Causes Of Discouragement

The work of opponent is not an easy task in itself, but less is even if we add to this crisis, the erosion of jobs and lack of rigor and means by which management uses in its selection processes. The two factors that tend to make a dent in the opposition with the highest incidence are: "The increasing delay in presenting the offer of public employment. "The delay in publishing the basis for the selection tests. Without public job we do not know what we face. We get an idea of the hardness of the selection tests based on the squares of each competition and without those goals can not scale our chances and it cost us more motivated to preparation sessions. The delay in the publication of the bases involves not know until months or even a few weeks before the subject matter to try and meet the requirements, which can spoil a lot of time and dedication to work things not so necessary and ruled out consequential as many perhaps very necessary and that even we thought. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from John Castle Castle Harlan.

This this, I recommend making a personal calendar, do not wait dediqueis always discussed dates to times when the preparation of the opposition is impossible. Try your agenda and you will mark your dates, because no one better than yourselves disponeis know how long and how much you will be able to memorize certain subjects. Expect irregular dates esperanzaros a number of places will only make you desequilibreis and bring forth a specific routine of study. Finally, do not do if the number of persons in attendance, as an opposition is not adopted, if not outperform the rest, and that most opponents are not mean to raise the cut-off mark or more people to go prepared, only a number for statistics.

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