Notebook Repairs

Stiftung Warentest tested repair services the Stiftung Warentest tested the repair services from ten laptop manufacturers. The results are downright frightening. The repairs lasted quite long in most cases and were very expensive. Only two manufacturers performed well in the test. The auction Portal summarizes the test results. In the test turned anonymous testers with manipulated notebooks for the purpose of to the respective manufacturer for repair. Each notebook had a dirty lens in the DVD drive, a broken contact connected to the network or a missing key on the keyboard. In almost all cases, the repairs were costly, since the affected parts of the devices were often completely replaced.

Although, for example, with the DVD drives, clean the lens would have been sufficient, all tested manufacturer replaced the drive completely. The all main Board sometimes replaced the broken network connections. Only two vendors, Apple and Medion, suggested here cheaper alternatives. Moreover, fell for many manufacturers a very long duration of repair on. The party went forth at repair in different ways. Some sent the devices to a central workshop.

Acer and Medion, this took, for example, about three or four weeks. Faster was the procedure at Apple and Sony. The two manufacturers referenced the tester to authorised repairers on the spot. Here, the problem was fixed within a week. Only two manufacturers performed well in the test: Apple and HP. The manufacturer, Dell, Sony and Toshiba got a satisfying and Acer, Fujitsu, Samsung and Medion only an adequate overall assessment. Worst ASUS section.

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