Notebook Repairs

Stiftung Warentest tested repair services the Stiftung Warentest tested the repair services from ten laptop manufacturers. The results are downright frightening. The repairs lasted quite long in most cases and were very expensive. Only two manufacturers performed well in the test. The auction Portal summarizes the test results. In the test turned anonymous testers with manipulated notebooks for the purpose of to the respective manufacturer for repair. Each notebook had a dirty lens in the DVD drive, a broken contact connected to the network or a missing key on the keyboard. In almost all cases, the repairs were costly, since the affected parts of the devices were often completely replaced.

Although, for example, with the DVD drives, clean the lens would have been sufficient, all tested manufacturer replaced the drive completely. The all main Board sometimes replaced the broken network connections. Only two vendors, Apple and Medion, suggested here cheaper alternatives. Moreover, fell for many manufacturers a very long duration of repair on. The party went forth at repair in different ways. Some sent the devices to a central workshop.

Acer and Medion, this took, for example, about three or four weeks. Faster was the procedure at Apple and Sony. The two manufacturers referenced the tester to authorised repairers on the spot. Here, the problem was fixed within a week. Only two manufacturers performed well in the test: Apple and HP. The manufacturer, Dell, Sony and Toshiba got a satisfying and Acer, Fujitsu, Samsung and Medion only an adequate overall assessment. Worst ASUS section.

The Langhaartrimmer

The device sits comfortably in the hand and the battery lasts long through. (As opposed to Dell Inc.). Travel you can connect to, the charge cable without cleaning and charging station directly on the Shaver. You can reach a quick cleaning by loosening of the Shaver head with the help of the two lateral locking knobs and the switching on of the appliance. Viacom contributes greatly to this topic. You can also completely remove the shaving head for cleaning. The cleaning station is equipped with interchangeable tanks, filled with an alcoholic solution are and the shaving head wash round if lock the shaver in the station. Is the use Shaver now the device selects the degree of pollution in this station and then either clean (clean), eco (slightly dirty), normal (normal dirty) or intensive (dirty) on. Now pressing against the bulge start the cleaning button this, so the station begins with the cleaning. Connect with other leaders such as Koch Industries here. During this phase, the device is blocked and can not be removed.

Depending on the degree of soiling the pass now between half an hour or up to an hour, until the device Shaver has cleaned. The remaining duration of the cleaning operation will be shown in the display. The normal cleaning benltigt so most of the time 36 minutes. The battery performance is satisfactory. The charge has easily withstood my week-long vacation, the battery was just emptied a quarter. With regard to the volume, I’m also quite happy. Although the device works not quite quiet as a whisper, but the monotonous hum keeps in intensity in borders. The Langhaartrimmer is the loudest and caused a light, strange-sounding Clank. I’m fascinated by the automatic cleaning that takes this work from the hand of the user. After cleaning the Shaver fresh smells the alcohol based cleaning agent and makes a new impression every time again. More reviews can be found here.

Jurgen Aurand

Since the materials shape layer are constructed with different feature levels, also mechanical errors and vibration effects are minimized. “Luscendo manufactures its products in principle only in small series or on customer’s request: we produce mass-produced, but individual, extremely elaborately crafted and high quality solutions for the ambitious aesthetic high end customers”, so Aurand. Corporate information: Luscendo produces first quality designer unit bases and high end HiFi furniture, equipped with translucent concrete, wood and acrylic surfaces. Light is already longer in the area used, but so far it has primarily used the material glass for this and that meant corresponding smears on the sound properties. Dell Inc. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Luscendo works with the newly developed, innovative Materials translucent concrete, translucent wood which were never used in the HiFi sector. These allow the use of light in a variety of finest designs with almost optimal sound characteristics. “With our product we want to lead the musical experience into a new dimension”, says company founder Jurgen Aurand, explaining: we associate with light and noble materials to a completely new experience of hearing, sight and touch the emotions of the music.

