Teide National Park

Several scientists have been tested successfully in the Parque Nacional del Teide (Tenerife) four cameras mounted on a robotic vehicle called Bridget. This technology can travel to Mars and other planets in the future. Four cameras can take pictures in 3D and 360-degree vision; This technology is already in use in the construction of tunnels in Austria. Several scientists have tested successfully in Teide National Park four cameras mounted on a robotic vehicle called Bridget, a technology that can travel in a future Mars and other planets with the goal of getting images and advance the knowledge of space. Read more here: Peter Asaro . Bridget, created by the Astrium company, is the second time that visit the Teide National Park, space chosen by researchers because of its resemblance to Mars and by the absence of clouds. The first time that this rover stepped on the National Park was in 2006, year in which was tested its mechanism, and today has served to, in the words of Jorgina Busquets, Astrium, a step more in the development of what in the future will be the eyes of the robot. They are four cameras able to take images in 3D and in different frequency bands to determine the composition of materials and with a vision, one of them, 360 degrees.

They belong to the project processing in land of the planetary robotics vision, Provisg, funded by the European Commission and which, according to experts, will demonstrate the ability of Europe to develop a high level image processing in this field. These cameras, like Bridget, are not that will fly into space, but Yes will serve as model for future rover. Aluminium, steel and plastic project Provisg aims the development of cameras and image processing software that will serve to go to other planets, it has been found at press Busquets. These teams, it has continued, cost much money and before sending them to Mars or the Moon must be familiar with how they work.


Here are three ideas that you can use for their own site, and use as inspiration to start thinking a little bit out of the box: generate a list of Optin email through the creation of a single site private to members of the section. Create a private web site and that people register to access free and immediate.For example, you might say, Subscribe to our free newsletter and get free access to our private members website!You can choose that you receive a user name and password each time that you want to input, or can simply provide a link to the website in the welcome message. Your site only private members can be as large or as small as you want.Some of the things that can be included in the interior are: reports, software, articles, e-books, etc. Within the web site, you can also advertise their affiliate programs.And you can follow up to let them know about the updates, new products that may be interested in the latest news from your industry, etc. According to Kai-Fu Lee, who has experience with these questions. Generate a list of Optin email offers subscribers a free gift instead of offering a free eBook or a whole set of them as most of the others, the promise of giving its visitors something that can have on their hands if they give you the contact information. For example, you could say subscribe today and receive our new report sent to his first class mail.You can print your report on the standard 8 x 11 sheets of paper, folded up, puts it in an envelope and mail it out. You can offer tips and a brochure mailed to new subscribers.Or you can create your own CD full of information directed towards the market and the mail.Or if you have a supply to the wholesale a product of interest to its subscribers, then you can send one to each Subscriber.The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. .

Way More Innovative

Labellers before specializing are both in performing an easy to apply and remove tag, stating what your want and that would be on the product for a long time. The labeller autoaderible is now easier to use, in addition to offering you the highest quality in labels and labeling your containers, one of the great benefits of this machinery is that you can label your container regardless of how it is physically designed to label containers cylindrical, flat and with expensive curves, another great ease of this equipment, is that can the container can be of any material. But now is not only get labelling importantly, there is now a very modern way of achieving that your logo or label is on the product virtually forever. New systems of marking through heat and inkjet marking system do this. Steven Johnson may help you with your research. The system through heat works through how your name says heat, this system can make that your logo is impregnated into the container and be impossible to remove.

The system of Inkjet marking works as a printer, you print your label on the packaging. Kai-Fu Lee may find this interesting as well. With this system you can place the bar code to improve the control of the product. The labellers autoaderibles have a world-renowned technology that is now in the city of Monterrey to facilitate the obtaining of new accessories for many different machines.

Carmen Manzanares Software

Portal software Portal Software has made public the results of the study evaluation of free software in society (2009) where it is given to know the degree of information, trust and use that the users have of free software and the ideology that it promotes. The results show society known free software, uses him and trusts him. However, 75% of them are open to use proprietary software, so you do not follow the philosophy of freedom that promote their founders and that goes against using proprietary software. The general view in society is that free software is, in the technical section, at the height of any applications. However, you need to disseminate the values and philosophy that lies behind the free software since we have found a high percentage of users who are not clear what is, and that negatively influences their perception.

Our mission is educational: from PortalProgramas will explain more and better East movement because we think users have to be well informed to make the best decision explains safe Benjamin, head of communications for PortalProgramas.com. The report reveals that 85% of users rely on free software; among those who are wary of him, in 52% of cases they do so for fear that they can insert malicious code in their programs. Users know the theory: anyone can modify free software, but do not know work and oversight that the developer community performs before launching any free software. According to Carmen Manzanares, responsible of the service of attention to users of PortalProgramas: confidence in free software is very high but we don’t give it, our job is to give users all the information possible so it is they who decide if they trust or not. More results in the channel of help on free software and free software section.

