Linux Software

All control solutions can be adapted exactly to the customer’s requirements the measuring and control software EMERALT of the Vioxon GmbH is versatile and individually customizable. In cooperation with the firm createc UV Fischer & co. GmbH is already used EMERALT for several years at various MBE and vacuum lines. MBE systems used in the manufacture of highly structured and extremely thin semiconductor and metal layers, mainly for micro – and optoelectronics. They are operated under ultra high vacuum. Such systems designed specifically according to customer wishes are designed by the firm createc UV Fischer & co. GmbH, manufactured and marketed. The control software EMERALT, which was developed by Vioxon GmbH in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated circuits, takes over the control of these plants.

Due to the modular and almost any extensible architecture, EMERALT is very flexible. This provides enormous benefits for the control of individually designed systems. So the system can at any time new configured and modified requirements be adapted. The new version now also runs on Windows and Linux. The global customer base of Vioxon GmbH include, inter alia, the Max-Planck Institute and NASA. Currently, the latest version of EMERALT allows the complete connection of control and measurement hardware via Ethernet, which enormously simplifies hardware configuration and on the other hand allows the measurement and control of peripherals via arbitrary distances in the intranet. The Vioxon GmbH specializes in products and services in the field of control software, test automation, specialized in embedded software and mobile. All control solutions can be adapted exactly to the customer’s requirements. The company consults and supports its customers with the introduction of new technology and software concepts and adapting its products to changing requirements.

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