Quantum Mechanics

These thoughts were inspired by Dirac on the basis of the so-called "photon" experiments with beams of light of very low intensity (the work of Dirac, "Principles of Quantum Mechanics"). Dirac went even further. In its abstract representation of a hypothetical photon halves, split by a mirror, can fly apart over many thousands of kilometers. However, if we put in the way of one of the beams of light absorber, and a halves of a hypothetical photon will be doomed to absorption, it instantly primchitsya second half of this "fatal" place to be absorbed and die together as a single, indivisible whole, and a photon of energy hv. Some believe that a semitransparent mirror, not the hypothetical fall photons, but only the probability of their passing. If the mirror is divided only the probability of a hypothetical photon, in experiment would have been lost information about the second path of light, and the corresponding interference on the screen when combining the two beams of light could not take place.

After all, it is well known that the mathematical probability of devices never interact, and can not supply us with information about the structure of devices. Dirac was very surprised that the interference of light from both light paths traveled by light always occurred, even though it abstract imagination of hypothetical photons flew alone, at a great distance from each other. And it completely eliminated the possibility of interference between different hypothetical photons. Therefore, in the abstract representations of the Dirac every hypothetical photon had to go through all the proposed possible ways of light. This article aims to make you question the adequacy (viability) of the photon theory, and show that there is alternative view of the nature of light, expressed in the new "general theory of interactions." In the general theory of interactions proposed a simple hypothesis about the structure of physical vacuum, which gives a clear explanation of the optical phenomena.

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