by chance that the number of professionals of the area does not grow the demand of pupils in accordance with.

In research carried through with 323 pupils of the state net of the city of Salt mines, in Minas Gerais, sample that 45% of the pupils already had thought about being professors, as Graphical II. The same research sample that enters the profession options proposals, of I take the veil is in last place, as Graphical III. The research shows the reason that took the great majority to give up lecionar, was to the lack of valuation of the professor, the perception of the insatisfao of these professionals and the low paid wages. The same research sample that stops 88,21% of the interviewed pupils, the professor is not valued and when analyzing the data, we perceive that the fact of a pupil to find that the professor profession is not valued, the probability to choose this profession for its future is minim.

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