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And in last position, albeit with a significant 20 per cent, are those who prefer hybrid driving mode to the classics, either by its softness or by the efficiency they represent. 3. To the rhythm that evolves the market, when think that buying an electric car will be reasonable? More than one third of the respondents fixed that date in 2015 or 2016, a very reasonable estimate. The remaining most are more pessimistic and believe that date beyond 2016. Only 12% think that in 2013 or 2014 we could have them, and a symbolic 1.65% believe that they would be already a reality in 2011 or 2012. 4 Do you think that electric/alternative cars should subsidize? In general most of the respondents think that it is necessary to give a boost to the industry if it is to implement the technology of electric cars, although 40% thought that they should get ahead by themselves or there are better places in which to invest public money. 5.

In your opinion, with new cars go driving pleasure away? 70% Believed that the driving pleasure is maintained, the bad news is that the majority of respondents thinks that this will come in the long run, since the former will not transmit the same sensations. 6 Do you have a hybrid or electric car? Surveyed readers a 2.67% has a hybrid car, a minority percentage. However it could grow significantly in about a year, since a 4.08% intend to buy it during 2011. About Motorpasion Motorpasion is a collective publication dedicated to follow the news from the world of motoring, motoring news and competition. In Motorpasion visitors will find most interesting car models, more juicy rumors and more conscientious analyses on passenger cars, SUVs and vans, among many others, maintaining a balance between the follow-up to the dizzying news of developments in the automotive sector and the necessary dose of curiosities and councils that serve to make them more party.

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