Fashion Label Nile

In addition, it gives a certain lightness. The story around the Nile fashion reads like a storybook story, because due to a purely random encounter of an enthusiastic fashion designer, who was at that time still in education, and a businessman with visions of the fashion label was created in 1983 Nile. Edith Hahn, who still holds the position of head of design and at the time wore a self-designed and even tailored blouse as she Markus Gygax, met the visionary businessman, became the basis of the fashion house of Nile, which has its home in the Switzerland in Latvian gene. A distinctive signature, which successfully evolved with modernity, is the basis of the brand. Already in the early years, the Nile clothing was a signpost with its piece-dyed and washed fashion parts. Legendary silk collections are the highlight of the collection. Nile fashion stands for a special attitude to life, which is at home all over the globe.

Today, Nile clothing washed qualities, attention to detail in the distinguished Processing and a wide range of colours from. Nile captures the trends the Nile brand is characterized by the trends that are used worldwide and transferred from the designers of the label to the typical look of the Nile and further developed. So Nile mode is basically a little vintage, but always modern. Nile clothing gives old memories of the classic fashion of the 1980s. The label Nile scores with its uniqueness.

The personality of the wearer is by Nile clothing perfectly set in scene and so how fashion is enchanted every wearer of the Nile mode with an individual touch. The label still embodies a contemporary fashion with high wearing comfort. In addition, it gives a certain lightness. Nile fashion embodied the feminine with that certain something In the year launched the label Nile four collections, both for women and for men. Nile fashion is everyday clothing with the convenience and reliability of the models first. The collections from the Nile House offer a great Variety of wear and combination possibilities, whether for everyday life, for a special occasion or just for an atmospheric evening for couples or friends. By that certain something which collection holds every piece of clothing from the Nile, an outfit is always something special. Customers of the Nile brand love the unusual and are looking for the special feature in the fashion of the Nile. You are by no means abandon quality and professionalism. The label Nile fascinated women at any age with his designs. It gives a feminine and sporty style, sometimes romantic touch, a little playful with folk touch. Washed only natural materials are used for the Nile clothing. These materials are responsible for the vintage look that can comfortably carry. In addition, the models have the advantage of no longer run after the wash, the colour fastness is also given. Nile fashion is characterized by subtle patterns, refined design, soft colours and fine natural materials. Be in the fashion of Nile Women to the eye-catching, exudes a certain effect. With Nile clothing, you can be together individual outfits for every type of woman. Whether as a completely style or item the blouses, knitted items, coats, are worn jackets and shirts great combinations such as the jeans pants.

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