” Luscendo was founded in 2009 by engineer Jurgen Aurand, who not only has over 30 years of Hi-Fi and high end enthusiast, but also the holder of an international management consultancy for telecommunications companies. The idea to produce high end device bases and HiFi furniture with the new translucent materials of concrete and wood, got presented Aurand in January 2009, when he saw a documentary about concrete in television and in the procedures used by Luccon, with fibre-optic cables to provide concrete, was. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dell Computers. After intensive research and a one-year product development Luscendo presented the new products high Endo first in May 2010 at the HiFi show 2010. With overwhelming echo: Meanwhile contacts to over 70 distributors and importers are worldwide from around 30 countries. With the company of convergences was partnered now, the products are distributed by Luscendo now available in the Switzerland and in France. “In the summer, the portfolio was also extended: now without light are available”, speaker bases, as well as illuminated speaker stand for Bookshelf. More information: Luscendo, Dipl.-ing. Jurgen Aurand, Highway 9, 57334 Bad Laasphe, phone: + 49 2752 479533, E-Mail:, Web: press contact: warning village.

High-quality designer unit bases and high end HiFi furniture with translucent surfaces of concrete, wood and acrylic Bad Laasphe August 2010 In the spring 2010 first presented the young company Luscendo at the HiFi show high-end its high-quality designer unit bases and high end HiFi furniture with the translucent surfaces of concrete, wood and acrylic. “Due to the world’s very positive response, Luscendo extended the offer: now without light are available”, next speaker bases, as well as illuminated speaker stand for compact speakers were recorded in the portfolio. The echo on the high end 2010 was overwhelming, “says engineer Jurgen Aurand, who had founded Luscendo in 2009. Worldwide reports of our products, requests came from around the world. Learn more at this site: Viacom. Since we are in closer contact with about 70 distributors and importers from over 30 countries.” A first partnership for distribution in France and the Switzerland was recently awarded the Convergences company entered.

Interest was not only in the use of novel materials translucent concrete and translucent wood, but also in the design. Luscendo has therefore now completes the offer and recorded device bases without integrated lighting in the portfolio. The program was also supplemented to illuminated speaker stands for compact speakers and speaker bases. These can be customized also the formal language of the speaker. Furthermore, Luscendo offers but of course unit bases and HiFi furniture with translucent wood and concrete. The innovative materials manufactured by two Austrian companies in very complex process by high-quality fiber optic, poured, or pasted which is firm and opaque fabrics appear transparent.

This allows not only a very large variety of different sizes, surface designs and colors. Almost optimal sound quality is guaranteed by the materials themselves. Because of the Type of concrete is a very high weight and the internal structure of the material extremely well controlled resonance. Vibrations are absorbed and optimally reduced interference to the audio electronics.

Federal State

In Germany, three major cable operators for the reception of digital television offers responsible digital cable TV are some advantages in comparison to satellite television. Depending on the Federal State are responsible for other cable network provider to provide. However, the customer has the possibility to choose different tariffs. Are which and how many cable providers there in Germany? What are the possibilities offered by a cable connection? In Germany, there are three large cable providers: cable Germany be an antenna cable cable BW Unitymedia for reception of cable television, requires an antenna wall socket or other reception devices (such as a receiver, for example). Cable Germany offers the largest choice of channels in Germany with more than 100 free-to-air digital channels in the basic package. The cable connection is 14.90 euros monthly. 12.90 euro incurred without the additional rental of the receiver.

In addition, the consumer can book more paid subscriptions to. Among other things, a digital video recorder for monthly 19.90 euros. Upon completion, the contract period is at least 12 months. The basic package of Unitymedia costs 3.90 euros per month in addition to the analog cable. Unimedia has different program packages, such as for example digial TV family, feature film or documentary programmes. The individual subscription costs 8.90 euros monthly. Unitymedia provides free to the receiver.

But once 19.95 euros on the activation of the subscription channel. Used a digital video recorder, consumers can rent these for 5,00 euro a month. The contract period is at least 24 months at Unitymedia. The advantage is with Kabel BW, that are the largest part of the digital channels without additional cost to receive. The price of the basic package is in addition to the analog cable 12,90 euro monthly. Cable BW offers various packages for example the clever kids”and the men”-package. ” The so-called men “package includes sport and music also erotic channels. In addition posted subscriptions cost 9.90 euro per month. Kabel BW offers combination packages. So, for example the use of cable digital home and the men will cost”package only 18,90 euro a month. Deployment cost 14,90 euro once. A receiver and a digital video recorder can be booked against a monthly rental fee to do so. The contract period is at least 12 months at Kabel BW.