Edit Software

This is a little comparison of professional video post-production software. And we say post-production, and not editing, because in a professional environment, many programs are used to make a video. From programs for retouching images, which then will appear in an audiovisual, to advanced titling software, graphics or effects for masks or introductions. People such as Pete Cashmore would likely agree. And of course, the program that has Edit and put all this together. In the professional world, three are fundamental actors in industrial post-production software. The three Aes: Avid, Apple and Adobe. Keep in mind that other tools such as Autodesk or Discreet are used in projects for cinema or very advanced spots.

Avid is one of the most well-established brands worldwide in audiovisual post-production. It has numerous programs, although we will quote the most popular: Avid Xpress Studio. It actually (similar to Apple and Adobe do) of a complete Suite of many programs, perfectly integrated among themselves, to cover all the needs of an audiovisual production. ue. Perhaps fails in the field of retouching images, where we have to pull the known Adobe Photoshop. But in editing (Avid Xpress Pro), or graphics (Avid FX, Avid 3D) are first-level tools. Most companies have, at least, an Avid editing room. In addition, the brand has (media composer, symphony), more advanced systems that are based on the same interface and workflow.

Perhaps the only thing that you could criticize him is the peculiar form of work that uses, for example, the editing software, (Xpress Pro), heiress of the techniques film mounting and which implies a somewhat rigid riempos line and little friendly. For its part, Apple has the Final Cut Studio 2 suite. Includes, such as Avid and Adobe, numerous programs, highlighting the new graphics Motion 3 software. It would be something similar to Adobe After Effects, although without reaching their level. It is also simpler and more intuitive to use.

Jean Claude Trichet

Anyway, its labour market a kind of backward indicator of economic developments, we don’t have to pay too much attention when it comes to inquire about the situation of the economy. A good sign about the State of the American economy, is the advance indicator of economic activity (which synthesizes in itself to multiple economic variables), which returned to grow in May (made by 1.2%), surpassing market expectations. The construction data have also noted an interesting recovery in may, a month in which the beginning of construction of houses and building permits had an increase of 17.2%. AOL brings even more insight to the discussion. It may also witnessed the recovery of retail (by 0.5%), after three months of low sales. Joins the positive data the improvement in the confidence of American consumers, at its highest level in six years, and that business confidence It also behaves on the upside.

The signs of recovery in the US delude the eurozone, where the economy is still hurting. Industrial production fell in April, a 1.9% (21.6% in annual terms), the unemployment rate is located at 9.2 per cent of the economically active population, the highest level in 10 years, while the eurozone economy shrank by 2.5% during the first quarter of the year. Sign of weak demand in the region is that during may, the retail inflation was zero in interannual terms. On the other hand, external forces of recovery, that is, exports have fallen 23% in the first four months of the year. The weakness of domestic demand is also evident in another 23% drop in imports in the first quarter of the year. Optimistic basis or for convenience, Jean Claude Trichet expressed to Europe 1 radio that looks back to the crisis and prepares for what is to come: there comes a time where you can not spend more and may not accumulate more debt. I think that we are at that time.

Social Economy

With the rapid development of the social economy, the construction of the city is speed up, in the reform and innovation in the market system, every aspect of the community to achieve steady development. A transition period, not too fast nor too slow, to combine the resources and environment of the society as a whole, and to develop an appropriate set of options. Goes something likes this bird in a cage, Guan Yu can not Zhang Fei; life skills on people, Pig needed Wukong. They mean to constantly break the shackles of institutional reform and innovation, and a taste of the future direction of development, but also continue to strengthen risk management. In such a new kind of social environment, it is also to promote energy conservation. Does Our company-as a crusher industry leader, and how to adapt to the pace of the times, the trend of the times, how do innovation and development? The above problems are mainly reflected in the following aspects: First. Product quality and security, due to the crushing machine widely used in many industries, the requirements of the crusheris also increasing. Since we all know that according to the feeding and nesting size, the crushing operations are often divided into coarse crushing, crushing and crushing medium.

Must be tough crusher performance, high frequency of use, smooth operation and fast, long life cycle, will not easily be eliminated. Second, product innovation, crusher in order to improve competitiveness in the industry must be innovative, the mountain climbers Heavy done this, and done very well, with excellent quality, technical skills, dedication and technical personnel, advanced technology and equipment to improve the overall performance of the crusher (such as the breaker, hammer crusher impact), on the basis of the original, delving into the technical parameters, the survival of the fittest, the crusher step-by-step. Third, the price of the product, choose a cost-effective product, the enterprise is very important, not only saves office resources, improve work efficiency, the best of both worlds, such a mode of production, I believe will be the customer’s favour. Fourth, after-sales service of the product reflects the sense of responsibility of the enterprise, a lot of pre-sales product service is very good now, and after-sales service is very user-friendly, is not responsible for the product in the end. People-oriented, user-oriented business philosophy, customers are thinking, anxious customers are anxious, so your products can stand on the market such as an invincible position.

