Usui Healing

You’ve heard of Reiki? Perhaps it is the first time that you read this word, or perhaps you have heard someone talk about Reiki, but never you’ve had or sought more information in this regard. If you’ve come this far it is your time to get the information you need. Let’s start by defining the word Reiki: REI = universal energy or divine energy KI = energy that possesses every being living Reiki is an ancient healing discipline through the hands, or transmitting energy through the hands thus acting to physical, mental and spiritual levels. The healing was for centuries considered a gift of only a few chosen, today, anyone can study, learn and practice healing called Reiki. This term was coined by Dr. Mikao Usui. As well as the creator made us in his image and likeness, we all have the power to heal.

Now, what makes a Reiki Master versus a different a person who has not started in Reiki? Because precisely within the study of Reiki initiations we receive in order to use symbols that through laying on of the hands we can balance mental, physical energy and spiritual. Reiki is a practical, i.e., that you can read all about REIKI but practical teaching the initiated master transmits it you orally and discipline without this is impossible to give Reiki. With the Reiki initiation, master opens channels that puts us in tune with universal energy to transmit it. The symbols are secret, but with technology it is possible to get them on the internet or in a book, still have no effect on the person if these symbols were not transmitted by a master. Reiki works on each of our energy centers called chakras. We, the initiated in Reiki, are channels simply because healing is individual to each person. It is very important to emphasize that Reiki is a complementary therapy and no medical treatment should not be allowed.

Reiki therapy lasts about 45 to 60 minutes and can also send remote. Energy goes to where you must arrive and goes to work for the time needed. I hope you’ve provided a bit of information regarding this great discipline. In my personal capacity and as Master Reiki I satisfies me greatly serve others to heal, to balance your energies and that can live a life full of universal energy. That the light of the universe will guide you and be with you always.

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