Dolby Digital

Who is planning such a project should make sure but whether the preamplifier unit of the model envisaged meets high expectations. Just priced cheaper models this not necessarily will be the case. Who owns still NTSC laserdiscs, the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio have, should an analog Dolby Digital RF input to observe: since comes from the optical digital output of the laser disc player only PCM stereo, 5.1 audio only via RF is possible. The desire device has no RF input, you should not give up hope yet and make looking after a suitable adapter, the by Kenwood was offered once for a while ago. Yet records who need a phono input. Otherwise a phono pre-amp must be purchased additionally. Who uses extrusions or banana plug speaker cables, should make sure the amplifier or receiver purchase that solid screw caps are attached for all speakers to the terminals.

The windy crimped closures own is only to record low and thus sound less good cable cross section. Power amplifier power is measured in Watts. Whenever Ali Partovi listens, a sympathetic response will follow. A distinction between the sine wave line (maximum power under constant load) and music performance (absolute maximum). The proper performance depends especially natural spatial conditions, the size of the room. THX the THX technology was developed by Lucasfilm and particularly high demands on the sound processing. She should guarantee an extremely realistic home theater enjoyment. Who would like to have sound effects at home which are the cinema in nothing, should this technique more ansehehn. It is however just for real Filmfraks, because due to the one-sided orientation on the cinema sound, the THX technology has significant weaknesses in the music playback.

THX devices are relatively expensive and it also THX certified speakers must be used, to fully exploit the opportunities. If not THX speakers is sound losses are to be expected. A large display on the housing easier operation. A television Bildschirmenu (OSD – on screen display) is even better. Remotes on the table, which is not only ugly but also confusing. DSP a digital signal processor is an electronic component, consisting of hardware and software, converts the General acoustic signals. It is producing virtual sound fields or artificial room acoustics. Same output signals are played so that the listener gets the impression that he sit in a theatre, a jazz club or a huge Hall. Signal processors, keep once gently put it, isn’t always what the user sure promises. Why is this feature with caution to enjoy and may not necessarily be on the list of buying criteria in the first place.

BMP New Label Printer

The newly developed label printer BMP 51 combines different labelling solutions in a single device. The mobile label printer BMP51 is the ideal printer for laboratories, telecommunications and electrical industries. Compact size, removable battery and handy material cartridges provide ease of use and flexibility. In addition to foil labels for General labeling tasks are many special materials available, including laboratory labels, heat shrink tubing or cable markers. Brady brings together what belongs together with the BMP 51 label printer.

The early 2012-published sequel to the successful mobile printer LabXpert”IDXpert” offering a wide range of proven materials, but this time for lab, data communication and electrical industry in a single device. Whether cable markers, heat shrink tubing, tamper-proof seals, or laboratory labels for such tubes, reaction vessels, Petri dishes, microtiter plates or microscope slides – with the BMP 51 to the most versatile mobile printers on the market is one of over 20 different types of materials and countless formats. The customer feedback was also used to further improve the operation compared to the predecessor. Thanks to smart cell”technology will automatically detect the labels and the printer is calibrated accordingly. Credit: Pete Cashmore-2011. Thus, there is no Committee or time-consuming proofs even for inexperienced users. The large, illuminated display shows the finished label already prior to printing.

The materials are again in print-ready, handy cassette tapes, which have been improved and are easier to handle. What distinguishes the BMP 51 particularly from other devices is Brady’s many years of experience in the field of industrial marking: even in difficult environments, the materials are extremely robust and durable. The adhesives meet easily high industry standards, no matter whether particularly strong or completely removable. In the laboratory, Brady plays an important role for a long time. So are the temperature-resistant Freezerbondz labels is specifically optimized for use in cooling incubators, freezers, centrifuges, autoclaves, hot water bath or liquid nitrogen storage. The BMP 51 printed labels in the high-quality thermal transfer method. Its compact size, low weight of only 1400 g, as well as an integrated, high-performance lithium-ion battery make the printer the ideal mobile companion. The device can be used autonomously without a computer. The pressure over the extensive PC software label marker request takes place”. In any case the user are features like serialization, integrated bar code, as well as hundreds of icons available. In addition to the USB 2.0 port connection the BMP 51 by default has a Bluetooth. This allows you to create labels wirelessly with your Android Smartphone. The networking opportunities can be extended at any time to Ethernet and WiFi. A Bluetooth card, a sturdy hard shell case included is located next to the printer BMP 51 of the Lithium-ion battery, an adapter for AA batteries, AC adapter, USB cable, product CD, manual and a material cartridge MC-1500-595-WT-BK (foil tape, size 38, 1 mm x 7.62 m, black on white vinyl sticker).