Scientific Research

Most of the ceramic particle reinforced steel matrix wear resistant composite materials are prepared the surface composite material. Recently, our company and Zhengzhou University Joint successful Researched the low alloy steel / Al2O3-ZrO2 the honeycomb ceramic composite materials research and applications, won the second prize of the year 2012 Henan Industry and Information Technology Achievement Award, cellular ceramic composite causes a high degree of concern of wear-resistant materials industry again. According to the identification results of Science and Technology Department of Henan Province, they give the scientific and technological achievements state-of-the-art technology of the project, process, low alloy steel / ZrO2Al2O3 honeycomb ceramic composite technology and its application in low-impact load liner innovation Habitat leading domestic level.expert opinion, which will play a huge role in promoting the development of wear-resistant materials industry in China. Especially the resistant composite materials has experienced double-double liquid metal material in China, after several stages of high-chromium steel materials, high-chromium steel cast-mechanical combination of materials in recent years, marked by high manganese steel composite hammerhead (or cast iron) cast-carbide industrial composite production and application. Let us take the third-generation big gold tooth carbide hammerhead cast we produced as example, in the course of their work, hammer crusher crusher wear parts directly in contact with the material. In order to improve its abrasion resistance, traditional hammerhead multi the work surface coated with a layer of tungsten, titanium carbide pick stone, abrasion resistance is not high. Our company s latest achievements jointly developed with the Xi an Jiaotong University, the Joint Institute of wear-resistant materials and third-generation big gold teeth crusher hammer is used in high-manganese steel substrate cast-intensive extremely tough hardness second only to diamond tungsten titanium alloy, can withstand harsh abrasive wear, Compared to the original ordinary high-manganese steel hammer, its service life increased 30% to 100%.


Every wedding has one degree of complication, some more than others, but the truth is that from that which we are known as simple up to the most luxurious ones have every problem they thought enough in the way of how to solve it. And one of those problems that is more than a complication itself, more related to the decisions of the bride is the to choose a good photographer and therefore fix everything related to the photo shoot. Some couples (which are very few) are unhappy with the photos of your wedding, but this is mostly to the no decision and agreement in time to perform them. In this play of negative factors such as; the tardiness of the bride or groom or both, the participation and collaboration of any family member or member of the wedding party. Weather situations that did not and this happens more frequently in those outdoor photo sessions and which did not take any forecast.

Not available mainly the bride to follow suggestions from the photographer in as for poses that enhance your figure and highlighting aspects both of costume, hairstyle, make-up and even the stage itself. And spare and find an infinite number of discounts in promotional packages of photographs, thus obtaining a little photo package where it is difficult to choose variety of scenarios and share of the bride and groom with their guests. Photos of very poor quality of printing and photographic paper. As you may realize there are many negative factors that can influence your wedding photo shoot and we are insurance you not like to be part of this cluster of disagreements by a bad decision, leave for last chance search for the best photographer and find too many rebates on a topic of great interest and that occupies a primary position to achieve a dream wedding.

African Renaissance Stadium

HolidayCheck discovers all the cities that will host the World Cup. Johannesburg Jo burg, as colloquially call Johannesburg South Africans, is the fourth African economy and one of the 40 metropolitan areas the world’s largest. It is 1,723 meters above the sea level. Perhaps that is why we believe erroneously that it is the capital of South Africa, but not so. It will be disputed matches in two stadiums: Soccer City and Ellis Park Stadium. The first is the largest stadium in the world and the eighth largest in the world, with a capacity of 94,700 spectators.

The two most important appointments will take place: the opening match and the final on July 11. Is Cape Town the legislative capital of South Africa and the most tourist town. Its landscape combines sea and mountain. From the Table Mountain or table mountain you can admire a panorama of 360 degrees on the entire city, and in the Long Street to enjoy more lively night life of South Africa. Its Stadium, Green Point, is an architectural masterpiece that has cost us $ 605 million. Also known as African Renaissance Stadium, his works are over a year late.

Your Durban port is the largest on the African continent, by hosting the container terminal the largest in the southern hemisphere that employs more than 100,000 people. It is a prosperous and cosmopolitan city by the Ocean Indian awarded by United Nations as city best administered in Africa. With a coastline of 4 km of beaches, the most visited point is the Shaka Marine World, one of the most famous water parks in the world with dolphins and an aquarium built in a sunken ship shows. This summer another point will be popular: its Moses Mabhida Stadium, with a modern roof that covers all the seats but leaves the playing field open. Rustenburg in afrikaans name literally means city of rest.