New Asus Lamborghini Laptops

A well-known notebook manufacturer Asus introduced two new devices line Lamborghini. New models like the eminent car is not only a company logo, exterior laptop also has similarities with supercars. In the top model Asus VX7 designers have tried to recreate the appearance of a car, as close to its prototype, while preserving the functionality of a laptop. Its angular and aggressive forms of Asus VX7 reminds Lamborghini Reventon, especially the stop signals located on the back side. In the manufacture of the laptop has the material of the highest quality: metal, expensive plastic and automotive leather. Screen, with 15,6 inch, has a 16:9 aspect ratio and LED-backlit.

Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 makes it easy to view movies in the format of Full hd. Specifications VX7 consistent appearance. The notebook is based on chipset Intel HM55 Processor Core i7. The maximum amount of ram DDR3 is 16 gb. Work bar at 1333 MHz. Graphic system represented a powerful discrete graphics card Nvidia N11E-GS with 1.5 gb of memory GDDR5. The device can be installed two hard drives of 1,5 Tb.

Depending on configuration, laptops equipped with DVD-or Blu-ray drive. The second model is Asus Lamborghini VX6, also known as Asus Eee pc Lamborghini, has a more modest performance, compared with his older "brother." Netbook based on platform nvidia ion 2. Inside the laptop to work "motor Intel Atom D525, clocked at 1800 MHz. The processor is powerful enough to perform everyday tasks. For work with graphics meet GeForce 9400M, which supports all technology nvidia (CUDA, PureVideo, PhysX, etc.). Netbook Memory can be expanded to 4 gb. In all of this system was sufficiently energy efficient. Charge 6-cell battery lasts for 7.5 hours. 12-inch screen VX6 a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. In the device can set the drive up to 320 gb. Of the other features of models is the support usb 3.0, and the availability of high-quality acoustics from a reputable manufacturer Bang & Olufsen with modern technology to strengthen the digital signal ICEPower and support for srs Premium Sound, which provides crystal clear sound even at full volume.

Select Open Network Connections

It printed in Latin letters: ipconfig / all (aypikonfig ALL). Note that between ipconfig and / all should be blank. (See below) Once printed, the keyboard, press the key Enter. Have additional information. (See below) where you need (without errors) to write data: ip Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway dns Servers If two dns Servers, then and write both. Data on the dhcp Server you do not need.

When you have written one you need information, then type the word exit and press Enter. Window closes. Now, with the information you need, you can create a Static ip for your computer. To this end, in the lower right corner of the screen, right-mouse button in (as be) or televizorchik (depending on how your computer is connected to a router (wireless or via cable)). The menu opens (see below) Select Open Network Connections (I do not know how it is in Russian. Version, but I think that it should also located at the bottom of the menu). This opens the following window.

(See below) In the new window may be a few cells – is marked with network adapters, through which your computer can connect to the Internet network. It is very important to choose the adapter through which your computer connects to the Internet. If you are not sure which adapter you need, then either of them, right-click. In the menu that appears vyberite Disable (Disable), and try a browser to open any web page. If your browser does not open the web page, it means that you have deactivated exactly the adapter that uses your computer to connect to the Internet.

OpenOffice Writer

And even if in mathematics lessons apply common Arabic numerals (though the Roman beautiful), it would be logical to teach children the most common os. In the end, taxi drivers are not taught on tractors. And for want to learn Linux is a specialized colleges, and the self has not been canceled (in terms of hobbies). Precisely because the correct choice of target (and more specifically – the user) audience of Windows has become a mass product, and remains in this status. And in school, please remember, we have to prepare a pc user.

About the use of Windows in the formation of many written in the spirit of "implanting Windows at school, at public expense, we prepare the user for the merchant-monopoly, but also pay for the monopolist to license the school operating. I draw the attention of the reader that this is not a problem school, it is a problem of the state – for a single information-sharing needs a single system, and if necessary, then replacement system should be conducted throughout the state, not just in education. Under the "single system" here refers not only compatible file types (in the end, the odf files are opened and in ms Word 2007 and OpenOffice Writer 3.0, and pdf format immediately created as a cross-platform), but also a system to train technicians and users. Please provide the reader not to assume that in these two paragraphs, tried to prove the superiority of Windows (after all, the taste and color are all markers are different, and if someone more like Linux, we honor him and praise).

Federal Target Programme

Interactive Whiteboard, stylus, ac adapter cable, usb, Wall Mount, software Starboard Software Interactive Whiteboard, 4 markers, Cable usb, software smart Board software Whiteboard, 3 markers, dry eraser, software disc, wall-mounted interactive whiteboard, 2 electronic markers, 2 erasers, markers stand, wall fastening, connecting cables: usb, RS-232 cable (15-20m), drivers, software ACTIVEboard in Russian. Resolution 4096/1000 lpi lines per inch 300/60 4000/1000 lpi lines per inch 300/60 2730/900 lines per inch surface metal metal plastic plastic Metal warranty to 7 years 3 years 3 years 1 year 3 years recommended retail price (depending on model) 56100-92300 rub. 59770-77930 rub. 49950-114700 rub. 73950 rub. 62900-105200 rub. Comparative table demonstrates that interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard have a very wide range, while possessing sufficient affordable price compared to other manufacturers.

In addition, it should be noted that the warranty for educational institutions can extend to 7 years! Agree important factor, especially in light of the Federal Target Programme for the Development of Education. It happens that when transporting Whiteboard InterWrite SchoolBoard, active board surface damage. But despite this seemingly critical damage, the boards often operate on the entire surface, with the exception of a few millimeters around the pierced area. This experience speaks in favor of the manufacturer of interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard, because during training schools and other educational institutions, resistance to such damage is welcome. Interwrite iPanel The range InterWrite SchoolBoard includes not only interactive whiteboards, but the panel Interwrite iPanel, wireless tablet Interwrite Pad, the system operational Knowledge Control Interwrite prs, Interwrite rf, Interwrite Virtual prs, and more. Interwrite Pad studies on the impact of technology on learning has shown that, thanks to interactive whiteboards children are more willing to learn and improve their results. Working with these training equipment and opportunities to develop research discussion in class and they do their homework dynamic. Such equipment school premises does not require special effort in their work.

To select an icon to open the website or move the image, students simply touch the marker board surface. Such a quick and easy access to information makes students think and create new ideas. They can work with geometric figures, to search for necessary information in the network or make a presentation. Also, using a marker that is on a special stand, they can write on the screen in digital ink. Special software Interwrite Workspace software for interactive whiteboards makes working with texts and objects, audio and video materials, Internet resources, take notes directly on top of open documents and save information. In addition to the educational scope, interactive whiteboards are widely used during presentations, meetings and so on. To work effectively in meetings and conferences often require access to shared information. Big Screen Interactive board visible to all participants. Presenter can use your computer, open the application from any other being in the public network, work with the Internet – all actions can be performed directly on the board, not departing from it. Today, interactive equipment is widely used by many Russian companies not only in Moscow but also in the regions. Many training companies and educational centers are already working with interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard. Thanks these devices, the usual meeting rooms are transformed into multimedia classes. Unlimited opportunities for interactive whiteboards InterWrite SchoolBoard allow constantly finding new ways for their application.