Connecting with the Inner Child

Make no mistake, laugh at them and continue. Allow your imagination and creativity to be released and fly with the eagles. Cry, grieve and feel pain when you share your feelings with others, not to suppress them. Be angry, expressing anger and use anger to Your a solution. Make decisions directly to you.

Solve problems and invent solutions that not everyone may agree. Feeling lucky joy, excitement, fun and excitement of your existence. Feel bad, sad, anxious, upset and agitated when you share feelings with others. To love and be loved by those whom you cherish. Be Your 'Inner Child' and to allow him / her to grow up, accept the love, share feelings and enjoy the pleasures and games. Some of the steps by which you can help heal your 'Inner Child'.

Step 1: To identify your 'Inner Child' relax and close your eyes. Spend thirty minutes, introducing myself as a child of three to eight years. Take a look at ourselves as a small child and look at how this little child reacts to the members of your family of origin. Look at how you, little baby respond to the members of your own family. Observe your friends are in the neighborhood or from school. Notice how you communicate with your friends and buddies. Notice how you amused in the game than it is from this game you enjoy. Watch for an in the classroom and observe how you communicate with your teacher and how you react to the school environment.

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