Conduit Systems

In the engineering data center infrastructure (data center) is part of SCS. Structured cabling system is the basis for information systems and provides data and signals on the first level of the model of open systems (OSI) – to physical level. Designing a structured cabling system to the real object in commercial buildings is no easy task, because you must consider many factors, and the construction of SCS in the data center even more difficult task, since designer should consider not only the applications and architectural solutions used on a specific subject in the data center, and work need to take into account the cooling system and power data centers (distribution air flow and distribution of electrical cables), laying tracks and cable channels, the location of the equipment of other systems. Designer should understand and have a good understanding of where and how 'intersect' and 'Interact' other engineering systems data center cabling system. Before the designer of the SKS data centers are being challenged to design a cable system and a system of conduits with a view to ensuring a specified level reliability, flexibility and data center expansion in the future.

At the seminar we will discuss in detail the points of intersection of SCS with other systems and consider the solution of the problem of constructing a structured cabling system with nadzhenosti certain level. Designer should understand the standards for data centers, to know modern technologies and approaches to design, build and SCS in a data center. At the seminar we will consider three standards: most well-known North American standard TIA/EIA-942, less common and well-known European standard EN 50173-5, which is to be used in the design of SCS in the data center in Russia, and the latest international standard ISO / IEC 24 764, which is still under discussion and approval, but it contains very interesting information for the designer of the SKS data center.

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