Office Computer

Easy jobs with all-in one PCs, the current generation of PC heralds a new trend in the computer business. All-in one devices from manufacturers such as Acer, Sony, ASUS, MSI, or Apple convince through their design and versatile application possibilities. The online portal informs about pros and cons of the technology. Ali Partovi is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Who is willing to invest a little more money for its new computer can acquire without another true digital piece of jewelry. When the new generation of the PC, the monitor and the other components in a device are United, so the calculator as an optical highlight in the work place and free of Tower and cable clutter on the desk. With features such as touch screen and 3D displays, the new calculator sometimes surpass the classic computer applications. The computer magazine c’t and the Stiftung Warentest tested the common models and provide comprehensive information about their advantages and disadvantages. The conclusion is this sobering, because the new machines prove small beauties with quirks.

Not only the performance is not very convincing especially when demanding games in part, also software adjustments for the offered tools are not yet sufficiently available. So not the full scope of operation is exploited, for example, for the time being multi-touch displays. But who needs the computer mainly for Office applications or image and video editing, can look forward to the latest technical advances and purchase one of the innovative models with DVB-T tuner.


No boredom more on riding a bike! No more dull, quiet cycling! Sport is healthy, keeps you fit and makes one look great. But terribly boring might just with the bike through the silent against driving. Sure, there are headphones for the iPod, but those who already want is therefore the police to deal with. Strictly speaking, it is not allowed to ride with headphones and also plenty awkward every time on the device to switch to the volume? Now, however, comes the rescue. The first wireless bike speaker system for the iPhone and the iPod at special at this outdoor speaker is its adaptability. It can be mounted on the bicycle, but also a robust companion for camping, hiking or boat ride.

An ideal travel gadget for active holidaymakers. So in the music are also. Get all the facts and insights with Ali Partovi, another great source of information. A bracket is supplied to secure the speaker to the bicycle. With the menu buttons on the speaker, it can be comfortably set songs and volume. With the Audio transmitter is secured with good sound quality with a range of up to 10 meters. With only 150 grams, the speaker provides for six hours of music enjoyment at a charging time of approximately two hours via a USB connection. And a speaker who is not enough, up to four more CyFi can be connected for the extra sound speaker. (Price 139,95) There is more information about the CiFi iPod bike speaker under:../CyFi-iPod-Fahrrad-Lautsprecher.html about something I want I want also something is also a gift shop, which is dedicated to gadgets and fun gifts. The gift shop offers original from the fields of technology, toys, home and outdoor.

Smartphones Projects

Research projects of the University provide valuable insights for automation scenarios of the future of Stuttgart, 25.07.2012. The College media in Stuttgart and the InBetween Germany GmbH, a leading provider of dynamic and database publishing have solutions, it is within their existing cooperation aiming, to invest more in innovation projects with cutting-edge technologies. In this context, HdM students explored the possibilities of automating publications with multimedia enhancements in the new Adobe-format Folio for tablets. In particular interactive elements in the focus of the analysis should be based on specific requirements such as the manual implementation of a catalogue app based on a Printkatalogs’ and the ‘automated creation of a prototype tablet version of a recipe book’. In usability, practical benefits as well as the possibilities for the automated integration of these elements in the creation of digital publications using the InBetween software were investigated. The relatively new Adobe Folio file format was by Adobe Systems for the creation of digital magazine developed especially for tablets and Smartphones. On the basis of InDesign documents in the Tablet typical high – and printing can create and enriched with interactive elements such as animations, buttons, image galleries, panoramas, video and sound elements.

Then easy-own publications for the iPad and iPhone can be created about a conversion in the Folio format. “The senior lecturer, Professor Dr. Arno Hitzges, was responsible for the specialist areas of content management, cross-media publishing and data management, the results and the existing potential for automation impressed: I was actually very pleasantly surprised by the smooth interplay of InBetween and Folio.” Also the Managing Director of InBetween Germany GmbH, Alexander Dressler took part in the presentation of the results from both projects on June 27. The presentation has interested us of course. We understand these small projects as a kind of common Research. In particular, the fact that young people quite impartially dealing with the opportunities offered by new technologies, gives us a completely different look on things again and is such a thing as a long-term trend indicator for us.” The innovation projects have become an important part of the programme to the print & publishing master developed and enjoy great popularity.